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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

10:52 in on WoW Radio's Blue PLZ! and a rant of my own

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday January 27 2009 at 9:42AM
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About 10 minutes and 52 seconds in Total Biscuit gives a shout out to my blog and discusses the brew ha ha kicked up by my post here which was one of the more engaging articles I have had up recently. There hasn’t been too much engaging information lately to talk about in WoW because frankly WoW isn’t THAT engaging to talk about. I’m ummm…questing. In some cases I am questing the same stuff over again on three different characters.

The rest of the guild Aftermath is chugging along at a decent clip, and despite a bizarre love triangle feud thing that happened there is not much drama to talk about. As for myself I had a bit of the “ZOMG I am falling behind the curve!” syndrome strike me last weekend, but thanks to the kind words of fellow guild members I think I may have to just accept the fact that I am no longer a hardcore player.

A friend of my brother’s is already bored with the game and totally decked out in tier 7.5 gear. With all the time that it took for this expansion to be announced and all the testing, I am still at odds with the raider in me and the casual player in me over the ease of this content. I won’t get into what has been said here and over on Total Biscuit’s show, but I just am awed that after 2 months this expansion can pretty much have a fork stuck in it for the vast majority of serious players. In LFG on my server it is not “LFG Utgarde or LFG Old Kingdom” anymore it is all “LFG HEROIC so and so and LFG HEROIC this and that”. EVERYONE I see is 80, or the alt of some level 80. No one is running the standard 5 mans anymore and if they are they are piss poorly played alts of some bored raider in a guild that has locked all the raid content for the week. Seriously, what is going on here?


Now more than ever WoW isn’t starting until the level cap. I realize that now and really I have been playing with blinders on the “old fashioned” MMO way. People don’t give a rat’s ass about your gear, spec or talent pre level 80. Your mission is to quest, shut up, and get 10 levels in as short a time as possible. People do not want to make friends, talk, socialize or get to know one another. They want 10 levels so they never have to see you again and so they can run heroics for easy purples. This seems to be the current trend in World of Warcraft. Heroics are THE 5 man and THE actual test of a player now. Starting in TBC Heroics seemed to be a gimmick for bored players that wanted to get raid type loot without the raid. You needed a key, you needed to be prepared, and it was WORK. Now heroics are a joke. People crush them, can do them whenever (minus the lockout) and get well enough geared to head right into…10 man PUGS. Personally by removing keys and the work needed to get into heroics I think Blizzard took the game backwards a step. You NEED these tasks in game to keep people playing and to keep them striving to make their characters better.

Apparently I stress too much, worry too much, and honestly make the game harder than it needs to be. Why worry about playing my class the best I can anymore? I should simply get to 80 with the lamest DPS spec I can wearing all greens and then have other players carry me to purple loot. Forget learning your class, forget properly equipping yourself, forget showing up for my first heroic in blues. Heck I can simply go and need roll everything and just be an ass right?

Thinking over the latest Blue PLZ! I have to agree that the dumbing down of the content is generating a player base that, outside of my guild, I really DO NOT want to socialize with. I was in a PUG last night with my rogue along with a 77 unguilded priest, a 74 warrior a 72 BOOMKIN and a 72 mage. The priest was unguilded and one of the rudest bastards I had encountered in weeks. He was smug, condescending, elitist and obviously the alt of some raider who thought that his excrement did not stink. Add to it that he was a healer and one of the few available for those low level instances and his head barely fit in in Utgarde. Naturally I antagonized this player when he started picking not only on me when I died due to a improper target on my end, but also ripping the druid. The smug players name was Jeangray (wow how original) so naturally I started calling him by the name of every X-Man I could remember EXCEPT his proper name. He was never Jeangray to me in chat, he was always Magneto or Wolverine or Gambit. I could tell it started to really piss him off because I was not bowing to his awesomeness, and it actually made my night to knock him down a few notches. This is exactly the type of player we do NOT want in Aftermath. Despite the PUG completing the instance I felt madder after I was done than when I went in. The guy just really rubbed me the wrong way.

This blog entry today seems really negative, and maybe it is the crowded status of Rexxar server Alliance, but I honestly do NOT like the majority of players I encounter in this game. I think that if it weren’t for the guild I would have considered not playing anymore except a couple of days a week. With the guild and their support though, and through taking our time, I do look forward to hitting 80 and learning the content with mature, easy going players.

WoW: That's a lot of quests...

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday January 15 2009 at 11:44AM
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My warrior has recently hit the 1500 quest achievement mark. This was a 60 point achievement, and I have no idea how long it has taken me.

During that time I have also gotten “Nothing Boring about Borean” and “I’ve Toured the Fjord” off my to-do list. Those two alone were 260 of the 1500 I had completed. Doing the two starter zones and a ton of Grizzly Hills, plus some 5 mans along the way have my warrior sitting at level 77. I haven’t even touched half of the Wrath of the Lich King content and I am almost level capped.

I don’t level like some people, or even like the solo players out there. I like to socialize and get in groups and see all the content and it chaps my hide to think I am skipping some 5 mans. I will take a night of 5 mans, loot, figuring out the bosses and working as a TEAM in my GUILD over solo questing anytime.

So far to date, mainly thanks to the excellent guilds I have been a part of (Aftermath on the Alliance side and Honor Guard on the Horde side) I have seen almost all the Wrath 5 mans appropriate to my level.

Outside the 5 mans, I cannot for the life of me think of a quest that stood out as “OMG THIS IS AWESOME!” so far. To be honest, I didn’t finish Dragonblight yet, but I loved Grizzly Hills and there is one element there that really caused me to enjoy it:

WEREWOLVES. Yes I am talking about the Silverbrook area, to the north in the zone around 26,35. Here is a small town inhabited by trappers and lumberjacks. They have issues. Their issues are explained by an Alliance scout locked in a cage in the town. Go ahead, talk to him. The next thing you know you are on a crazy quest that has you trying to escape like a scene from a good western movie. I won’t say exactly what goes down, but this is the one quest, out of the 260+ I have done that really stuck in my head.

A few others I did like. One of them is the Daily Quest in Howling Fjord that allows you to pilot a gnomish fighter plane and shoot down gargoyles over a rock quarry. If I play my priest, I like these kind of dailies because it does not require me to use my HOLY spec to kill a god awfull amount of mobs. Instead I can fly a plane and shoot rockets. Win win in my book.

Another quest area I loved was everyone’s favorite (and they are still talking about it on the Aftermath guild forums) is the Murloc area in Borean Tundra. Not only do you get a cool Murloc suit disguise, you get to form a posse of rescued Murloc babies.

One other cool area is in Grizzly Hills and involves another daily. Around the Bluesky Logging camp (39,43) is a daily quest that has you killing 15 Horde (or Alliance of course for the other side) NPC’s that are locked in combat down in the camp. This quest is pretty easy and fun but also flags you. That adds a element of watching your back as you do it. The key is that all the NPC’s are in combat with the opposite faction, so even as a priest you can go in and pick them off without worrying about tons of aggro as you walk around. Just make sure to get mobs that are not more than half health dead already. I would like to come back here as a level 80 and maybe gank some players that get flagged from this. Yeah, I am a bastard but oh well.

For right now, that is the most fun I am having questing. I am not a big questing guy but it passes the time and gives me XP when I don’t have a guild group or PUG going on.

What do I hate about WOTLK questing? That is easy. Every damn quest puts some damn item in your backpack that you later have to click, throw or mix or saw or cut or deliver. ENOUGH already. That shit drives me crazy. Then I have to find the item, drag it to my action bar, keep it in my inventory, then drag it off my action bar when I turn the damn thing in. Every DAMN QUEST involves “take this here and click it” or “Make this into a thing and use it here”. MY GOD. I have an entire action bar full of potions, gears, boxes, lightening rods, meat, backpacks or little cages. I hate it with the Skettis daily and that damn Nether Ray and it persists deep into this expansion.

Right now the quests are a blur. I like the little stories but it is hard not to start just collecting them all because every time I turn one in, I see another exclamation point pop up and I say out loud: “AW C’MON NOW WTF DO YOU WANT”. Moments like those I log out and log in my Alliance priest for some good 5 man action. The latest drive to level 77 just about put me to sleep. I cannot tell you how many quests I did in one night. I logged in and cleared and entire level and then just crashed in bed. As a prot warrior the quest rewards have been worthless. Every plate item is for DPS or a paladin. UNLESS you have to go into a dungeon. Then I will say the rewards have been pretty swank. Other than that I have sold everything unless it contributes to a DPS set in my bank I doubt I will EVER use.

Last night I didn’t do one quest. I logged in my 70 Alliance priest and did 5 mans all night, and I didn’t miss a thing. I need nights like those on occasion. I even healed Old Kingdom at level 70.

One thing I DO love about this expansion are the new dailies, the 5 man dungeons and their quickness, and the atmosphere of the zones. It keeps me logging in and wanting to see more. Just be prepared to do a lot of questing. My best advice is to break it down into hubs. DO NOT go around and gather up different areas. You will only end up with a backpack full of garbage items and forgetting where you left off. Take it a hub at a time, and if someone asks you to go to a new zone and talk to someone, don’t take that quest until you are ready to leave.

How the WoW guild is doing almost one month in...

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday January 13 2009 at 1:38PM
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There was a very neat and in depth post put up on the guild boards of Aftermath, the Rexxar Alliance guild that I and a few of my friends started up a few weeks ago.

We have a news and updates area about all the awesome activities we have been up to and this post was more of a Aftermath overview posted by Officer Scary. Scary only in name of course, he wouldn’t hurt a fly he is a priest after all.

Not only have we doubled in size since starting out, we have a steady 13-21 on per night which to me was a shock. I haven’t been in a guild that active since 2005-2006 and it is a pleasure to see.

The post reads a little like this: (I won’t quote it line for line)

So, how is Aftermath doing? Let’s check out some stats to answer that. Well, way back on December 21 2008 (I know it was long time ago so let’s think real hard), the guild Aftermath was formed in Rexxar PvE server/realm. On that day we had a total if 10 members in the guild and several others knocking on the door. The idea of the name for the guild spawned from our fearless leader’s brother, Arinos <The Brave> (I made that up. It sounds like a brave title for him).

In 3 weeks and 4 days (time hack 8 Jan 09) we have grown over 600% to 69 members (yeah my math is probly way off but it looks dang awesome on paper. I will not even point out we are at 69 members). I think those numbers rock! Also, everyone of our members have been awesome helping out other without anything in return. People run people through instances, group for quests, chat in vent, and run naked through the woods to say Happy Birthday. So, what is everybody playing? I thought the same thing so I looked it up to give you the information.


17% Paladins
13% Death Kinghts
13% Warriors
11% Druids
11% Mages
…and the rest are below 10% with Shamans bringing up the rear with only 4 total in the guild and my alt is one of those 4.


Humans are #1 with 40% of the members and Night Elves coming in second with 25%. What is surprising is our sex choice is almost 50/50 with Male at 43% and female at 37%. (actually 65 male, 35 female...)


So how are our levels? Where is the grunt of our people? Right now the two most played level spreads are between 1-20 and 70-80. The rest is so evenly spread we could help a level 40 toon and 10 other level 30-50 could do the same thing. It is a great spread and the good part is the levels fly by so fast until we all bottleneck at 70. 70-80 takes close to the same time 1-70 takes and that is good thing for us altaholics and re-rolls.

I was surprised at how many humans we had. Here is where the faction bonus had to be coming into play that is for sure, as many of us rolled Human and just went with that whole Goldshire vibe. I have noticed myself that I rarely play any other race at least Alliance wise. Faction is such a big part of the game why not take a little bonus here and there?

Since that post was made we have kicked some alts out, added a few real life couples, and even added our third bank tab. All this went on while I was offline and through the discipline and help of the guild’s fine leadership and members. When I came back I noticed they had even run a naked Gnome race to wish me a happy birthday. Since then we have done the Stranglethorn Vale Gurubashi event, had some consistent lowbie nights where everyone pitches in to help our new players and rerolls, and generally had a blast in a no rush environment.

For once I was gone for a real life reason and came back to find no squabbles, turmoil and most of all no need for me to babysit. Now if we could only stop the ever anxious new players from putting grey items in the bank we would be set!

Elsewhere in game I have once again inherited yet another WoW account. I pried my friend’s level 70 human priest from his hands and plan to level him up once my warrior hits 80. The character was in a huge mess and really geared improperly but did have 3000 gold on him so that made it easier to re-gem, socket, enchant and gear toward a holy build. All in all I spent about 600 gold fixing that character and had to cut back some knowing I would get upgrades through questing. He is sitting on the Aftermath bench right now waiting for the coach to call him in.

For recruiting information or more 411 about the guild, drop me an email at garthas [at] and ask whatever questions you may have. I devote most of my efforts now to running the guild and have not had many in game things to blog about since they are all covered on our guild message boards. So if the lack of posts here seem odd, that is why. I guess I am totally addicted to the game again and I think the people have a lot to do with it. I do notice it eats a lot of time from my nights once more, but it is good to know I can take a break if I have to and let the officers step up.

Aftermath guild revisits old content, I figure out Ingvar the Plunderer

Posted by pvthudson01 Saturday January 3 2009 at 8:09AM
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Earlier in the week the guild found itself with a few 50’s online and some higher levels that were itching to show the newer players some of the older content that they may have missed since many started playing after Burning Crusade.

In today’s World of Warcraft it is almost impossible to get a guild together that will go back and take a look at some of the Old World raid content since mostly what guilds are concerned with now is rushing to 80 and running the new raids.

Not Aftermath. We were formed under the principle that we will help the newer players AND have fun while doing it. So when one of our officers posted an attempt to simply farm Onyxia for achievements and to show people the dragon more guild members jumped in and signed on than we thought.

You have to be level 50 to zone into Ony, and the key requirements have been removed. In fact, you can’t even do the cool Marshal Windsor quest anymore. We had several people sign up that had never seen Onyxia before and some higher levels that did not have the achievement. I was one of those. Last week we had 6 manned her for fun but I did not get the achievement because I died. This time we had 10 people sign up and they were raring to go and see something they had never witnessed before: a full blown World of Warcraft dragon boss.

I won’t get into details of the fight, but we took her down in 5 minutes. Easy nowadays sure, but the memories of some of the newer players will last a long time and we did it together as a guild and it was a blast. Some of the loot of course IS an upgrade for the level 50-60 people so we actually did rolls and passed out the loot to those that needed it.

After we were done, I mentioned in Ventrilo (voice chat, and we have 15 on in voice chat which was nice to see) that we should hit up Zul’Gurub. Zul’Gurub is an old school 20 man raid instance back in the day built to allow guilds to gear up if they could not do 40 mans. Look at as the smaller brother to Zul’Aman and Karazhan.

The lore for the zone reads:

“An influential group of troll priests, known as the Atal’ai, called forth the avatar of an ancient and terrible blood-god named Hakkar the Soulflayer“

We downed each priest and managed to free Hakkar so that we could attack him. Problem was I had forgotten the fight and I refused to use WoW Wiki and cheat. So it was that we charged in and fought Hakkar and I will be damned if that bastard still is one tough mother. We knew we had to stand in the poison and do all that, but we had all forgotten the little things he does like say…oh I don’t know… MIND CONTROL THE TANK. We almost wiped folks. We were down to 3 people and only gear managed to let us take that creep down. After all this time, he is still one nasty fight that requires teamwork and the ability to do certain things in a precise order. Halfway through the fight we started remembering the abilities we had and get our act together. We killed him, but it was a scary moment.

Everyone got some of those damn coins that were notorious for filling up many slots of a bank alts space and we had some people get some upgrades in gear. All in all it was a fun night for the guild Aftermath and it just goes to show that if you have a bunch of people that are recruited into your guild with the right mindset (I.e. not 100 percent focused on rush leveling and raiding right away) you can still have a blast AS A GUILD in this game. I made sure that everyone stuck together and did not feel overwhelmed in these instances and my officers explained every fight so that people UNDERSTOOD what was going on.

Running a guild can be a lot of work, but it pays off when you get emails and messages saying how much fun new players and old players alike are having. Some people, once jaded with the game, are logging in now more than ever since the guild is providing an avenue of enjoyment and social activities for them.

Last night we had 24 members online, about 5 of those were brand new players to the game that had already learned as much as they could by asking on our message boards and grouping with other new members. The rest of the guild, many in the mid 30’s now and some in the mid 60’s, were all talking and working together in various areas of Azeroth. Things are coming together and this guild IS working, and it is WORKING on the belief system and the officers and I put forth when we started recruiting. This makes me feel good that you can still find the right players in a game full of asshats and loot whores. We are still recruiting so if you are interested look us up.

Well as for me, my warrior hit the big level 74 last night while I was tanking in the Nexus. The DPS plate shoulders dropped from the rock boss (Ormorok the Tree-Shaper). With the quests I got done in there I got new gloves, shoulders and later purchased a blue belt in the AH. My warrior is looking up and I have not slowed down with him like I did the priest. I only hope I don’t get too rusty and can keep my tanking skills up. I did also tank Utgarde Keep and low and behold, with guild members, it was the easiest run I had ever done. Why was this? Because Ingvar the Plunderer was figured out and finally explained to me in terms I understood and it was simple. When he goes to do his smash, he doesn’t move and it is a cone effect. Guess what fellow tanks! You can simply step aside and avoid it. Yeah, it is that simple. You see smash come up, you move to the left and then go back and start tanking again.

Instance completed, I finished Borean Tundra later and got the “Nothing Boring about Borean” achievement (130 quests in that zone done). I can say this: I don’t think I want to level 70-80 again until I am really really really bored in this game. As much fun as the quests are and things like it is annoying because there are TOO many. I stated it last year and I still stand by my statement that I am sick to death of questing all the time. I am a dungeon/instance runner. I can’t wait until I just grind those all the time and forget about my quest log.

Ok well I have to start packing, the big move starts Monday and continues through next week. I am going with Comcast internet. God help me.