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Gaming experience?

I wanted to do a blog on my gaming experience sense so many blog about what ever game is out now I thought doing one on my experience would be better. I think most games get over looked on here and would like to get my thoughts out on them.

Author: nolic1

Gaming experience?

Posted by nolic1 Tuesday May 8 2012 at 2:49PM
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Well today after reading so many posts about all the new games I figured it was time to do some flash back posting but instead of opening tons of new threads I decided to just post my thoughts in a blog. So first off a little about my gaming history. Hmm where do I start, well I have been a gamer for 30 years or more sense I was 5 I have been gaming on pc and console. My first real mmo though I was in my 20's and it was "The Realm" yeah go figure a game like Kings quest that was multi player and I loved it all the stuff you could do like create custom gear adventure what ever I loved it. Then I hear about a game called UO OMG I thought I died when I played it, it was so much fun also playing Diablo 1 at the time. 

So as time moves on and other titles come out I fall in love with this new genre of gaming called Massive multi player online games or MMO's for short sense then I have played every mmo almost to date from UO in 97 to Tera in 2012 for p2p and from Rubies of Eventide in 2003 to C9 2012 for F2P. Yeah where do I get the time well back in 99 I got married and my wife latter wided up having alot of medical problems so I am a stay at home dad who works from home for the last 3 years. Well in this time I have played thousands of games from F2P to P2P and alot I like others not so much so here I will go on to tell my storys of my mmo experiences not just the bad but the good to and I will try to make it painless to not cause a ton of hate. 

So my gaming started when I was 5 playing arcade and atari yeah it was so much fun back then the only thing we tried to win was score most of the time. Then came Adventure games like Adventure and Pitfall and games went on to become better and funner. MMO's changed the sene and made the worlds grade because no more where you playing alone but in giant groups fighting dragons and giants and allkinds of other things. This made go god I remember in D&D doing this and using my imagination to see it all now I am seeing in a online game this is awsome. As time went on online games became more and more. But I didn't break out of the pen and paper mindset and started saying wheres the adventure wheres the excitment I had in the beginning and now I sit here writeing this well typing wondering where it went. Yeah I played alot of games but most you can play and in an hour or so you see the game being the same as another but then you keep going and see some new things here and there but nothing grand.

So this blog is to tell you about the experiences I have had in mmo's if you want to here about certain ones ask if you want to just here my thoughts on a game ask. Well just ask and I will try to anserw them cant't promise I will but will try.

Now to the first game thats going wild fire here and no its not GW2 its Tera. So to start I will tell my time in beta and if you hate on my opinion thats your choice. But I started by trying out the differant classes sense in closed beta even open beta its not really about bugging or what not more of a minor stress test so to speak. To me Tera had great graphics and the game play/combat was good but not great. The quests well not much to say there they where mostly go kill x return go collect y return. But the nice touch is your not running across a whole map to do it they where all close by for the most part. The main story quest was a little more and could of been something more in my opinion. The BIG A$$ MONSTER / BAM's where fun but not that fun they all where different to there attacks and such but still to me just another world boss type thing fun ok but not great fun. I remember fighting one with one other and took us awhile to kill it then then next we had a third member and made it faster to kill but still not some major thing to me. The dungeons where cool one time through but where very strait pathed not real exploration in them just follow it to the end fight boss. But was still kinda fun some ok drops as well.

One of the things I didnt like was I felt I was playing a F2P game with how modding worked on gear and the things you equiped that added a bonus to your toon sigels or something. Made me think of Forsaken world or Rosh online or any of the other 500+ Asian mmo's. The combat at first is fun you get all into it like a FPS game but after a while if your an FPS player you feel like your using FPS combat with hot keys all fine but after a bit I forgot I was playing an action mmo and more like playing DDO except more range of skills. So in all I had some fun but after a while I just went ok had fun thanks. Did I buy it yeah I did not because I hate it but because its a fun knock around game to kill time. I dont think its a game I will sit and play hrs on end like a few other games I do play now like DCUO or Fallen Earth or even Vindictus those I can play for a little longer periods cause they have something that holds me.

Not sure what that is but they do. Now I might not be like all the other players here but If something does not hold my attintion for more then an hr or more at a time it becomes a knock around game one Play on and off from time to time. All the others I mentioned at not my main game cause pen and paper games are it. So Tera to me is a 5 of 10 not because it has bad graphics or game play but because it does not hold my intrest and thats it. Overall I hope all those playing it enjoy the game.