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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

The lore of my campaign Tomb Kings army for Warhammer Fantasy

Posted by pvthudson01 Friday March 30 2012 at 10:15AM
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The campaign for our gaming club is about to kick off on April 1st. We have chosen our territories and decide on names for our capital cities.

Part of the rules for the campaign is to name 3 Lords/Heroes/Casters that will be leaders of army lists. With that we also attach a Regiment of Renown that they lead into battle. Descriptions, history and lore are required to flesh out our campaign because we are after all nerds.

Below is what I typed up for my Tomb Kings army.

You can find our club's message boards at

The campaign info is hidden to guests however.


King Ammon, Tomb King

Once a powerful ruler of one of the greatest cities in Nehekhara, King Ammon let wealth and riches slowly erode his penchant for good and honor. By the time of the fall of Nehekhara his lands were barren, his people had deserted him, and his loyal henchman had revolted against him twice. Dying alone and destitute his corpse did not receive the typical burial deserved of a Nehekharian King and as such the vengeful spirit inhabiting his mummified body is one of the most ruthless in the Tomb King empire.

Clad in armor of gold he carries a mighty two handed weapon that was passed down to him from his forefathers and buried with him in his elegant tomb. Known to be an expert horse rider his armies tend to be swift and calculating. His archers that guarded his palace in times of old are known to be expert shots.

Gathering forces beneath his iron will he has once again raised a mighty army under no guise of being lenient or just. His rule is with an iron hand now and his vengeance is swift and merciless. As the desert storm rises in power he gains more and more power uniting long dead factions. He sallies forth and looks to conquer the Warpstone.

Tomb Guard of King Ammon

Only the most loyal subjects that stuck my King Ammon until his death have been resurrected and given the great gift of life eternal by the returned King. These souls, entombed in elegant mummified casings with the best armor and fighting zeal, are the best trained forces of King Ammon's newly structured army. Stronger and more resilient than common citizenry of Ammon's lands the Tomb Guard are strong fighters that wield their long halberds with precision.


Lich High Priest Ini-Herit

When Ammon needed to call upon the dark forces of the Lore of Nehekhara he trusted none other than the callous and cold High Priest Ini-herit. Known for his torturings and sacrifices in the attempt to grant King Ammon favor many believe that it was the dark practices of Ini-herit that eventually brought about Ammon's end.

Nonetheless when Ammon was resurrected and began plotting his return he wanted his best and most loyal dark magic practitioner by his side. Now decrepit and horribly misfigured from improper mummification Ini-Herit has returned but twice as powerful as he once was. Calling forth the dark Lore as well as learning many other Lores of Magic Ini-Herit boosts Ammon's army with the soulless bodies of the dead.

Chief among these are his animated constructs the Ushabti. Giant monstrous infantry that used to be statues that stood at the tomb of King Ammon the Ushabti, now animated, stride into battle and carve out death and destruction with their massive giant bows.

The Ushabti of the Tomb of King Ammon

6 in number and wielding giant bows that have the power to tear asunder even the stoutest ranks of men, the Ushabti statues that used to guard the Tomb of King Ammon now stride forth to do his biddings thanks to the magics of Ini-Herit.


Tomb Prince Khaldun

The only son of Ammon, Tomb Prince Khaldun was slain in the first revolt that King Ammon suffered on his own lands. Leading his massive unit of Charioteers into battle Khaldun was slain when his chariot flipped over and was set upon by a horde of rebels. His head was later mounted on a pike and carried into battle by the rebels which were later defeated with the magic of High Lich Priest Ini-Herit.

Khaldun was a master horse handler, archer and leader of fast mobile forces. He has been given command of the Charioteers of Ode in the newly risen army.

Charioteers of Ode

King Ammon was famous for swift attacking forces and at the height of his power was the principle defender of Southern Nehekhara. Although he rarely participated in major battles the King would occasionally ride forth with his well trained Charioteers into battle. Basing his army around flanking attacks and quick moving, lightly built chariots many opponents found themselves quickly on the defensive. The Charioteers of Ode were the best equipped and best trained Charioteers in Ammon's arsenal. Trained at a nearby secret village from youth these young men were master horse handlers and archers. This unit was one of the first that Ammon's vengeful spirit sought to return to the land of the living. This unit was under the command of his son in later years.