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The Eternal Newbie

A blog by the eternal newbie. Player of all, master of none.

Author: pieaholicx

Another Entry at Last

Posted by pieaholicx Sunday December 9 2007 at 11:22PM
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Yeah, I've been going through quite some trouble lately. For the past few days I've been working on a problem with my desktop in which my partition table got messed up. What does that mean? It means that none of my data was lost, but no OS knew how to get to do the data. I managed to recover the data off of my 30GB FAT32 partition (thank you gpart!), but that was all I could get. So I had to rebuild my drive, and install everything over again. Ugh.

In better news, I went through my first instance today. Can't say I really participated as it was just a 70 friend of mine who ran me through while I looted. However, I can't say I didn't like it. I was really amazed at just how big the instance was. I mean really, it was huge. For those that were wondering, I went through Deadmines. I redid almost all of my equips after going through there, and everything except my shoulders and my throwing knife are now green or blue. I have to say, this first taste of "higher end" content has got me wanting more. I can't wait to get to a point where I can run through another instance, and hopefully actually participate in the next one.

I'm also currently trying to decide which professions to take. It was suggested that I take up engineering, or double up gathering professions. Any suggestions?


Current Status:
Fidchell - Level 19 Night Elf Rogue, Combat Spec - Armory Link (if it will update any time soon)

I love this video card!

Posted by pieaholicx Saturday December 1 2007 at 5:40PM
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Okay, so I got my video card in last night, and I love it so much! I put it in last night, put in WoW, and decided to try my luck at the video settings. I pump it up to 1280 x 1024 resolution, max out all graphics settings, restart it, and it runs like it was nothing. This card will definitely last me a while. After installing that last night, I went to bed (it was like, 11:30 at night). This morning I got up and managed to get myself up to level 11, and I realized just why Rogue is a DPS class, though I think explaining that may be a little obvious. I'll post up an Armory link once it updates. >.<

Anyway, my next moves are going to be installing Oblivion and D&D Online and seeing how well I can push up those settings. If I can get D&D Online pumped up well enough, I'll be reactivating my account in that.

WoW Character: Fidchell - Level 11 Night Elf Rogue <Absolution>, Shadowmoon

Newegg to the Rescue!

Posted by pieaholicx Tuesday November 27 2007 at 10:09PM
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Okay, so as those who read my last entry have seen, my video card has more or less crapped out on me. I've taken it out, and the fan has a bunch of dust on it, like it hadn't run for a while. So yeah, need to replace that. At the moment I've got my comp running off the on-board video, which is that integrated Intel crap. At least it's running...but I have to put WoW to all its lowest settings, and set the resolution to 800x600. Lame.

However, Newegg has come to my rescue. I just placed an order for an nVidia 7600GT with AGP connection. Thankfully, my machine has an AGP x8 slot. So I'll be getting that in the next day or two, to finally get up to some real gaming. Though I won't be using it for the new PC I'm building, due to not having any AGP slots on the motherboard. Oh well, the newer card will be better anyway.

In other news, I'm still playing around with character choices in WoW. I've been trying out the Hunter, which is pretty fun so far. I'm also thinking about playing a Mage. Any suggestions? Please note I'm doing Alliance only, since that's what my friends on the Realm are playing (otherwise I'd be a Blood Elf Paladin).

*poof* Gone from the games

Posted by pieaholicx Sunday November 25 2007 at 6:44PM
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Okay, so I've been MIA from my games for a few days now, and for good reason. I've recently found out about, and encountered a problem with my video card. It's an nVidia GeForce 6200 OC. Well, as it turns out this is one of the video cards that has an infinite loop problem. My games are almost constantly BSODing pretty early on into me playing games. So I'm more or less forced to not play games for a while. Naturally, I'm just loving that. This just means I need to speed up the construction of my new PC.

So, the question is what I've been doing without my games. Well, over the past few days I've been getting intimate in more than a few ways.

I've spent the past few nights hanging out with the fiancee. Friday night we headed out to the Annapolis mall, and did a bit of shopping. We went for me to get a new belt, and for her to get a new wallet, and some iPod socks. We only managed to get the iPod socks. However, in addition to that we walked out with about 4 pounds of Lindt truffles, 2 shirts (for her), and some Hickory Farms stuff.

Yesterday we went to do the food tasting for our reception. The two dishes we wanted to look at were a steak and a chicken dish, and I have to say that I was very impressed. The chicken was very moist, which is impressive as keeping chicken moist at all is a challenge. I'm not a very big steak person, but I was also impressed with it. It was very soft, and very juicy. We decided that these were in fact the dishes we wanted. We also did a cake tasting, and the place that's doing the cake makes some very good cakes. We decided that our cake will have red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for one of the layer types, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing for the other.

I've also been able to play a few game demos, just to see what my computer could handle, and what I'd like to have. I was surprised to see that my computer could handle Hellgate: London, so I loaded up the demo for it, and I really enjoy it. I'm definitely going to get it. I also loaded the F.E.A.R. Single Player demo, and I did enjoy that as well, so I'll be getting it. I also tried to start a new Oblivion character, but that BSODed a little too much for my taste.

The last thing I've been doing is getting very intimate with RPG Maker XP. I had worked with it a little before, but nothing too serious. I'm going to be working on developing an RPG set in my world of Ashthaleron. I've already got a basic setting, and know at what part in the planet's history I'm going to be setting it in, however I need to work on a lot of the details. I'm thinking it will be a part of a continuing storyline to take place during a long war on the planet. More details to come later.

Games, Current Characters, and Beyond

Posted by pieaholicx Tuesday November 20 2007 at 10:38PM
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So I've started my quest to get to high level content with two games in mind. Both of which do contain a person or two that I'm friend's with who can help me when need be.


Back to Vana'diel

First game that I've gone back to for the long run is Final Fantasy XI. I've decided to try something new this time. My previous characters have mostly been Red Mages, with an occasional Warrior or Monk. I found that with Red Mage there's the benefit of magic, but way too much down time recovering MP. With a Warrior or Monk I've always plowed through a stronger monster pretty well, but I'd have a lot of down time recovering HP.

This time I decided to go with a Thief, Mithra. Windurst naturally. I got in, equipped my weapon (and Windustrian Ring, when did that happen?), my first 50 gil, and went out to the grind. I was amazed by the ability of this class. While not striking as hard as a Warrior or Monk, it still hit pretty hard. I also was amazed at how little damage I actually received, and how quickly my TP built up. I was able to string a half dozen monsters almost every time I went out hunting.

After playing a bit, my friend came by and power leveled me for a bit, but I probably would have gotten to level 5 even without them, in about the same time.

Status: Aritelenial, Mithra, Level 5 Thief, Sylph


In the World...of Warcraft

Okay, so the guys I play D&D with brought me back into this game. This time I joined their Realm, and was forced to play Alliance (I'm sorry my Blood Elf brothers, I have betrayed you...). I've decided to try out a few characters before I pick one to stick with. So far I've just started a Night Elf Rogue, just to really try out the Rogue class. So far I've found it to be pretty enjoyable, though even for a newbie Rogue I could see some of the other new Rogues have no idea how to play the class. I saw quite a few just run into battle, not using any skills or stealth. Maybe I'm confused here, but isn't the Rogue class based around staying hidden until you strike to deal massive damage? Oh well, I think I was playing well, and that's all that really matters. Just got outside the starting area, so I'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll try another class or two before I pick one.

Status: Fidchell, Level 5 Night Elf Rogue, Shadowmoon

The Gamer Behind the Blog

Posted by pieaholicx Monday November 19 2007 at 7:08PM
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So, you know about me, now about the purpose of this blog. This is a blog from my perspective, the eternal newbie. I have played very little endgame content of any MMO. The closest I've come is Ragnarok Online, and even then I didn't do much. This blog will capture what games are like for the gamer who doesn't have the time to do the intense grinding, or questing to get the high level equipment, or to even get to a high level. It will capture my thoughts and strides as I try to work up to the high level content for the first time since I stopped playing Ragnarok (which was about 1.5-2 years ago). Armed only with my game subscriptions, my wits, and a few friends I will try to reach the end.


About The Gamer

Name: Jeff

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Status: Engaged

Location: Near Otakon.

Favorite Colors: Dark gray, black, crimson

Favorite Movies: Edward Scissorhands, 300, Secret Window, Stardust, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Nightmare Before Christmas, Saw (series), Pan's Labyrinth, Leon (The Professional)

Favorite Literature: The Giver - Lois Lowry, Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett, The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis, Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling

Favorite Animes: .hack//SIGN, .hack//G.U., Death Note, Last Exile, Tsukihime: Lunar Legend, FLCL, Stellvia, Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga

Hobbies: Anime, LARP, Computer Programming (Java, PHP, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, C/C++), Computer Repair, D&D, Internet Forums, Fiancee

Going to School For: Computer Science

Geekcode: GUd--s:a---c++ULP+L++E-W+++NwPS++PEYPGPt5XR++tv++b+DI+D+Geh!r+++y-

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Games Played

City of Heroes/Villains

D&D Online

World of Warcraft

Final Fantasy XI


Ragnarok Online

RF Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Matrix Online

Guild Wars

EVE Online

The System

It's a lame system right now, but I'm building a new one.