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Here's where I, Penelopae, blog about all things gaming. From text-based MUDs to the latest graphic adventures, I'm open to playing all games equally and without bias. Why don't you join me?

Author: penelopae

Walking Dead Episode 2 - Me Versus the Zombies

Posted by penelopae Sunday July 1 2012 at 12:04AM
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Psst. I’m about to reveal a spoiler from Episode 1 so if you didn’t get to the end of it, you might want to turn back now...before it’s too late!
Okay, good. You’re still with me! 
I love zombies, and when AMC came out with the Walking Dead, I happily turned off my phone and computer every week to tune in to the new episode. From the moment Rick first woke up in the hospital to the Season-2 Finale when he revealed that they’re all as good as dead due to being infected with the zombie virus, I’ve never missed an episode. So when Telltale said they were coming out with a Walking Dead game, nobody I knew was more elated than me! And when I took sides with Kenny, and then chose to save Carley at the end of the Episode 1, I totally expected Episode 2 to pick up right where the first had left off. But did it? No!
Episode 2 starts out a few months later, and immediately I was faced with an intense decision. There’s a guy caught in a bear trap. Do I use the axe in my hands to get him out, or leave him for zombie fodder? And if I save him, how will I deal with getting enough food to feed? I mean, you have to remember that food’s already scarce as it is – it’s been several months since I saved Carley and all. Unlike Episode 1, this new chapter was making me think. And some of my choices made me feel guilty. Not even my favorite MUDs, where immersion was as close to “real” life as any game has ever been for me, had ever caused me to feel guilt.
So after making the decision of whether or not to save the guy in the bear trap (not to mention the other survivor who’s with him) two more survivors show up at the hotel to see if my posse has any gas to spare. These two informed my group about a dairy farm that was protected by electric fences. So now there’s another choice to make – do we go to the dairy farm or stay holed up in the hotel? Every choice I made caused me to pause, wondering what I would do in “real” life…which was silly, because contrary to recent crazies in the news who act like zombies, there’s not really any such thing.
The way the characters interact in Episode 2 helped immerse me into the game. It made the scenarios more realistic, and I didn’t feel like I was watching a TV show – I felt like I was IN the TV show. Episode 2 introduced new characters that made the ones in Episode 1 look bland in comparison! Because I already knew the basic commands, having pretty much figured them out when playing the initial segment, I think it helped me move along more quickly in this one as well. But just when I thought I had mastered them, Telltale threw a new element into the game, like sneaking along while hiding behind something.
There were a few things I had to repeat so that I could progress within the game, but I was having too much fun to care. I haven’t even finished Episode 2, and I’m already thinking ahead and wondering what Episode 3 will present! I’m sure that friends in my other MUDs and MMORPGs will notice my absence when it comes out later this summer.
Have you tried the Walking Dead game? What are your favorite zombie games? What is it about those games that makes them your favorites? I’d love to read all your comments!