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Pompey's gaming antics!

Hello all, some of you may of read my rather long reviews of mmos i play, well in my blog your going to read all about my goings on in the mmo community!

Author: pompey606

Active History: A fresh take

Posted by pompey606 Monday June 22 2009 at 11:49AM
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I feel now is a good time to come through with this idea. I am a huge fan of history, my Sky+ box is 90% full of history programs. Not all history, WW2 is what I love to learn about. Yet I remember a time when I couldn't give two hoots about History or Education. This period, as for most youngsters, happened in Secondary School. I believe however, that I have a concept to change History lessons forever...

Now then, I was a trouble maker, not a good thing, as I'm sure many of you where! Yet once a month or so, the teacher always used to show a video of the current period we where studying. Everyone loves a video right!!! These videos, for example a history program on D-Day, makes all the kids sit up, pay attention, and re-kindles that love of learning, even for a short period. Anyone who sits through Schindler's List, and then carries on refusing to learn, should be locked away. This short term "boost" as I call it, aids the children to concentrate that little harder. My idea takes this concept and adds a new dimension.

Video games in todays world are becoming more and more accurate, more and more immersive. I recently played Red Orchestra: Darkest Hour Mod. This mod has maps such as Juno Beach, Battle of the Bulge etc. When I play this game, I feel like im there, i dont want to get shot, i hide in that foxhole when the artillery comes down. The immersion and realism is at a new level. I belive this could benefit the classroom.

Why cant, a teacher when teaching D-Day, log on to DH (Darkest Hour) and play Juno Beach, or one of the countless Call of Duty games with the beach landings. Give some idea of what it would be like. Most classrooms today have massive projectors and surround sound. Playing DH on this would be amazing. The sound of an MG42 wizzing over the teachers head would be increadible. I can tell you now, no child would not sit up and pay attention to what is going on, after all, is watching your teacher duck for cover in a foxhole, pop of a few rounds, more fun than poking the girl in front in the back and giggling?

There is, ofcourse a limit to this. But that is because games are not made for History lessons. However, give me one developer that wouldn't make a game more specific for this classroom teaching. Lets say there is 3 History teachers in 100 schools in the local County area. Thats 300 copies of a game. Dont even ask me how many secondary schools there are in the UK alone. This would be a sound investment.

Above all, I believe that children would sit up and want to learn more about what is going on. They will want to see the teacher play more of this History lesson. Therefore the children have to work hard to have a lesson like this. At the moment, its:
"Work hard this week guys and on Friday we will watch a depressing video with Morgan Freeman talking for an hour"
It could be:
"Work hard this week guys and on Friday il take you through the Battle of the Bulge"

I can go on and on about this, I have scratched the surface here, and there are many things wrong which im sure some of you will pick out for me. In a later blog il weigh up the Pros and Cons, go through how this can develop etc. But for now, think about this concept, and why it is not as farfetched as it seems.



Help me im lost...

Posted by pompey606 Thursday February 7 2008 at 9:12PM
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well guys, as you may notice from other postings of mine.. i used to play AO. it was my first and favourite mmo.. i used to get home from school (when i went!) and be straight on till school next day... but now, as i have matured and played many other mmos, id love to go back to AO.. but i just cant bring myself to do it. I dont know why, someone help me! tell me why i cant subscribe to my old account and carry on where i left off!! i want to soo bad but something inside me is holding me back.

what is it??

will i be dissapointed?? will i not be able to rekindle that love for the game that i had at first. maybe im scared that if i go back and dont love the game I will forget all the good times i had on it first time round. i miss AO and i cant play you.. but why... why...

SWG, a guildys paradise!

Posted by pompey606 Wednesday June 6 2007 at 7:43AM
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ok, second attempt, was trying to make speech marks and found a shortkey that closes the browser window! bah!

Pre NGE people may get up in arms as im about to praise SWG, for its guild system. As im sure some of you know i have played every Sci-fi mmo out there, neocron 2, anarchy, EVE... but i will save them for another day!

So, the Guild system on SWG, brilliant, the housing, the citys, its all done very well, maybe not as well as Anarchy or Guild Wars, but it is still very impressive. The decco is fabulous, i have spent countless hours decorating my house! if i didnt i am sure i would be level 50 rather than 25!!! but its the wee side factors that make a mmo shine in my eyes.

A guild member was leaving for LOTRO, which is ironic as i had just left LOTRO for Star Wars!!! so we decided to throw him a party in the city, we had a stage, npcs roaming, lots of decco and buildings outside to give it a really nice feel, a guildy set up a online radio station so we where all listening to the same station. I think it was fabulous!! to get away from the usual gameplay it is brilliant, top marks go to the devs for the amount of side content their is.

All i can say is, if you never played SWG and you dont know what got everyone to leave, then give it a go, just the 14 day trial, its worth it, i promise