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Luvinia Online Blog

Everything about Luvinia and more...

Author: OSK_Luvinia

Luvinia Blog: General FAQ

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday November 11 2011 at 2:44PM
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While the Luvinia forums are a great place to find out tons of helpful information, we have created this quick FAQ based on player questions and feedback.

Q: Does equipment disappear at zero durability?
A: Yes

Q: How can I repair my item’s durability?
A: You can repair your equipment at any merchant store.

Q: How does the bank lock work?
A: You can set up a special password to protect your belongings in your bank. Be careful though, the
passwords are case-sensitive!

Q: How can I level up my Class level?
A: You can earn experience by defeating monsters, finishing quests, and participating in daily events.

Q: How many characters can be created on one account?
A: Three characters may be stored on one account at a time.

Q: How do I get the Geneway Magic Box?
A: You will automatically receive the Magic Box at level 10, when you graduate Geneway college.

Q: How can I change my silver to gold?
A: Unfortunately, this feature is not available in game.

Q: What are the ways I can control my character in Luvinia?
A: WASD, directional keys, or point-and-click with the mouse.

Q: I love repeatable quests. How can I get them in Luvinia?
A: Simply purchase the quests from the Suppression Quest NPC in any major town.

Q: When can I start doing Captial Daily Quests?
A: Level 25.

Q: How can I learn professional skills (forging, crafting, etc.)?
A: Complete all the quests in Dawn Town and learn the skills from the Skill Tutor NPC.

Q: What are the benefits of a high level family?
A: Your max member limit increases, bonuses increase, and you can upload your own family badge.

Q: How can I make my items glow?
A: Equipment will glow after it has reached an enhancement of +3 and higher.

Q: Can I link to an item in chat?
A: Simply hold the shift key and click on an item to post the stats in chat.

Q: How do I obtain Planar Essence?

A: Planar Essence can be purchased in the item mall or through events.

Q: What is Army Currency for?
A: You can exchange it for rewards from the Kingdom Minister NPC.

Q: What is the highest enhancement level?
A: +20