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MMORPG's these days...

Just some chatting about MMO's and other stuff I care about.

Author: phatpetey

My view on... PvP

Posted by phatpetey Sunday September 28 2008 at 3:33PM
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Hello everyone,

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Peter, but most of my friends call me Pete and when I play MMORPGs or other games I mostly call myself Phatpetey, like on this forum.
This is the first time I make a blog on, so if you got any comments you can always comment them here. And by the way my native language isn't English so there is a big chance there will be some spelling-errors in this blog.

In this episode I will post something about what I think would be the perfect PvP. Only one of the games I've ever played had a PvP I really loved. And that game is Runescape. Now I know many of you will think:"WTFzor, runescape suxx", but in the old days the PvP in runescape really was excellent.

The principe of the Runescape(RS) PvP was very simple, everything you are wearing on you: weapons, armour, items, food, etc... You could lose everything, that's what made the RS PvP so intresting. In the world of RS there was a fierced area callted "The Wildy". Once you entered there everything could happen. Some people were even able to make money out of the drops they received.

Since you could win/lose so much while you were in the wildy, most of the people went in group another factor that made the PvP so exciting. If you were in group you had to make sure that you're team was balanced. For a succesfull PvP trip you will need an archer a mage and a warrior. Since those 3 classes balance eachother out they are perfect to fight with in PvP. So if your target is to make money in PvP you should go in team.

For many people PvP was the most fun way of getting cash and some experience. Since noone was willing to die in PvP everyone was wearing its best armour and weapons, this way the chance of being killed was being discreased. But for people who were willin to earn some money this was the perfect way this was the perfect way...

At the moment I hope I convinced someone that the PvP in Runescape should be implemented in some new MMORPGs. That would make the PvP alot more intresting to me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog...