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The Eternal Newbie

A blog by the eternal newbie. Player of all, master of none.

Author: pieaholicx

I love this video card!

Posted by pieaholicx Saturday December 1 2007 at 4:40PM
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Okay, so I got my video card in last night, and I love it so much! I put it in last night, put in WoW, and decided to try my luck at the video settings. I pump it up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, max out all graphics settings, restart it, and it runs like it was nothing. This card will definitely last me a while. After installing that last night, I went to bed (it was like, 11:30 at night). This morning I got up and managed to get myself up to level 11, and I realized just why Rogue is a DPS class, though I think explaining that may be a little obvious. I'll post up an Armory link once it updates. >.<

Anyway, my next moves are going to be installing Oblivion and D&D Online and seeing how well I can push up those settings. If I can get D&D Online pumped up well enough, I'll be reactivating my account in that.

WoW Character: Fidchell - Level 11 Night Elf Rogue <Absolution>, Shadowmoon

Jadetooth writes:

What card is it? the 8800GT?

Because i got that, and man it kicks arse :D

Sat Dec 01 2007 4:45PM Report
Amarsir writes: According to his previous post, it's a 7600GT. Which ironically is the card that just crapped out on me, causing me to currently be waiting on my (overpriced, hard to find) 8800GT. pieaholicx, when it comes, make sure you register it immediately. Especially if it's an eVGA brand - they have a lifetime warrantee, but only if you register within 30 days of purchase. Sat Dec 01 2007 4:53PM Report
pieaholicx writes:

It's the XFX make of the card. It's one of the few nVidia based cards that are AGP. The only PCI cards I could find were worse than my old one, and I don't have a PCI-E slot, so I was stuck going to AGP.

Sat Dec 01 2007 5:01PM Report
Amarsir writes: Yeah, that eventual upgrade will be an expensive one (new board, new processor, new video, and possibly new memory). You should be able to hold off for a while though - the 7600 served me quite well. I ran it a lot in 1280x960, which is my comfortable native desktop resolution, and I was rarely dissatisfied. Sat Dec 01 2007 5:26PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Im still using agp and I went with a saphire x1950 xt. I played warcraft on max settings at 1680x1050 on a 22 inch wide screen. IMO its the best agp card available.

Sat Dec 01 2007 5:26PM Report
Amarsir writes: Btw I nearly forgot - XFX has the same warrantee: 1 year if you don't register within 30 days, lifetime if you do. Even if you don't plan to keep using it forever, that's a nice bit of coverage for a few minutes spent registering. Sat Dec 01 2007 5:59PM Report
OrobasDivine writes:

LOL, did you guys really say AGP? I am using 2 SLI 7600 GS on 16x PCI slots. . I can run every game out at the moment. Gonna upgrade soon though, just cause my computer is my hobby.


Sat Dec 01 2007 6:12PM Report
Souvec writes:

LOL - yeah he said AGP.... I'm running AGP as well (ATI 1950XT 256 AGP) because like many people out there without loaded uncles, gobs of expendable income or other financial responsibilities that do not include gaming... just simply cannot upgrade. 

Congrats to you though on gloating over your SLI config.  Well done.

Sat Dec 01 2007 6:46PM Report
t0nyd writes:

SLI actually performs worse in a lot of games. WIth my x1950 xt I can play every game out also, shrug...

Sat Dec 01 2007 8:13PM Report
Ascentions writes:

LoL SLI works in every game out there .... it is ATIs crossfire that has to have the game made to support it and sli works flawless!!!!

Booo ATI HMM AMD also :p


Sat Dec 01 2007 8:46PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Ascentions -

Nice reading skills you have there. Who said SLI doesnt work? I said it actually performs worse in specific games. Tabula Rasa for example. Some settings actually perform worse in SLI. Quit being an NVIDIA fanboy and learn to read...

Sat Dec 01 2007 9:27PM Report
RogueSeven writes:

lol mate, sorry but it isnt much of an accomplishment to play WoW on max settings, it isnt really a graphically intense game, try to see how one of the battlefield games to or, when the free trinity expansion comes out, try eve

Sat Dec 01 2007 10:34PM Report
Thud_The_ACE writes:

I just bought a ATI 3870 card, so far works great, my 8800GTS OC2 card from BFG has been a bit of a lemon. Worked great for about 3 months, then texture tearing.. which very quickly turned into crashing.. Blech, send card back to bfg (woot lifetime warranty), send me back refurbed card that looks like it has been collecting dust since the stone age, and yep it's a POS too. It works, but has some wierd boot-up quirks, time to RMA it back for a third card. Losing faith in Nvidia, thats why I bought the 3870 card. Very fast, reliable (clocks down when not in use) and the catalyst control center is way nicer than Nvidias (in my opinion).

Sat Dec 01 2007 11:11PM Report
pieaholicx writes:

Orobas, I believe you mean PCI-E. The 7600 GS (and GT) were never available on plain PCI. There is a huge difference between PCI and PCI-E.

Amarsir, I'm planning on upgrading anyway. I've got the case, power supply, and motherboard of a new PC I'm building. This is a temporary upgrade so that I don't have to use the Intel on-board video. Which barely put up with WoW running at 800 x 600 with the lowest settings.

RogueSeven, I'm going to be attempting Oblivion and D&D Online with it soon enough. I may try Battlefield 2, but I really don't play it much.


Sat Dec 01 2007 11:13PM Report
AssAssin_666 writes:

lol .. 2x 8800GTX Extreme from xfx in my case here ;) ...  i pee on games atm

Sun Dec 02 2007 9:17AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Nice  AssAssin_666, I got one 8800Ultra Extreme from xfx on the way.  

Sun Dec 02 2007 9:59AM Report
Ascentions writes:

YA im still using old p4d dual core but i have rock solid 4.60 ghz on each core =) 4gig ddr2 800 at 1000mhz  2 8800gt clocked at 775 mhz core 2200 mhx ram 1900 shade yes raid 0 as well

all water cooled including powersupply

Intel & Nvidia ,Koolance Fan boy Yes i am =)

o ya all is on evga 680i mainboard vid cards evga as well <3

   need all that to power dell 30" ultra sharp but gears of war at



Sun Dec 02 2007 12:14PM Report
Gonmax writes:

ok guys you got nice gpu power, now get my 30 inch apple cinema and you'll got the pack ;) 1920x1200 is low res, damn wow should run even at higher resolutions and have better textures :D

Sun Dec 02 2007 12:15PM Report
sifudoja writes:

Grats dude. I bought an AGP 7600 also during one of my WoW spurts, and gotta say that thing served me very well. I didn't think an AGP would ever be as good as that card was for me, and it was great being able to hold out a while longer to save up for an upgraded system without having every game i play choppy and looking like crap. That card is great for WoW. The final piece, my 8800gt will be here tomorrow!!! The funny thing is my agp 7600 is actually worth about $20 more now than i payed for it last year lol. 7600 is win!!! all day. Enjoy dude.

Mon Dec 03 2007 12:01AM Report writes:
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