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This blog will be exactly like any other blog that deals with MMOs. Except it's written by me. And if that fact alone isn't enough to make you click thru, boy were you stung for the 5 bucks you paid to see this. Whaddya mean, no royalties?

Author: notquite

Drift City - Drifting Along On The Crest Of Free-To-Play

Posted by notquite Monday October 29 2007 at 3:55PM
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Been a while since I was here. Has anyone out there tried Drift City? It's published by ijji (who also put out Gunz: The Duel amongst others), and is basically an MMO Burnout ripoff with cel-shaded graphics and a bizarre Korean pop soundtrack. The car models are pretty fun, and completely thieved from real life. The names are cute - VW Beetles are now Dragonfly, Mini are renamed cleverly to Maxi, and that all-American creation the Hummer gets the new moniker of Tyrant. Nice. Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge actually have licenced names in the game, which I suppose is something different from opening an island in Second Life. Me? I'm driving around in an MMT1 at the moment, aka the original Smart car! Drift City's got it's drawbacks - perhaps a little too simplistic, lag hits when swapping from map to map (just wait a sec before taking those timed missions on, let the map load!), and a collection of players in chat that makes Barrens chat look, well, tame really. But for all that, the multiplayer racing is fun and balanced, the lure of trying to get an extremely long chain of combo points going is quite strong - and that bloody soundtrack will stick in your head whether you like it or not. I haven't even tried partying yet, but I suspect some Dukes of Hazzard style shenanigans would ensue ;)
soulwynd writes:

I thought about giving that game a try... But I'd rather drift irl, just not as often as I'd like, I either have to check in a couple thousand for a set of tires or deal with the horrible noise of old tires. If all fails, GT4 is kinna close enough to reality to be enjoyable. The thing that kept me from drift city was the arcadeish physics I saw on youtube gameplay movies.

Tue Oct 30 2007 9:08AM Report
notquite writes: Yup, that's what I meant by simplistic... real-world physics this ain't. My main complaint is the rolling ramps which can stop you dead if you don't hit them just right. Also, traffic in races is a pain, but you can at least determine the amount of traffic you'll face. Tue Oct 30 2007 6:24PM Report writes:
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