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QFT: The ins and outs of the MMO world.

QFT is an opinionated blog about the IG and RL happenings of MMOs. From Leeroy to Legalities, this blog will give you direct LOS to the info that you need to know. Come with your Tank gear, We're covering topics from Jack Thompson to Funcom Layoffs. GGHF!

Author: otomage

Planetside 2: Why it shouldn't be Planetside 1.5

Posted by otomage Friday May 21 2010 at 1:02PM
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E3 2010 is coming up next month. As many of us know, it is one of the three biggest conventions in the world, (the others being Tokyo Game Show and Lietzpeig). There is a lot of speculation, rumors, and hints about SoE's new projects, from the Agency to the All-But-Confirmed Planetside Next (Also know as Planetside 2), but I want to focus on Planetside 2 here.
There is little doubting that Planetside was one of the greatest online gaming experiences ever. It was so far ahead of its time, and in its prime created some amazing and memorable experiences. I'll never forget my first platoon sized Gal-Drop.
Despite all the problems that plagued it, from the cheating, to some really, really bad patches, it still has a place in my list of great games.
But, progress keeps coming, and Planetside has been around for 7 years now. With the new surge of information about Planetside 2, comes the inevitable speculation and opinions over what features could be made for the second iteration. I've found that the majority of these aren't features, persay.
They're improvements.
Forum members suggest that all weapons should be 'common pool', aka that any faction could access faction-specific weapons, and that specific vehicles should have a passenger seat, and that players could 'see' inside a HART when it takes off (Actually a pretty cool idea, IMO). But here's the problem- these suggestions are for an expansion or a module, not a true sequel.
Planetside 2 shouldn't be Planetside 1.5. The MMO community needs a true sequel. A new story, a new setup, a new beginning will give players a reason 'go back' to the IP.
I believe that players want a brand new Planetside universe, not a facelift. If Planetside 2 can create this new universe, with new factions, new weapons, new vehicles, while keeping its original spirit that we still miss, creating a TRUE sequel rather then just giving the community another add-on, the MMO community may just have their new MMOFPS king...again.

Planetside 2: The survey?

Posted by otomage Sunday September 27 2009 at 8:08AM
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This survey actually looks like Sony's work. Every single hyperlink leads back to sony or station, it has been posted on the main Planetside forums, the special news forums, Mods have confirmed it.

Sony even now owns

A suggestion: save your response key. That may be your closed beta/alpha golden ticket to Planetside 2.

Planetside 2 is on the way, ladies and gentlemen. Take the survey and help shape Planetside 2.

You're welcome.

Tatsumaki: Land at War- The game that will revolutionize sandbox MMOs.

Posted by otomage Friday September 18 2009 at 9:37PM
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There. I said it. Tatsumaki, the "great scam" (more on that later), is quite possibly the greatest concept since EvE.

Before you hit the big red BURY button, read on. I'm going to dispell some rumors right now.

Tatsumaki has been in beta for 2 years, according to MMORPG. That would be disheartining to anyone who reads about this game. However, in reality, It hasn't hit Alpha yet. There is no news from the developer of any client being released. So, its just been in development for 3 years. It's a project being done by about 10 people part time. They're looking for more people, but that's another issue. Point is, the team is tiny, and part time. Media and even updates do not come easy with 10 guys working part time on a near-AAA game. So, the lack of information and progress is expected.

... You still with me? OK. Good. The boring stuff is almost over.

Tatsumaki's rep had been set up. An old member was banned and was out for blood.

A 4 year member's take: 

If I remember correctly, One person from the forums (about as far back as 5 years possibly) got fed up with the devs and started ALOT of those rumors to try and get back at T:Law for imagined personal insults. I think he was banned from the forums for breaking the rules a few too many times.

The creator, Sykoi, responded:

I remember that... He had applied to be a historian and I turned him down so he started a lot of rumors - that was not fun.

Not to mention that Sykoi also posted an update on the status of the game and this topic here:

So on the accusations that Tatsumaki is a scam: that's my proof that it's not, a disgraced member posted faux info on a game, and the developers couldn't keep up with him becuase they were too busy working on their GAME.

Now, lets get past that drama so we can on to the fun part, why I think Tatsumaki will revolutionize MMO's and the sandbox market.

Cities, towns, forts, fortresses, and holdings can be built ANYWHERE. Yes. Anywhere. There are no clanstones, no pre-defined "Build here!" spots. You just place your blueprint down (as long as the bulding is on ground and at a stable angle) gather your resources, and start building. There is no word on how long it will take. You won't loose your blueprint after placing it down, only after building the building.

The developers are painstakingly accurate on the time period their game focuses on.  Houses looked like sharpened 3d illustrations of Japanese houses from the 1600s, and those housers are from pre-renders from two years ago.

The historical facts and timelime of the period the game is based on is imbedded into the 'lore' and overal gameplay, which is a major improvement over other games who are "historically based". My personal opinion is that the life expenctancy in combat is expected to be a bit shorter then DFO, between MO and DFO. The damage model is very new, however.

Rather than having certain "combos" do 'number damage' - we will put a force 'number' behind each movement; when an attack hits another player - the force behind the attack will be compared to the other player's armor, certain attributes (Possibly), as well as a few other factors; if the number is higher - the remainder will be considered the damage amount; but rather than lowering the overall health of the other player - it will do a certain amount of damage to whatever area is hit (See below for more information).

That (See below for more information) gives another relatively new concept for MMO's: The damage doll, and taking hitbox damage that hinders attributes.

Rather than having an overall, unrealistic “Health” meter, bar, or number - Tatsumaki: Land at War will feature a “rag doll”, with multiple areas a player can be damaged at. If a player is at “full health”, their rag doll will be pure white; but if they hurt their arm or leg, that area on the rag doll will be discolored depending on how bad the wound is; if the wound is simply a scratch, that area will be a very light pink; however - if the wound is very severe, it will be a deep, dark red and will greatly hinder a player’s attributes.

And the combat itself is a new concept for MMO's.

Tatsumaki: Land at War's combat system will be very similar to a Fighter, with four base buttons + movement keys, but with a basic mouse detector; "Combos" will be formed by pressing these buttons in a precise order, in a given amount of time - and will become increasingly complex. Combinations, or "combos" - will vary from each combat style to the next, as will the animations used in these; we hope to one day, allow players to create their own "Combos" - thus having the ability to create their own martial art forms / styles and techniques, which will greatly add to the game's community, as we allow players to open their own dojos and schools.

So, right off the bat, we have: A new, revolutionary combat system, including attributes being effected by damage to certain hitboxes, a game that throws away the health bar, cities and building being built anywhere by anyone, and developers that know their time period.

But wait! There's more!

EVERYthing you eat and do causes different effects. Your character will need proper nutrition, the better your character's diet, the better your characters body reacts to stimuli such as exercise. Malnutrition will cause serious adverse effects like muscle loss, physical weakness, lack of stamina, agility etc. Health training includes physical training such as running, swimming and martial arts as well as maintaining a proper balanced diet. A truly healthy character can make a truly strong character and maintaining a proper balance of exercise and nutrition will ensure that you live a long life.

There are NO monsters, however, there are wild animals. You can hunt down Boar to use for a feast. You can train on the occasional fox (Though sparring with your family-Tatsumaki's clan system-will probably be better for you in case those claws are infected.). You may find a traveling compainion in the way of a stray dog! Yes, you may be able to keep that dog you met as a pet.

If you own a Dojo (Whether it be family/clan or public), you can teach a class.

The system to teach will be quite simple and much like real life: Your dojo will have sparring dummies, an area for students to practice on each other, and an area up front with a “black board”. You, as the teacher, will be allowed to go up front and “Write” (Type) on the black board. This will obviously be shown to everyone, even if you leave, until you erase it. The best method to teach a class would be to explain everything in-depth through normal chat, and then of course: write out the basic flow of things onto the blackboard (Kick + punch + left + kick = flying round house). You can commence class, simply by stating “Start”; this, of course, relies on the maturity, respect, and intelligence of your audience/students.We realize the requirements of this kind of system, and your presence is purely optional, as there will be several pre-defined NPCs readily available for your use.


The list goes even further. Stealth will be a skill. Farming is actually profitable (Cow meat and leather are some of the two most important resources in the game). The crafting system is one I should have touched on at least, as it is so revolutionary, but ran out of room. Hunting has four skills: Tracking, Trapping, Skinning, and Gutting, all which will effect the quality of game and quantity of meat you get for your labor. The weather is a major factor- limiting mobility and sight-perfect for military operations. The clan system is ingenious as well. Player made items are as varied as Borderlands, and therefore, player made LIBRARIES exist to teach players to make a specific type of item (each book is WRITTEN by a player and checked by GMs).

And the list goes even further. The point is, Tatsumaki has all the makings of the new Sanbox MMO to play, as it is just so darn INNOVATIVE. I mean, Tatsuaki has DOJO's in which you can write on chalkboards. You can have a Dog! If you eat a bad mushroom, you get sick! If you dont excersize, you get weak! Talk about immersion! And despite what most people may say, that this game is too darn Hardcore for me, keep in mind the developers keep saying this: 

We will strive to make the game actually fun to play. Users will be presented with a world that will entice them to not only play to get a better character, or better items but rather because they simply enjoy playing. There will be so many opportunities available to you that you may never look at MMO games the same way again.

Sykoi wrote to the community the following: 

While I would like to release more information on what has been keeping us, I don't think it would be appropriate at the moment. We are planning to let everyone know what has happened, however given the circumstance, we feel it is best we wait for the massive update to release this information.

All in all, Tatsumaki has my attention. And I can't wait for that new massive update.

Tatsumaki's website is here: and the wiki with all the released features is here: .

*EDIT* All views presented are my own. I am not an employee of Eyes Out Entertainment.

Priston Tale 2: Coverage and false information.

Posted by otomage Wednesday March 18 2009 at 2:13PM
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From scanning the general forums of the major MMO sites, I found that most of the information on Priston Tale 2 is either misguided or just completely untrue. From faulty website links to a fundamental failure in news, I have found as a community member of the PT2 forums, and as a Gamer, that this game is simply not getting the coverage and attention it deserves.

Priston Tale 2 is one of the most inventive, well designed Free to Play I have seen, and is comparable to Lineage 2. Their group combat systems, from Group PvP, Clan Vs. Clan warfare, are very unique in their approach, which is again unique to F2PMMOs. Their graphics are also beyond what we normally see from F2P MMOs, again on par with L2. This game has the potential to go very far.

But the problem with this game is that all this is seemingly a waste, because the MMO community is not behind it. What started this was the misunderstanding the fans had with Key to Play, the European provider. After ending a Closed Beta where anyone could participate, K2P opened up an Open Beta.

Suddenly no one from a continent other then Europe could connect to the client. K2P directed everyone to SubaGames, the unknown publisher of the NA/SA Priston Tale 2. The GMs and Forum Moderators from SubaGames were constantly being asked when CB was… they couldn’t say… and people lost interest.

On-top of it all, many sites have the wrong HTTP address for Priston Tale 2 North America. So when anyone wants to check out this game, they must go to the EU provider through the wrong Hyperlink, be flamed for going to the wrong site, and head to the SubaGames forum. This process usually ends at the Flaming, because most people do not want to stick with a game that long; they want the instant gratification an F2P MMO brings.

But today, after a large portion of the community gave up (or never even arrived), SubaGames announces the North American Closed Beta in April 2009, complete with new races and classes. Now everyone who “stuck with it” is happy, but no one else knows about the North American Closed Beta. Why? Because the Gaming News had never announced it.

My problem is that this wonderful game, one of the greatest F2P MMO’s I have ever played, can’t get off the ground due to the failing of certain websites to provide accurate information of this great MMO. This game is under-hyped. It needs the substance that only a news source can give it. The failing of the MMO news networks to provide ample coverage and information could lead to the failing of this game.

I implore the News community to get the facts straight. This game deserves better coverage then it has been getting.

Priston tale 2 Closed Beta announced.

Posted by otomage Tuesday March 3 2009 at 1:17PM
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Today, we, the community od the Subagames Forums (SubaGames will/are handling the NA release of Priston tale II) have recieved news from our GMs that, during April 2009, the closed beta will be LAUNCHED.

Priston tale II is an F2P MMORPG that is on par with Lineage 2 in its graphics and gameplay. PvP warzones, Clan Verse Clan Wars over territory with Player built structures, and group PvP are big parts of PT2. PvE is also a huge part of the game, and the grind is not as tedious as many other MMORPGs.

As it is free, it's definately worth a look-see.

If you wish to be a part of the Beta, go to the forums, and participate positively in the forums.

A side note:

SubaGames will be handling the NA Release, and have a seperate site then Key 2 Play, the EU release company. There is an IP block on the K2P Open Beta and release. If you are in NA,SA, (and some other countries not able to play in the EU), you should go to SubaGames' site. is the site; forums are here: This is also a correction to the PT2 site, as they have the wrong information on PT2.

Glad to help out the community and with this information.


If anyone has any questions on PT2, feel free to PM me or ask on the MMORPG forums, or perferrably, join the community =).

WoW Players denied jobs due to their hobby-Is this job discrimation?

Posted by otomage Monday February 16 2009 at 10:19PM
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Now i'm sure most of us have read this story before.


A member on F13, a forum for game-related news, recounted a recent conversation with an Australian online media recruiter about his hobby of playing online games like World of Warcraft: “I happened to mention I’d spent way too much time in the early 2000s playing online game… He replied that employers specifically instruct him not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players cannot give 100 percent because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great, etc."


 This guy isn't allowed a job interview due to his hobby-WoW. To the MMO community, this sends a message-we are discouraged to "do" this hobby of ours- this "second job" as the artical went on to say, because it detracts focus and "limits" us for some reason.

However, i have something i'd like to bring up about this event.

Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Laws.


Discriminatory practices under the EEO laws (...)include:

Employment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance of individuals.


Well there you go.  A WoW player was denied a job based on a steryotype/assumption. Under the EEO laws this is illigal. So what does this mean for us?

As a community, we are being judged unfit for work. . When we apply for a job, our knowledge of leadership from being the Raid Leader, or a Clan Officer (and as many MMO players know, this is a legit credential) is being thrown out the door. The reasoning behind this is a completely steryotypical, and therefore unlawful. Why this person didn't sue is beyond me, but all in all the real fact stays- someone was denied their constitutional rights beacause they played an MMO.