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In wait for Darkfall Online

I am looking forward to DFO, so yes I am seeing things a bit rosy. I love FPS combat I love PvP I hate levels I do recognize that not all people chare my preferences -“Full-loot is what keeps you safe” And you can quote me on that

Author: nileq

Darkfall 19/10/2008

Posted by nileq Friday September 26 2008 at 4:27AM
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No no.. the title does not say nither "Launch" nor "Beta"

With that said, could this be the date that Aventurine launches beta?

Lets examin the circumstantial evidence:


Exhibit A: (Source)
A statement from Tasos, the almighty spokesperson for Darkfall Online:
“There's also an announcement out about an ESWC international event we're organizing in Athens in October. We're partners with the ESWC and we've been promoting e-sports and hosting events in Greece for a few years. There will also be other tournaments, like the ESL Pro Series, a lot of gaming, and a Greek game developer conference. All this is happening during the Athens Digital Week. We're using this opportunity to host a Darkfall event and it's the reason we're taking the time to arrange all this. Details on this event will be posted when they become available.”

Exhibit B: (Source)
On the official site of the Athens digital week you can find this PDF detailing what will happen during the week. On page 10 we find the following: “Official precentation and launch of PC Game Dark Fall, by Greek Developers.


The prosecution closing arguments will be;
Since Aventurine is co-hosting this event, they must be able to control what is being written in the events calendar. And if that is the case then the word Launch must be deliberately chosen to describe this event, hence it must mean either that the:
-launch date will be revealed
-launch date for beta will be revealed
-Beta is launched
-the game is launched

Now the defense closing arguments will be;
Let’s have a closer look at exhibit B shall we? If you look closely you will see that the name is written “Dark Fall”, this is metal band, not an MMORPG. If Aventurine has as the prosecution argues “control” over what is written in the event’s calendar, then surely the name of the game should have been spelled correctly?
If that does not convince you have a look at exhibit B again, directly in connection with the text we just discussed (“Dark Fall”) you will notice another anomaly “, by Greek developers”.
It appears as if the writers of the events calendar do not even know who has developed the game. Again if Aventurine had control over what was written it would simply have stated “by Aventurine.”
In light of this the defense argues that this is just an unfortunate misquote.

-The jury is still out on this one.


downtoearth writes:

does it even matter Oo

Fri Sep 26 2008 5:25AM Report
nileq writes:

Nah not really, but I had fun writing the blog ;-)

Fri Sep 26 2008 5:36AM Report
nileq writes:

gan3f you are a troll, and thankfully in my blog, I have the power.

Fri Sep 26 2008 6:24AM Report
Burnthebed writes:

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

OJ did it!

Fri Sep 26 2008 9:04AM Report
gan3f writes:

lol far from troll stating my personal opinion in one word. just look at my post history if you think iam a troll...

Fri Sep 26 2008 1:00PM Report
Archanthus writes:

Well, I'm optimistc. Only time will tell, unfortunately.

Fri Sep 26 2008 4:09PM Report
ZtyX2 writes:

Tasos stated the information on that website was inaccurate. Launch is not 19/10.

Sat Sep 27 2008 5:37AM Report writes:
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