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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Aftermath hits up some 10 mans, weekend update

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday February 17 2009 at 9:52AM
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Hope everyone had a good Valentines weekend!

In World of Warcraft (ok all you WoW haters you can get glassy eyed now) I managed to get more accomplished on my rogue than I thought I was going to. With the Heroic Emblems I had saved up I got the third best in slot purple neck piece for rogues. Then on back to back heroic runs got new chest and glove pieces. All blue, not a purple has dropped for me yet but still nice upgrades.

The other big news is that Aftermath finally went into some 10 man territory, as in went in there with the goal of clearing something. ANYTHING. Our 80’s were getting restless, so it was time to throw some loot their way. We picked the 10 mans we knew we could crush before trying Naxx again next Sunday. So we went into 10 man Obsidian Sanctum and then ran the PVP Wintergrasp raid boss 10 man Archavon.

We cleared both instances with no issues and got those achievements and gear was handed out. We had to PUG two spots since we had some people that could not make it, but our guild picked up the slack to make up for the terrible resto druid healer we had and we pulled everyone along. No wipes, all DPS and much killing. We were in and out in about 1 hour and a half. I’m sure your average Warhammer keep taking or whatever that is takes longer. “OH NOES WOW RAIDING IS HARD!” It is rough being a tourist and a lemming sometimes, but we do what we have to do in our game of enslavement.

After the WSS logs were posted (WSS= WoW Web Stats, a website that tracks and lets you upload raid stats to analyze) I ended up in 4th place with a pretty respectable DPS output. Since then I have gotten even better gear and enchants so I think next raid I will be even better. My DPS was 1520 overall, but on the final boss in OS ( a large dragon named Sartharion) I hit 1624 DPS (Damage Per Second). I was pretty excited about that especially since by last weekend I had only run a few Heroics and nothing was dropping for me.

I cleared some other achievements also, like the Heroic: The Culling of Stratholme, Safe Deposit (I had to break down and buy all my bank slots at last), I became a leather worker 275 and above, and I looted my 25th Emblem of Heroism. As you can see, busy weekend. You add all that and the dailies I do I have been quite busy despite all the people that claim the game ends at 80. My rogue finally topped the 1000 achievement point level and is working up his factions slowly but surely by wearing the tabards in every instance I run. The Culling of Stratholme instance was pretty neat as you get to go back in time to when Arthas showed up and killed everyone in that town because they were infected. So you get some nice action going on with him arguing with Jaina Proudmoore and Uther before the instance and get to fight alongside him. Screenshot below.

Now in other news, remember my old raiding paladin? He was a level 80 holy pally that used to heal Kara back two years ago (if not read here). I have taken him out and dusted him off and started leveling him up as a RetNoob to get to 80. A long time ago I retired him to raid with my current rogue. I decided that if I ever wanted to tank again, it would not be on the gimped warrior class. I miss my old pally tanks so every night now when my rogue has run his dailies, done his heroic and is tapped out, I am going to put time in on this paladin. My warrior sits in mothballs until they decide to improve their AOE tanking. However I do mining on my paladin to feed my warrior’s armorsmithing so he can make him tanking gear later. I would like to mention that ret pallies are seriously OP’d. Paladins have a taunt now also, are you kidding me? And with that taunt I can pull from range and do damage. Which means I can tap mobs with it. Hey Blizzard please provide lube before you totally dick over my warrior. Thanks.

Other than that, I didn’t do anything else in any other games. WoW’s value as an MMO has not lessened for me yet, and with dual spec ability coming up I am fairly sure that will bring back the gusto for many people that weren’t playing mains in off hours due to spec issues.

Sargoth writes:

Nice post, some of the stuff sounds like fun.  You totally ruin the mood by being a whiney little girl with your over powered rant.  Your language was also clean until your rant.  See what anger does to you? 

Clean it up and keep it respectable or be a WoW fanboi with anger issues. 

Tue Feb 17 2009 10:04AM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

whats funny is warrior are still amazing tanks and do the most single target threat learn your class buddy. I agree with sargoth good post untill that little crybaby rant about nothing

Tue Feb 17 2009 10:19AM Report
pvthudson01 writes:

Im not the only one that thinks there are issues


I have tanked on two classes now, and tanking with a Pally is like driving a freaking Cadillac compared to warrior tanking. Warrior tanking is a pain in the A$$, plain and simple, and their agrgo skills are far below par with what a pally has to do. Or a DK for that matter

Tue Feb 17 2009 1:15PM Report
Sargoth writes:

It's not that you think there are issues or other people think there are issues.  What the problem is, is that your whinning about class balance in WOW. 

Since day one they have not been able to get it right, and have always been changing things.  Such is the nature of the game.  It's also been around long enough that no one cares. 

Wanna know one of the secondary reasons I stopped playing that game?  Reading the forums.  Reading about how class x doesn't do y and how z does it all better. 

Play a class and have fun, realize the strengths of each and enjoy your time.  I very much doubt that people on this website give a hoot that this year warriors are not as good as paladins at tanking.  If memory serves me, warriors were the only choice a few years back.  Things change and Blizzard doesn't know what they are doing.  We all know it, someday you will too. 

Wed Feb 18 2009 1:38PM Report writes:
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