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My Gaming experiences

My experiences in games, both online and offline as well as other things.

Author: Nytewolf2k7

Thinking of buying a console...

Posted by Nytewolf2k7 Sunday January 18 2009 at 2:17AM
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I've been thinking of buying a console for quite a while now, the problem is there are so few games that I actually like the look of, being an RPG and Platform nut... Is it worth it just buying a PS3 just for a game in a series I like (Final Fantasy XIII) that's coming out soon? Is it worth buying a Wii because I like Mario and Zelda games? Or should I get an XBox 360 for whatever RPG or platformer titles they have on there?

A key consideration in my purchase of a console are several things: The number and quality of the games, The price, How resistant the console is to bumps and hard knocks, The warrantee length, etc.

After narrowing down the options greatly, I have come to the conclusion that the XBox 360 is out, there's just no way I'm going to buy one, same for the PS3 at this point, even though there is a game I want on that system - the PS3 is too pricey (at least in my country) and the 360 too buggy.

I will get a Wii, Its cheap at least compared to the other consoles, there are a wider range of games that I might like on the platform, though there are still far too many cutesy games for my liking.

However, since I am currently saving for a car and driving lessons, it would be unwise to buy a new console at this time.

- Nytewolf

Quizzical writes:

 My advice is, if you're going to get a console, get one that can do something your PC can't, rather than just a gimpy computer to supplement your real computer.

Sun Jan 18 2009 2:27AM Report
Ciano writes:

Nintendo Wii is crap. Most of the games are meant for 6-10 year olds and then the gaming inept parts of the 35-45 crowd.  If your not going to get a 360 or a PS3 then I suggest a nintendo DS. It's much cheaper, mobile, and it has variations of most of the old RPG's people used to play. PSP is good too but it doesn't have a ton of RPG's. The PSP is pretty expensive though.

Sun Jan 18 2009 3:03AM Report
pileopoop writes:

Even a modded Wii with every game gets boring really fast because all the games suck.

I you want to play Fable 2 get a 360 if you dont get a PS3

Sun Jan 18 2009 3:33AM Report
dknight784 writes:

OK My Advice is a Nintendo Wii or PS3.


Ps3 - Has the Cell Processor which is of the most powerful processors. Used by the millitary, and Stanford University for reasearch. Gamewise , Yes it is worth games like FF13 (even though you can get it on both 360 n ps3) or Reisistance 2 or M.A.G (256 Players in one server..suck it PC) are the top reasons you get a ps3. Look up videos of the games you are looking for. You won't be dissapointed with the each console's exclusive content that you can missout with just a PC.

Nintendo Wii..OK alot of the games there are for "Kids" but its really intended for " families" as in "casual". Meaning anyone of any age can play, experience doesnt matter and all that. Wii does a few "hardcore" game titles coming out and some already out. Plus getting a wii might be better then sitting in a PC Chair all day..but most wii games dont require you to stand up unless its wii fit or something.


Anyways you won't be dissappointed with either console here. The reason I DON"T recommend a 360 is because it basically is a gaming computer with a controller. If you have a high-tec gaming PC then great. Your not missing out alot of 360..other then Halo 3 but thats going to computer eventually.

Sun Jan 18 2009 4:43AM Report
scotczech writes:

Dont bother I tried ps3 and wii, games on ps3 them are braindead shooters mostly.

The wii is well, like pacman gfx haha

Sun Jan 18 2009 4:45AM Report
Death1942 writes:

i got a PS3 to play games that my PC could not with decent graphics (there is no way i could run GTA IV with those kind of graphics smootly on my PC).  I have my PS3 sitting under my computer and (with that awesome wireless controller) i am able to play games while i download/grind/surf the web.

i have played an Xbox 360 and i can tell you that although it is a good machine, its not as powerful as the PS3 (but the Wii shows that power does not really compare to the fun factor). 


i would say grab whichever one you like most (based on game choice mostly).

Sun Jan 18 2009 5:16AM Report
Raiizen writes:

ps3 is the only way to go since 360 has all of there games that are actualy worth playing on pc eventualy and ps3 will always have its amazing final fantasy witch are the best games ever maded

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:05AM Report
Raiizen writes:

not to mention metal gear 4 a perfected game for the ps3

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:06AM Report
Nytewolf2k7 writes:

Now if only I could combine all 3, I'd have the perfect console for me, haha.

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:11AM Report
Narshe writes:

Since you're a fan of RPGs (like myself :), I would definetly recommend the Xbox 360 over the other consoles for now, unless you wanted a handheld. There's a good mix of western and eastern RPGs on the 360, and 2009 will bring in even more stock. I'm not sure why you would rule it out so quickly..

Tales of Vesperia, Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean 4, Fallout 3, Lost Odyssey, the Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery.. also, unless you plan on importing the japanese version of FFXIII, we won't be getting it until at least 2010 (and it'll also be on the 360).

Sun Jan 18 2009 7:15AM Report
sanders01 writes:

Have to say, Wii sucks ass, Ps3 i very nice if you can afford it, 360 is inbetween. Love my 360 tbh, wish I would of got a PS3 instead of my Wii though.

Sun Jan 18 2009 9:17AM Report
Razephon writes:

Wii if you have friends over frequently
Xbox 360 if your heavily into online play
PS3 for anything else :p

Sun Jan 18 2009 12:55PM Report
patrikd23 writes:

I love my PS3 and I am very satiesfied with it. The online play is fun and you surf free with it, which is not the case with the 360. And as someone said Wii is for the family and friends moments like +3 players and good at partys.

Sun Jan 18 2009 5:12PM Report
gexz7 writes:


Sun Jan 18 2009 9:58PM Report
Nikral writes:

I own Wii and PS3

Wii for multiplayer stuff when I have friends over.

Ps3 - For their exlcusives and PSN.

I didn't buy the Xbox 360 because it is pretty much a dumbed down PC. All their exclusive games aren't that great and usually just end up on the PC anyway.

Sun Jan 18 2009 10:00PM Report
toddze writes:

I own both Ps3 and 360. The dill is whats exclusive to 360 is really not exclusive to 360. There almost always a PC port eventually, to the good games. Unlike if its a PS3 exclusive, where it will only appear on the PS3. I even enjoy the blue-ray player the ps3 has to offer aswell.

SOE has announced that all future MMO's will be on PS3 too and some console exclusive MMO's from NCSoft.

Sun Jan 18 2009 10:16PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

360 or PS3.  Get 360 as this has the most rpgs out of the two, even JRPG exclusives.  And im having a blast with Fable 2.  Also the 360 is getting Final Fantasy 13 but not Final Fantasy versus 13.

Mon Jan 19 2009 1:50AM Report writes:
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