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In wait for Darkfall Online

I am looking forward to DFO, so yes I am seeing things a bit rosy. I love FPS combat I love PvP I hate levels I do recognize that not all people chare my preferences -“Full-loot is what keeps you safe” And you can quote me on that

Author: nileq

Funcom, a lesson in -

Posted by nileq Thursday September 25 2008 at 7:53AM
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See the original story here


Producer and Game Director Gaute Godager has resigned his role at the helm of the company’s flagship title, Age of Conan.
- Can’t be good right? Game Director jumping ship when AoC really needs to attract more subscribers.

The good news;
“Gaute has done a great job on Age of Conan, and he has really poured a lot of passion into this. After almost 20 years in the gaming industry he is naturally eager to explore new opportunities -Erling Ellingson
- Gaute Godager states in his own interview that he has worked for Funcom for 16 years, hardly (“almost 20 years”) kind of saying “world’s best content above level 20” and meaning “SOME content above level 20”

The bad news;
“I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with”.
-Giving the reason “we could have made a better game” as the reason for quitting, uh-oh..

The good news;
Godager’s replacement, 32 year old Craig Morrison.
Funcom Anarchy online 2004-now
Journalistic background
Associate Editor for IGN’s Vault network

The bad news;
“He has extensive experience in managing various sized teams and complex projects across large media based environments. He has also played, written about, managed, produced and directed MMO games for over a decade by now.”
-A decade? He is 32, shouldn’t he been attending school a decade ago? They hired the youngest they had to replace the Game Director for their flagship (no one else wanted the job?)

The good news;
“Taking on the position as Producer and Game Director on Age of Conan is a great challenge but also one I welcome. I have a clear conviction I can lead the further development in a good way, evolving Age of Conan into something even better.”

The bad news;
-The new guy also thought the product needs to be “something better”

The good news;
“He has shown a unique ability to tailor development according to the needs and requirements of the players.”
-Finally someone that will actually see that there are content in the game? Since that is what most players require?

The bad news;
Well nothing bad with that..

The good news;
“At heart I will always be a gamer, and the coming changes and additions to Conan will always be done with the gamers in mind. Together I am certain we will shape an amazing future for Age of Conan.” – Craig Morrison

-Great a gamer that makes games.

The bad news:
-Craig Morrison, with your carrier (since your early twenties) how have you found the time to be a “gamer”? or is that just a way to win the gaming communities approval?


Vexe writes:

You're kinda twisting things, dude. A lot of people in the gaming industry didn't go to college cause they couldn't afford it.  A decade ago hje would have been 22. Just getting out of college or maybe already out, depending on if he was young for his age. That's all I have time to comment on.

Thu Sep 25 2008 8:15AM Report
nileq writes:

Read it with a sprinkle of humor Vexe.

Thu Sep 25 2008 8:26AM Report
Vexe writes:

oh, no, I giggled a few times. Don't worry. :P

Thu Sep 25 2008 11:25AM Report
Soupgoblin writes:

The best giggle I got was from Vexe's comment :

"depending on if he was young for his age"

Thu Sep 25 2008 2:55PM Report writes:
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