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QFT: The ins and outs of the MMO world.

QFT is an opinionated blog about the IG and RL happenings of MMOs. From Leeroy to Legalities, this blog will give you direct LOS to the info that you need to know. Come with your Tank gear, We're covering topics from Jack Thompson to Funcom Layoffs. GGHF!

Author: otomage

Priston Tale 2: Coverage and false information.

Posted by otomage Wednesday March 18 2009 at 1:13PM
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From scanning the general forums of the major MMO sites, I found that most of the information on Priston Tale 2 is either misguided or just completely untrue. From faulty website links to a fundamental failure in news, I have found as a community member of the PT2 forums, and as a Gamer, that this game is simply not getting the coverage and attention it deserves.

Priston Tale 2 is one of the most inventive, well designed Free to Play I have seen, and is comparable to Lineage 2. Their group combat systems, from Group PvP, Clan Vs. Clan warfare, are very unique in their approach, which is again unique to F2PMMOs. Their graphics are also beyond what we normally see from F2P MMOs, again on par with L2. This game has the potential to go very far.

But the problem with this game is that all this is seemingly a waste, because the MMO community is not behind it. What started this was the misunderstanding the fans had with Key to Play, the European provider. After ending a Closed Beta where anyone could participate, K2P opened up an Open Beta.

Suddenly no one from a continent other then Europe could connect to the client. K2P directed everyone to SubaGames, the unknown publisher of the NA/SA Priston Tale 2. The GMs and Forum Moderators from SubaGames were constantly being asked when CB was… they couldn’t say… and people lost interest.

On-top of it all, many sites have the wrong HTTP address for Priston Tale 2 North America. So when anyone wants to check out this game, they must go to the EU provider through the wrong Hyperlink, be flamed for going to the wrong site, and head to the SubaGames forum. This process usually ends at the Flaming, because most people do not want to stick with a game that long; they want the instant gratification an F2P MMO brings.

But today, after a large portion of the community gave up (or never even arrived), SubaGames announces the North American Closed Beta in April 2009, complete with new races and classes. Now everyone who “stuck with it” is happy, but no one else knows about the North American Closed Beta. Why? Because the Gaming News had never announced it.

My problem is that this wonderful game, one of the greatest F2P MMO’s I have ever played, can’t get off the ground due to the failing of certain websites to provide accurate information of this great MMO. This game is under-hyped. It needs the substance that only a news source can give it. The failing of the MMO news networks to provide ample coverage and information could lead to the failing of this game.

I implore the News community to get the facts straight. This game deserves better coverage then it has been getting.