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Here's where I, Penelopae, blog about all things gaming. From text-based MUDs to the latest graphic adventures, I'm open to playing all games equally and without bias. Why don't you join me?

Author: penelopae

What is Your Gamer Sign? – Part 2

Posted by penelopae Monday August 6 2012 at 3:47PM
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Welcome back! Last week I posted Part 1 of this article, which bases what profession your character should take up on your astrological sign. Now let’s entertain what professions people born in the other half of the year might pick based on the month and day of their real-life birth.

The Occultist (September 23 – October 22)

You are a true diplomat, which makes you the perfect candidate to work the dark magics of the occult into places where they’d least expect it. Your peaceful nature makes it easy for others to trust you, and your romantic charm makes you a surefire hit with members of the opposite sex. While flirting, make sure you aren’t influenced to work for the other side, as flattery often tempts your self-indulgent side. Your inability to make a decision is your Achilles’ heel, so while it’s tempting to change your mind, sometimes you’ll have to just make a decision and stick with it, even in RPGs and text MUDs.

The Serpent (October 23 – November 21)

My, my, aren’t you a determined one, serpent of the astrological charts? The passionate, broad range of emotion that runs high within your core being is only tempered by your lust for power. As a serpent, your natural sense of jealousy is why you covet what others have, so why shouldn’t you steal it for yourself? Or better yet, steal it and sell it at a profit? Your ability to keep secrets and natural intuition will help you succeed in your new, shady career as one of Achaea’s more devious classes, as long as you are careful that your obsessive, obstinate traits don’t blow your cover.

The Master of Blades (November 22 – December 21)

Your eternal optimism draws others to you, and it’s the same with the class of the Blademaster. Your intellectual and philosophical sides are as sharp as the unique blade you will possess with Kavaya’s aide and Murad’s skill at the forge. Whether you fight for the side of good, the side of evil, or follow your heart and just fight for freedom in general, your honesty and jovial personality make you the perfect people-person to help recruit others to join in the battle. However, at times your optimistic can be as blind as love between a siren and a satyr, and your decisions might appear tactless and superficial to those who don’t know you well.

The Dark Knight (December 22 – January 19)

You are the Batman of Achaea, except you can’t always be depended on to fight for the side of what is true and right. You are practical and disciplined, which might make you a good candidate as an Infernal Knight who fights for Mhaldor, the City of Evil. However, your natural sense of humor and careful ambitious side mean you’ll get along well in any city. Because you can be a bit pessimistic, if not fatalistic, you’re a good person to lead the army in battle because, let’s face it, you’re probably all going to die anyway. If fighting for evil isn’t for you, there’s always the Runewarden class, which is popular in every other city but especially Cyrene, where it originated.

The Defender of Nature (January 20 – February 18)

Like all good tree huggers, Sentinels are generally happy, friendly humanitarians who can be depended on for their honesty and loyalty. You’re very smart, always coming up with original, inventive ways to protect the forests and take out its foes. Your lack of emotion towards others comes in handy when fighting off enemy forces, but certainly won’t earn you any favors with the opposite sex. And when you do get the chance to interact, your almost perverse way of joking is a bit of a turnoff to most others. Be careful; your unpredictable behavior makes you seem detached and tends to drive people away as well.

The Performer (February 19 – March 20)

Everyone knows that people born in this time are naturally creative, which is why it’s dedicated to the Bards and Jesters of Achaea. (But mostly it’s dedicated to bards who study performance art, while jesters are just semi-funny in their attempts to entertain the masses.) Your imagination knows no bounds, and your sensitive nature shines through your art, whether you’re being sensitive towards the subject matter or are reacting to the fact that someone hurt your poor, little feelings. Your downfall is that you tend to use your art as a means of escape and it leaves you a little out of touch with reality, a fact that allows you to be easily led by anyone with a stronger nature.

So, dear readers, do any of those sound like you? Personally, I am a Pisces and do happen to play a bard who gets lost in art. Imagine that! I hope you enjoyed the article, and would love to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by!

Textually yours,