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Here's where I, Penelopae, blog about all things gaming. From text-based MUDs to the latest graphic adventures, I'm open to playing all games equally and without bias. Why don't you join me?

Author: penelopae

RL Fireworks versus IC Firepower

Posted by penelopae Monday July 2 2012 at 11:12PM
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Typically on the 4th of July I do the same thing, year after year. Shut down the laptop, charge up my cellphone, and pretend to be checking in with work while keeping tabs on my favorite video games while enduring several hours of boring family banter at the grandparents’ house.
It’s not all bad. The food is pretty amazing considering my grandma cooks like Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show. And even I admit that it was pretty amusing last year when Uncle Leo’s cigar dropped into the box of fireworks. His single act of carelessness turned what’s normally a 3-hour, snail-paced chorus of “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s into a 4-minute session of chaotic screaming from the grown-ups and excited squealing from the very young kids who enjoyed it immensely.
But this year, I have other plans. You see, several of my favorite games are offering perks this week and since the 4th of July always coincides with my vacation from work I have plenty of time to take advantage of benefits in a lot of them. Here are some of the ones I’ll be hitting up this week.
  • Battlefield 3 – This is one time when I really love being a premium player. While standard players get double end-match points through 1pm PST on July 4th, when the very real fireworks begin in the game, myself and the other premium Battlefielders get double XP through July 8th at one minute before midnight PST. Booyah!
  • Achaea – Right now the game is celebrating its 600 year games, due to the in-character date reaching Year 600. I really stank at the riddles challenge, but I’m hoping that I have enough credits to buy exclusive real estate. After all that’s where the big money is in all MUDs. And a huge expansion in a rather new area is the basis for a month-long quest. Complete 21 times in the month of July (only once per RL day though) and you’ll get a surprise prize. I LOVE SURPRISES!
  • Outwitters – Okay, this one really has no bonus perks and it’s not even one of my favorite games – yet. But when it launches on July 5th I fully intend to try out the multiplayer strategy game. From what I understand characters can be one of three different races, each with classes and combat specializations specific to each one. One comes free and while I’m not sure that I will purchase the add-ons, get back to me around July 7th or so and ask me then. I may have an entirely different perspective by then!
Regardless of how you spend your 4th of July week, enjoy your games but more importantly – enjoy your family. How do you plan to spend the holiday? And what are your favorite in-game bonuses? Would they make you more likely to play a game you'd avoided before, like MMORPGs or MUDs? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section below. And in the meantime, have a safe and happy holiday! writes:
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