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protodoxa Blogging About MMOs

Here is where I write about my MMORPG habit. I hope any readers enjoy what they read here!

Author: protodoxa

My boyfriend loves LotRo, so...

Posted by protodoxa Sunday October 21 2012 at 2:08AM
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My boyfriend loves LotRO, and it's one of the few MMOs that I can get him to try and enjoy. He hated DDO (don't know why, honestly), Ryzom does not have many quests, Wakfu was enjoyable for him but the lack of quest-story content turned him off (while I enjoyed it, and then I saw the terrible cash shop model they implemented at launch), Star Trek Online was annoying (I liked it for about 2 months but I think he's right here), Everquest 2 was boring, and so on. The moral here is I decided to play LotRO with him until the reboot of FFXIV (he took one look of the UI and immediately said, "Uninstall this, please."). 

I love LotRO, too. I hate LotRO's grind, however, but that grind is diminished by how much my boyfriend gets into playing this game. He teases me that I should think of it as grinding skills like in Ryzom or Ultima or the Elder Scrolls, but it's not grinding skills, it's grinding commendation essentially, and that bit is annoying to me until I slow down and learn to take it easy, do a dungeon or two with him, and enjoy myself.

So I am playing LotRO at the moment, and instead of the reaction of '"Not another MMO!" it's "Yay! LotRO!" at my house, as he eagerly jumps in on his characters and learning that I decided to start over again (yet again), he switches from the server with 200 plus gold and pre-Rohan maxed characters to my new server just to run around with me again. 

I got to say that alone is very engaging. I wonder if my boyfriend is the only person that LotRO inspires so much loyalty in, or if there's a bunch of LotRO people out there just as enchanted by cosmetic armor, legendary weapons, player made music, story-driven questing, and endless freaking grind as he is.



carguy07 writes: To be honest with you, i just enjoyed reading the story you told, you should be a writer. (Not being sarcastic) Anyways you make me want to try LotRO never played it before... just wish my girlfriend was into games as much as you are... sigh.. Sun Oct 21 2012 3:02AM Report
plescure writes: i want to be your boyfriend :)  Mon Oct 22 2012 3:33AM Report
xht8311 writes:

LOL the OP is a guy...


Tue Oct 23 2012 12:35AM Report
protodoxa writes:

OP here.


This is my gender:


FYI, I never introduce myself as gay or as a guy because it never really occurs to me that I need to. I am me.

Tue Oct 23 2012 1:01AM Report
lotaparty writes: poor souls who though he was a girl .even name and profile shows it lol Tue Oct 23 2012 9:59AM Report
Strycker writes:

Hahaha, owned.


(And you are correct OP, you don't have to introduce yourself as such but I hope you see the lulz all the same)

Fri Oct 26 2012 5:03AM Report writes:
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