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QFT: The ins and outs of the MMO world.

QFT is an opinionated blog about the IG and RL happenings of MMOs. From Leeroy to Legalities, this blog will give you direct LOS to the info that you need to know. Come with your Tank gear, We're covering topics from Jack Thompson to Funcom Layoffs. GGHF!

Author: otomage

Planetside 2: Why it shouldn't be Planetside 1.5

Posted by otomage Friday May 21 2010 at 12:02PM
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E3 2010 is coming up next month. As many of us know, it is one of the three biggest conventions in the world, (the others being Tokyo Game Show and Lietzpeig). There is a lot of speculation, rumors, and hints about SoE's new projects, from the Agency to the All-But-Confirmed Planetside Next (Also know as Planetside 2), but I want to focus on Planetside 2 here.
There is little doubting that Planetside was one of the greatest online gaming experiences ever. It was so far ahead of its time, and in its prime created some amazing and memorable experiences. I'll never forget my first platoon sized Gal-Drop.
Despite all the problems that plagued it, from the cheating, to some really, really bad patches, it still has a place in my list of great games.
But, progress keeps coming, and Planetside has been around for 7 years now. With the new surge of information about Planetside 2, comes the inevitable speculation and opinions over what features could be made for the second iteration. I've found that the majority of these aren't features, persay.
They're improvements.
Forum members suggest that all weapons should be 'common pool', aka that any faction could access faction-specific weapons, and that specific vehicles should have a passenger seat, and that players could 'see' inside a HART when it takes off (Actually a pretty cool idea, IMO). But here's the problem- these suggestions are for an expansion or a module, not a true sequel.
Planetside 2 shouldn't be Planetside 1.5. The MMO community needs a true sequel. A new story, a new setup, a new beginning will give players a reason 'go back' to the IP.
I believe that players want a brand new Planetside universe, not a facelift. If Planetside 2 can create this new universe, with new factions, new weapons, new vehicles, while keeping its original spirit that we still miss, creating a TRUE sequel rather then just giving the community another add-on, the MMO community may just have their new MMOFPS king...again. writes:
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