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Webzen -> New Archlord Publisher

Codemasters failed to support Archlord, a great game that can become the king of Free2Play games. But a new hope is here!

Author: nogarduv

A New Hope

Posted by nogarduv Tuesday July 28 2009 at 4:26AM
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How it all started.

I started to play Archlord of Codemasters in October 2007. I have been playing other MMO's previously but I got bored and I was playing Counterstrike at that time. Even that got bored so I was looking on for a new adventure. There I saw Archlord. I have checked some youtube videos and then I have downloaded the game.
At start I was surprised about the graphics and really happy because finally I see a f2p game without the cartoonish/childish graphics. I mean, an orc really looks like a badass orc and the mooonelves looks cute.
For more info I would refer to:

Then after 1 or 2 months playing the first failure in support occurred and many people are complaining. As most of the players at that time, I also bought in game credit (chantra credit = cc) with real life money. With this credit you can buy cool stuff in the chantra shop to get extra experience or extra drop rate and many other. After a maintenance of the server we players suddenly are losing CC items and pre-order items. Especially losing pre-order items are a pain as you can not get it anywhere in-game. After Codemasters has fixed the problem some players got reimbursed but most players not.
After this we have experienced many small and big bugs which shows the incompetence of Codemasters' support for this game. Instead of solving the bugs and glitches we got episode 4 with even more and worse bugs/glitches.
But since these problems are not fixed, players started a ban war vs each other. Making screenshot and videos, sending tickets and reporting to CM. Gamemaster are said to be corrupted, 1 GM even got caught. And most times you don't see any GM in-game! This game is advertised to be a pvp game but players are getting banned for PK-ing.
And more then a week ago a dupe method has been made public and all noobs are running around with uber stuff or have unlimited gold. No words from CM on their official forums.

We as players have been posting on their official forums about all kind of bug/glitches and we even have posted the way to solve these bugs and glitches. People have risk a ban to give them method how to dupe and hack but CM doesn't do any sh!t about this.

I have tried many times to quit this game but I came back even if the support is poor (to say the least). This game deserve to be 1 of the top f2p games but because of CM lack of support it is dying, especially after the dupe method has been made public.
And just as I was about to give up this game there is new hope in the shape of Webzen, a new publisher!. Check out their website

Close beta is starting in a couple of days so maybe you can still get your beta keys for Archlord; Arch Battle of the World!