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Gaming experience?

I wanted to do a blog on my gaming experience sense so many blog about what ever game is out now I thought doing one on my experience would be better. I think most games get over looked on here and would like to get my thoughts out on them.

Author: nolic1

MMO's what the future might bring a look into the speculation of EQ:N.

Posted by nolic1 Tuesday August 13 2013 at 6:42PM
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So been reading alot of speculation here about what EQ:N might be but sense no one knows I will give you an idea of what I see weather I am right or not we will see.

What we might see is change and for the good yes sure or for the bad sure ok yes to this as well but we just don't know yet cause we have little news but enough to get the understanding. In this blog I will not go into the graphics because everyone has there own thoughts on it I myself like them and no I will not explain why don't need to. I will talk trinity stuff and casual stuff and sorry casual does not mean easy mode will get to that later. I will also talk about life of consequences and what that might be to get a better understanding of it. And I will touch on other things we heard about and what those can mean as well.

So lets destroy the world shall we. OH MY GOD thats so stupid what this going to do for me. Well it can do alot of things you can dig into hell its self I guess but there are only so many layers so what's down there we don't know its yet to be explored so yeah it also changes based on many things like an earthquake can change the underground Orc's mining dwarves mining and so on can change the underworld to me this is great makes the world not just alive but opens up lot's of replayability  in the world as well and makes areas useful unlike 90% of mmo's out today. But what about citys can they be destroyed sure they can if the game allows it I am sure you have to have some rules but does not mean the dev's can't take a city down to it's knees when they want again opens the world up to replayability. So this can happen to the whole game world so things can be different to those old and new so we always have story's to share with those around us.

Now onto emergent AI what's that you have no idea what this means I dont either but I have a general idea of what it means like most. It means reactive thinking yep thats right AI that reacts to the players and not in the forum of you tank you taunt me ok we fight but more along the lines of ok I am a warrior in a group with a mage and cleric we see a small camp of lizardmen how we going to take them out they seem to be almost the same set up but is there cleric going to run away or fight not sure lets try this I as the warrior will go in and get there attention while the mage cast a hold on there cleric so he cant heal the cleric can come and attack from behind and kill there mage while I take out there healer well it starts to work but there mage cast a remove hold spell and now there cleric is free and he charges the mage while there mage pulls out a horn before the cleric reach's them and calls for help another horn in the distant goes off and you see 5 more moving in on your location what do you do. Thats reactive not just tank and spank so now they think about how you would do it a return the favor if you will. But this is one of the many ways Emergent AI can work but it means the mobs got smart and you have to use new tactics to fight the reason and tank, healer, dps wont work is they can always call for help or they will run as well as many other options to what degree will depend on how far AI has come but I know from being a console gamer some AI is insane.

So now we also have a life of consequence also what's with this concept it sounds strange how can I have this in a game. Well its a choices thing as Einstein said with out action there is no reaction so the choices you make in game will have good and bad consequences based on the choices you make much as in life. You rob a merchant he see you and reports it now your wanted by that town well who says a game can't do just because you have not seen this in a game. Well I have on the consoles forget the name but I enjoyed it even though it had a major set path it still had things that changed how others reacted to you. See if in todays tech they can do some of the things they do a game can most likely do it to or close to it. I have seen new games coming out where the enemy will turn there lights out so they can sneak up on you in games like Ghost Recon or even in Skyrim I seen this happen. 

So now down to the meat of what I said above heres a link to casual and its meaning

So casual does not mean easy mode and in mmo's terms it does not even fit the true term it means to play within your comfort zone. What does that mean to feel casual like a being in casual cloths they don't fit perfect but they feel comfortable. Sorry does not mean us casual players are into easy mode games we just play the way we feel comfortable and players made it into easy mode because we don't like to raid or do hard core stuff and thats a lie we do its just that we don't like being forced to play by every one else's standards and thats the truth. In old EQ you didn't just make a character you played one that felt right to your play style me I like the old EQ bard why we where the jack of all trade and yes they where because we could off tank or help with healing and we did CC we where known as a support class but we had more then one role now jump to today a bard is nothing more then DPS. We used to  have branches we could move up into to make our character ours but nope players didn't want that they wanted the DPS person instead you want to know why so many companies want to move away from the trinity there's no diversity in todays games Why even call a warrior a warrior there not there a tank a cleric in not a cleric there a healer you cant be a battle cleric or else no one will play with you cause you can't heal that well fine ok but you take away so much and your left with what we have.

So thats that but where not done why did you bring up casual players and the trinity to explain something that are the most heated topics and why change is needed and no its not just when my healer friend is not on we can't raid type thing but sort of is. So lets go easy mode casual shall we a casual have been saying for a long time get rid of candyland give us D&D pen and paper and what do I mean by that candyland has only one way to progress the story or character growth where in pen and paper we had really no limits to how a story could turn out cause you had the players deciding the out come of the story and their own progression. So now we can play candyland but its not the same as D&D there both games yes but one limits you really bad to where the other allows more choices or options to get to that point.

Now lets put this into MMO's EQ original PEN and PAPER gave players choice in growth not just vertical but horizontal now look at WoW and many others that followed vertical only so it became a rush to get end game because the rest was really not needed it became follow the candyland trail and not make the whole game a world of change and differences like games such as GW2 which yeah it didn't quite get it right but its close. They toned down how hard it was in beta to fit the needs of the many but it has other flaws such as the hearts and the zerg as you call it but your not limited on what type of character you want to be just by class choice. You can heal you can dps but you can also do alot of other things a warrior can tank if they want with stuns and knock downs to control the fight a thief can DPS with bleeds and poison or they can be CC by using traps and such  they did this to give players diversity but the players made it DPS only not all but alot have. I don't play all DPS on my 8 characters they can be what ever I want them to be when I need it.

Point here is we all have our comfort zones that fit our play styles and EQ:N might not fit your needs to the extent you want but if you as a player can get past the labeling of Tank, Healer, and DPS and think of it as this is your character and how you play them is what you want and not have it made to the liking you don't does not mean you can't you just have to find to setup you are comfortable with. In GW2 my main a Mesmer he can control a fight or do dps or even support its up to me to decide his role in the fight not someone else's so in a dungeon yeah I switch roles on the fly to fit the need of my group through those things is it a perfect concept no but it works and it works really well. But how about raids we got world bosses like dragons that take an army to bring down trust me tried taking out the shatter with 13 people we failed bad till other showed up and yeah you can say we zerged it and it was chaos but why is it that way cause you can not control a fight of that size even in WvW because of diversity you have that chaos but you can play still and work as a team. Players say you need to group to make a community HAHAHA I am about to pee myself how did you get groups in EQ through helping others but with out reward now you get the reward of just feeling good about helping plus drop reward and EXP but now you can meet those with like mindedness and still have the group makeup you like just not the role make up.

So why bring GW2 into this take what GW2 has done and change and add more to it like a truely ever changing world and not one with a major vertical progression but more horizontal progression add in the fact we know our choices change how others see us and then the fact we can build our character to our liking to fit the need of the group no longer is my bard just dps or cc but he can become everything but not a master of all with a little chaos for the fun factor cause with a open ended game there will be chaos but we as players have to set the standards of the world based on our actions. So there you go I explained as much as I can for now maybe I will come back after more news is revealed and say some things different maybe not but I can say this just speculating on what can come from this is going to be way different then what we have had in the past and I say bring it on. writes:
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