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Author: Nytewolf2k7

Bad time to deposit money in RCEs

Posted by Nytewolf2k7 Monday February 16 2009 at 2:18PM
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With the world economy the way it is these days, It is an extremely bad time to deposit cash into any of these Real Cash Economy type games, or MMOCasinos as some seem to be styled, thus I highly recommend not depositing until all this economic uncertainty blows over. It may not blow over overnight, but it will happen over time.

In the same vein, I would not recommend to anyone not living in the US to consider the purchase of goods from the US online at this point in time, I would however recommend strengthening your local economy by buying locally ;)

However it is ultimately up to you what you do with your money, just think though about the money you could save by waiting though ;)

- Nytewolf

Quizzical writes:

If everyone only buys locally, that would on net hurt the local economy pretty much everywhere.  The existence of comparative advantages means that there are often great economic benefits to specialization and trade.

Mon Feb 16 2009 4:31PM Report
Sargoth writes:

?  Your saying to other people to not buy US products?  Because why?  Hell, half the products of the US are made outside of the US so your idea is kinda flawed there. 

Half the reason for the recessions around the world is because people are saving their money instead of spending, forcing many companines to lower their profit expectations and thus their stock prices. 

Your idea of not spending actually hurts economies worse, even with local spending. 

Mon Feb 16 2009 10:01PM Report
caemsg writes:

you will see he is suggesting people that DONT live in the US to start buying locally and supporting the local industry giving local industry more reason to enploy local people inturn strengtheining the local economy and if every local economy is strengthened then then that economy has enough strength to stard buying other goods from other sources inturn strengthining other economies

at the moment people are svaeing money because of the corporate greed steming from america buying locally means that the corporate greed from america is cut out how did the CEO's of the companies in trouble get such large proformance bonuses?

Tue Feb 17 2009 2:21AM Report writes:
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