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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

WoW: That's a lot of quests...

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday January 15 2009 at 11:44AM
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My warrior has recently hit the 1500 quest achievement mark. This was a 60 point achievement, and I have no idea how long it has taken me.

During that time I have also gotten “Nothing Boring about Borean” and “I’ve Toured the Fjord” off my to-do list. Those two alone were 260 of the 1500 I had completed. Doing the two starter zones and a ton of Grizzly Hills, plus some 5 mans along the way have my warrior sitting at level 77. I haven’t even touched half of the Wrath of the Lich King content and I am almost level capped.

I don’t level like some people, or even like the solo players out there. I like to socialize and get in groups and see all the content and it chaps my hide to think I am skipping some 5 mans. I will take a night of 5 mans, loot, figuring out the bosses and working as a TEAM in my GUILD over solo questing anytime.

So far to date, mainly thanks to the excellent guilds I have been a part of (Aftermath on the Alliance side and Honor Guard on the Horde side) I have seen almost all the Wrath 5 mans appropriate to my level.

Outside the 5 mans, I cannot for the life of me think of a quest that stood out as “OMG THIS IS AWESOME!” so far. To be honest, I didn’t finish Dragonblight yet, but I loved Grizzly Hills and there is one element there that really caused me to enjoy it:

WEREWOLVES. Yes I am talking about the Silverbrook area, to the north in the zone around 26,35. Here is a small town inhabited by trappers and lumberjacks. They have issues. Their issues are explained by an Alliance scout locked in a cage in the town. Go ahead, talk to him. The next thing you know you are on a crazy quest that has you trying to escape like a scene from a good western movie. I won’t say exactly what goes down, but this is the one quest, out of the 260+ I have done that really stuck in my head.

A few others I did like. One of them is the Daily Quest in Howling Fjord that allows you to pilot a gnomish fighter plane and shoot down gargoyles over a rock quarry. If I play my priest, I like these kind of dailies because it does not require me to use my HOLY spec to kill a god awfull amount of mobs. Instead I can fly a plane and shoot rockets. Win win in my book.

Another quest area I loved was everyone’s favorite (and they are still talking about it on the Aftermath guild forums) is the Murloc area in Borean Tundra. Not only do you get a cool Murloc suit disguise, you get to form a posse of rescued Murloc babies.

One other cool area is in Grizzly Hills and involves another daily. Around the Bluesky Logging camp (39,43) is a daily quest that has you killing 15 Horde (or Alliance of course for the other side) NPC’s that are locked in combat down in the camp. This quest is pretty easy and fun but also flags you. That adds a element of watching your back as you do it. The key is that all the NPC’s are in combat with the opposite faction, so even as a priest you can go in and pick them off without worrying about tons of aggro as you walk around. Just make sure to get mobs that are not more than half health dead already. I would like to come back here as a level 80 and maybe gank some players that get flagged from this. Yeah, I am a bastard but oh well.

For right now, that is the most fun I am having questing. I am not a big questing guy but it passes the time and gives me XP when I don’t have a guild group or PUG going on.

What do I hate about WOTLK questing? That is easy. Every damn quest puts some damn item in your backpack that you later have to click, throw or mix or saw or cut or deliver. ENOUGH already. That shit drives me crazy. Then I have to find the item, drag it to my action bar, keep it in my inventory, then drag it off my action bar when I turn the damn thing in. Every DAMN QUEST involves “take this here and click it” or “Make this into a thing and use it here”. MY GOD. I have an entire action bar full of potions, gears, boxes, lightening rods, meat, backpacks or little cages. I hate it with the Skettis daily and that damn Nether Ray and it persists deep into this expansion.

Right now the quests are a blur. I like the little stories but it is hard not to start just collecting them all because every time I turn one in, I see another exclamation point pop up and I say out loud: “AW C’MON NOW WTF DO YOU WANT”. Moments like those I log out and log in my Alliance priest for some good 5 man action. The latest drive to level 77 just about put me to sleep. I cannot tell you how many quests I did in one night. I logged in and cleared and entire level and then just crashed in bed. As a prot warrior the quest rewards have been worthless. Every plate item is for DPS or a paladin. UNLESS you have to go into a dungeon. Then I will say the rewards have been pretty swank. Other than that I have sold everything unless it contributes to a DPS set in my bank I doubt I will EVER use.

Last night I didn’t do one quest. I logged in my 70 Alliance priest and did 5 mans all night, and I didn’t miss a thing. I need nights like those on occasion. I even healed Old Kingdom at level 70.

One thing I DO love about this expansion are the new dailies, the 5 man dungeons and their quickness, and the atmosphere of the zones. It keeps me logging in and wanting to see more. Just be prepared to do a lot of questing. My best advice is to break it down into hubs. DO NOT go around and gather up different areas. You will only end up with a backpack full of garbage items and forgetting where you left off. Take it a hub at a time, and if someone asks you to go to a new zone and talk to someone, don’t take that quest until you are ready to leave.

Pepsipwnzgod writes:

You sir, iz mad late.

Thu Jan 15 2009 2:39PM Report
Aerensiniac writes:

All that remains are quests.

WotLK has achived some great stuff in means of visuals, however the expansion itself is a very short term gaming experience compared to WoW/BC. At first you are astonished by the visuals and the new content, but after a while you come across extremely bothersome facts like reputation and fractons. Everybody remembers BC with its fractions. You had to grind for weeks to get exalted and to be able to grab a specific mount/epic/recipie however those things usualy were well worth their time, like earthwarden for druid tanks. In wotlk the whole fraction thing is blank. The items being sold are mostly blues that are so poor that normal dungeon drops out power them, wich again throws up an interesting question. If the new tabard assigned reputation gain works only through level 80 heroics, what point did it have to put next to useless level 70 blue stuff in the fraction shops? With that reputation grinding has been killed in the new expansion, but sadly that isnt the only thing. You also may notice that you no longer have to do atunement/raid quests, no skill specific quests like the druid's swift flight form, and even the default tier (7) is sold in the shops for heroic marks. If i put everything together, WotLK is dead and whatever you do in it will have no meaning because the whole thing has been made so retardedly easy that even a game like tetris has more warranty compared to it. Back in BC tier 6 was only worn by those who actually had some skill in raiding. Here you get T7 basicaly thrown in your face. So yes. All that remains are the quests. However like most players, you forget aswell that quests are limited and once you completed all of them, there is nothing to do for you but to sit in dalaran and wait for the raid to reset while doing nothing but dayles over and over again.

Imo this is what it thumbles down to. Most players want everything easyer and faster. The result of this is Wotlk with next to 0 warranty and an overall game time of 1 month. Sure, you will be bidding your time getting level 80 and collecting marks for half of your Tier 7, but by the time you start raiding Naxx, you will notice that odd feeling that somehow you dont need to do anything else because everything you need can be either crafted or grabed from heroics. I feel not the players are to blame for this however. There are millions of games and the ppl usualy allways want the same. More, Faster, Easyer. Then again i do blame the respective owner of the game for it. When you create a game, at first its a state of an art. You imagine a world and try to remake it virtualy. So was WoW at first. I still remember when it was about creativity, with choices like becoming renegade and having negative reputation towards everyone. If i compare WoW 1.0 and 3.0 the first thing that comes in my mind is that it died more and more with each passing version number. Many would argue with me about this, however alas i truly feel more drawn to tetris by now than to wow. The mere philosopy of how the company handles its own world and the players within disgusts me.

Thu Jan 15 2009 5:00PM Report
sfraden writes:

easier, faster and stolen form Warhammer Online....

Thu Jan 15 2009 5:12PM Report
C04L writes:

Well I played WoW from the start i have alot of experiance within the game, and i can honestly say.. i thouroly enjoyed the whole experiance. Wrath was funny has great story to it and is 'friendlier' to the players that arent fortunate enough to be able to play 8/7 like me. Sure reputaion is easier. then again, if you wish for it to be hard, dont buy the tabards and r*pe dungeons.

as for tier, 2 peices of a large set is hardly giving away a tier to all and sundry. you still have to work for 70 badges and 60 badges. now that is ALOT of Heroics. If a player is not wrthy of such badges then they cant have the tier, but if you have the discipline to do so many heroics in short time your skilled enought to be in a raid group imo. they deserve it.

OP, your spot on... and you aint seen nothin yet ! :-p


Fri Jan 16 2009 3:28AM Report writes:
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