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An Ex Moderators Mind

My Blurbs on being a former GM and Mod

Author: nyawlaya

Corrupt Mod

Posted by nyawlaya Saturday June 28 2008 at 7:07AM
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Rue and Redkinoko

As my former team mates one being a old suitor. I DETEST on how low they can get when it comes to back stabbing and bending the rules of The Philippine Ragnarok Online Forum rules.


Redkinoko- the struggling cynical writer who doesn’t give a damn. Just becuase your fracking blog gets soo much hits but that doesnt reflect much on your low standard personality. Using you moderator status to give amnesty to your friends. Even though they break laws, say racists posts, insults mods and other people alike.

Rules of our forums that because children view the threads were are not allowed to allow any discussions that has foul language or other sexual innuendos. But I clearly remember how you critically as you labeled it put me down when I banned some of your friends posting a novels about (Sorry cant post the sentence here)

Yet you called me lame when I took up a job as speaking for ethics for kids in a gaming workshop. You think that what I do is senseless. Maybe the rumors are true about you about being a child hater.


You signed a damn contract to abide by the RB and LUG rules. Just because the new GM is giving you more leniency doesnt mean you have to treat people like crap.  And yes MY GRAMMAR SUCKS but geez it wont kill me or the whole nation if I am the way I am.

Cynics like you who treat people like trash. BLEHHH.  Calling my efforts to teach ethics to children lame. I pity your spawns to be. 

I forgot youre a heartless dweeb. You havent even showed any support or condolence when my mother died. Not a single sorry . Yet you uphold your friend who made gay and racists comments Such a character. Ohh yeah since when did you REALLY helped out being a moderator? You dont even damn pass a CTR – a report passed to managers.



RUE. Paul Tubal

My shunned lover. I found it weird if we do continue to have a relationship. I was way older than you too. You were Immature. You have a knack of making wrong decisions at the worst possible moments. Like pressuring me to do this and that the moment my mother died.  Like I said it would be weird dating a co-worker. Im 5 years your senior. I felt that I would be robbing you of a better chance to be with a better person rather than the fact I had issues to settle to. Like the fact my mother tragically died right in front of me.

Yet when it came to the time I really needed you, you turned the whole Mod team against me. YOU REFUSED to cooperate when one of our own co workers verbally abused me. You BLACKMAILED ME!!! Yes Ill use the word blackmail that you will reveal only to me the reason why they abuse me GIVEN you reveal to the whole community my own personal secrets?


Have you finally lowered your MORALS? After all the hours of preaching about self righteousness and team work you’d tell me? You turned your back to me


Beware readers of this blog


Being in gaming world is Cutthroat. Though you could gain good friends you will gain the worse enemies of all kinds as well.  Love the job but also watch your back

zymurgeist writes:


Sat Jun 28 2008 12:07PM Report
KillerEwok writes:

Whoa... really sucks to hear about what happened... Corrupt mods are terrible enough but when they start doing bad things IRL it just crosses the line =/

Sat Jun 28 2008 12:59PM Report
KorovaMB writes:

WTF?!?  I just think you're insane, and should seek help from a professional.

Sat Jun 28 2008 6:38PM Report
DingoBoi writes:

maybe he turned against you because you are a crazy witch?

Sun Jun 29 2008 12:05AM Report
nyawlaya writes:

I wanted toapologize about the MAJOR grammar issues I had in the first draft of this article.

@Korava. This has been an ongoing issues for 2 years and since my friend was the Leader of the Moderation team I kept my silence and even covered up for some of the things the mods did bad. ( like picking up their slack) yet when I reprimanded them for racists and sexists comments they really really oust you from the team. There is a dirty line of politics involved and though I love the company and the job I did, working with others who have no concern for fellow teammates what soever can reflect back negative issues as well.


Sun Jun 29 2008 3:45AM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

juicy gossip!


mmm mmmmmm mmm goodness!

Fri Dec 11 2009 8:59AM Report writes:
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