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In wait for Darkfall Online

I am looking forward to DFO, so yes I am seeing things a bit rosy. I love FPS combat I love PvP I hate levels I do recognize that not all people chare my preferences -“Full-loot is what keeps you safe” And you can quote me on that

Author: nileq

Darkfall 19/10/2008

Posted by nileq Friday September 26 2008 at 3:27AM
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No no.. the title does not say nither "Launch" nor "Beta"

With that said, could this be the date that Aventurine launches beta?

Lets examin the circumstantial evidence:


Exhibit A: (Source)
A statement from Tasos, the almighty spokesperson for Darkfall Online:
“There's also an announcement out about an ESWC international event we're organizing in Athens in October. We're partners with the ESWC and we've been promoting e-sports and hosting events in Greece for a few years. There will also be other tournaments, like the ESL Pro Series, a lot of gaming, and a Greek game developer conference. All this is happening during the Athens Digital Week. We're using this opportunity to host a Darkfall event and it's the reason we're taking the time to arrange all this. Details on this event will be posted when they become available.”

Exhibit B: (Source)
On the official site of the Athens digital week you can find this PDF detailing what will happen during the week. On page 10 we find the following: “Official precentation and launch of PC Game Dark Fall, by Greek Developers.


The prosecution closing arguments will be;
Since Aventurine is co-hosting this event, they must be able to control what is being written in the events calendar. And if that is the case then the word Launch must be deliberately chosen to describe this event, hence it must mean either that the:
-launch date will be revealed
-launch date for beta will be revealed
-Beta is launched
-the game is launched

Now the defense closing arguments will be;
Let’s have a closer look at exhibit B shall we? If you look closely you will see that the name is written “Dark Fall”, this is metal band, not an MMORPG. If Aventurine has as the prosecution argues “control” over what is written in the event’s calendar, then surely the name of the game should have been spelled correctly?
If that does not convince you have a look at exhibit B again, directly in connection with the text we just discussed (“Dark Fall”) you will notice another anomaly “, by Greek developers”.
It appears as if the writers of the events calendar do not even know who has developed the game. Again if Aventurine had control over what was written it would simply have stated “by Aventurine.”
In light of this the defense argues that this is just an unfortunate misquote.

-The jury is still out on this one.


Funcom, a lesson in -

Posted by nileq Thursday September 25 2008 at 6:53AM
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See the original story here


Producer and Game Director Gaute Godager has resigned his role at the helm of the company’s flagship title, Age of Conan.
- Can’t be good right? Game Director jumping ship when AoC really needs to attract more subscribers.

The good news;
“Gaute has done a great job on Age of Conan, and he has really poured a lot of passion into this. After almost 20 years in the gaming industry he is naturally eager to explore new opportunities -Erling Ellingson
- Gaute Godager states in his own interview that he has worked for Funcom for 16 years, hardly (“almost 20 years”) kind of saying “world’s best content above level 20” and meaning “SOME content above level 20”

The bad news;
“I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with”.
-Giving the reason “we could have made a better game” as the reason for quitting, uh-oh..

The good news;
Godager’s replacement, 32 year old Craig Morrison.
Funcom Anarchy online 2004-now
Journalistic background
Associate Editor for IGN’s Vault network

The bad news;
“He has extensive experience in managing various sized teams and complex projects across large media based environments. He has also played, written about, managed, produced and directed MMO games for over a decade by now.”
-A decade? He is 32, shouldn’t he been attending school a decade ago? They hired the youngest they had to replace the Game Director for their flagship (no one else wanted the job?)

The good news;
“Taking on the position as Producer and Game Director on Age of Conan is a great challenge but also one I welcome. I have a clear conviction I can lead the further development in a good way, evolving Age of Conan into something even better.”

The bad news;
-The new guy also thought the product needs to be “something better”

The good news;
“He has shown a unique ability to tailor development according to the needs and requirements of the players.”
-Finally someone that will actually see that there are content in the game? Since that is what most players require?

The bad news;
Well nothing bad with that..

The good news;
“At heart I will always be a gamer, and the coming changes and additions to Conan will always be done with the gamers in mind. Together I am certain we will shape an amazing future for Age of Conan.” – Craig Morrison

-Great a gamer that makes games.

The bad news:
-Craig Morrison, with your carrier (since your early twenties) how have you found the time to be a “gamer”? or is that just a way to win the gaming communities approval?


Darkfall at a glance

Posted by nileq Monday September 22 2008 at 6:38AM
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What I am trying to do, is to give the curious a “fast track” to DFO, a summary if you wish. I do however have a disclaimer;
The crew at Aventurine (developer) is not abundant, and therefore they are lacking somewhat in the information department, so some information in this blog could later be proven wrong, having said that, I believe most of the information in this blog to be accurate.

As is Forumfall's custom, a tl;dr version is at the bottom of this post.

The official forums
For the curios I would like to give a word of caution, forumfall (the official Darkfall forum) is a quite a vicious place. While a good post will be respected, it is an absolute must that you cover all your bases or it will be ripped apart. If you do venture over there, and don’t want to be [To] flamed, there is a Newcomer’s section (opened up at the time of announcing Beta). I would highly recommend you start posting there, and then when you feel ready for it move on to the advanced section.

On with the show: Wall of text, incoming!

Darkfall is about to head into open beta, and a flood of gamers is just now having their first look at the game. It has been in development since 2001 however the project was restarted when Aventurine took over development. All in all the current build has been in development of about 5 years.

What is Darkfall then? Well the main features include;
Full loot
Skill based
City Building
Empire building
Guild warfare
City Siegeing

Attack anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some people will find this a daunting, but I would beg to differ, have a look at my earlier blog-entry about FFA/PVP (and full loot)

Full loot
If someone dies (perhaps by your doing) you can loot ALL his things. There will be no “Soul bound” there will be no insurance. You will lose your gear, this might also seem as a very daunting proposition, but again I would beg to differ, and again I will refer you to my previous blog entry
When you kill a monster, you will loot what it was wearing, you will not kill a horse and loot a “two-hand-sword-of-doom”.

First Person Shooter, in Darkfall there will be no point and click attacks. You will not eat a sandwich while fighting for control over a city or fighting in a dungeon. You will have to aim your attacks, both ranged-combat and melee-combat. Although as you play Darkfall your skills increase and you will be able to make greater damage, the FPS combat will ensure that you, as the player behind the character, will make a difference.

Skill based
In Darkfall there will be no levels, there will be no classes (however Prestige classes may be introduced later, but they are not to be confused with “regular” classes).
You will pick up the skills you fancy, and by using them you will get better and better with those skills. When you get bored with one set of skills, you drop them and pick up another.
You will not have a “crafter alt” since there will be only ONE character per server allowed. This will ensure that crafters will actually be in high demand, you will not be able to spy on your enemies and you will be held accountable for your actions.
It is stated that the skill-difference between a new character and a veteran character will not be greater than that 3-5 new characters will be able to bring down a veteran character.

City building
In Darkfall there are areas where you can build your city, now there will not be enough such places to go around (this is what will drive the economy). To my knowledge it has been stated that there will be 44 such places at launch. Each city will be controlled by a guild, that guild will have to defend their city.

Empire building
If a guild is powerful enough it will be able to control more than one city at a time, and creating an “empire”.

Guild Warfare
The economy in Darkfall will be driven by the guilds wagering war on each other. To successfully “take” another guild’s city you will need siege-engines such as warhulks, and boats. These will probably be both difficult, and expensive to create.
To prevent 4: am sieges the defending guild will be able to pick the time (within a timeframe) when the protection around their city will disappear, enabling an attack.

Other features
10.000 simultaneous players/server
No instancing
Single Character Server
Collision detection/Friendly fire
Item Decay

10.000 simultaneous players/server
Each “darkfall world” (i.e. server) will be able to support 10.000 simultaneous players, that will probably mean around 50-60 thousand accounts.

No instancing
The world of Agon will be free of instancing, you will be able to travel from one end of Agon to the other without any loading-screen. However Yellowbeard’s (fan visiting the developing studio) write-up does suggest that there will be a loading screen when entering dungeons, but there will only be one instance of that dungeon.

Single Character Server
You will only be able to create one character per server; hence you cannot create any alts.
No crafter alts
no evil-alts
no spy-alts
This will ensure that crafters will be sought after by any guild
This will ensure that the guy that just killed you, won’t just log-out his evil char and log on with his “good” char.
This will make you accountable for what you do.

Collision detection/Friendly fire
You will not be able to run through another character, which is quite common in today’s mmo’s. You will be able to “push” other characters out of the way, though. This will make formations valid in war; you will have to use some heavy armored personnel to protect your less protected casters and such.
Friendly fire will also make the use of AOE’s a bit precarious; both damage AOE’s and healing AOE’s. If you stand at the side of your friend swinging his great two-hand sword, he might as well chop your head off as the enemies head. If an enemy runs in close when you are healing your group, he too will receive your blessings.

With full loot comes the question about the items looted. Well items like weapons, armor and the like, will not be a chore to attain in Darkfall. Likewise will there not be any items that you grind for 2 weeks to get. The items stats will not be what makes or breaks you in a fight, they will merely constitute a small bonus, or edge.

Item Decay
All items will decay, you will be able to repair them a number of times, but then they will fall apart, and you will have to secure new.

The servers will support large scale battles, with 100 v 100 players participating.

It has been stated by the developers that it will take approximately 8 IRL hours to travel from one end of Agon to the other.

In DF, you have an alignment bar that goes from -100 to +100, from evil to good so to speak.
Every player starts neutral and can improve his reputation by killing enemy player and completing quests. Players of your own race or allied races that have fallen to an evil reputation are also fair game. Your reputation falls when you kill allied players and also when you use certain skills or spells, such as necromancy.

The effect of a good reputation is simple: more quests are available to you, and you are allowed in all NPC controlled villages of your race/a race friendly to you.
You can also use bindstones.
When your alignment is evil, you are KoS for all NPC guards, can't access most quests and can't use bindstones anymore, only chaos stones

Now, the thing is, you are always seen as evil by all enemy races. You can't change this, even if your alignment is +100.
You're always seen as one step worse by races that merely respect you (are neutral with you).
When a race is allied with you, he sees your reputation exactly like it is.

There are six races in this Agon, the Humans of Mercia, the Mirdain(=elves) of Mirendil, dwarves of Nvergheim, the Mahirim(=wolf people) of the Tribelands, the Orks of Morak and the Alfar of Nagast.

As you can see on this map, they're setup around a central, neutral point and the world is obviously built up around PvP.

It would be easy to say –“ok, six races three good, three bad”, this is however untrue.
While humans, mirdain and dwarves appear like the "good guys" easily to us, while alfar, orks and mahirim look "evil" because they've been stereotyped as such in the past, it's more subtle than that.

There are three states of racial allegiance in Darkfall.
Allied, respected (neutral) or hostile.

The racial standing are:
Humans: allied with Dwarves and Mirdain. Hostile with all others.
Dwarves: Allied with Humans, neutral with elves, hostile with all others.
Mirdain: allied with humans, neutrla with dwarves, hostile to all others.
Orks: neutral/allied with mahirim(it's a bit unclear), hostile to all others
Mahirim: neutral/allied with Orks, hostile to all others
Alfar: Hostile to all others.

Now, as you can see, the racial alliance is not "balanced" as you see in any other game.
This is not a problem, as DF functions on a guild level, rather than a racial level.

It is -perfectly- possible to have a clan with, for example, Alfar and Humans, even if they are normally enemies.
The tricky part is that, when you are a human, and another human attacks your alfar clan mate, you will get a bad reputation for helping your alfar clanmate by attacking a fellow human (except if the human in question was evil). Thus clans that break the racial bonds need to consider their reputation, if they don't want to be banned from major trading hubs.


Some must see videos:

Darkfall is coming, old version, outdated graphics, but nice.

The Darkfall 17 minutes gameplay trailer. Graphis are set to low-medium levels and have suffered a -lot- in the process of making the footage.
"We've said this before, and for what it's worth... Darkfall in-game graphics look considerably better than the screenshots and much better than the video. We're also not using a screenshot setting, you're looking at the setting we play on. We just happen to lose a lot in the image and video capture and compression."

If you think 17 minutes is too long, then have a look at this
pumped up Ramstein version (I rather like it)

TL;DR: Darkfall is awesome, soon to be released.

Some of the information in this blog, was provided by Unahim of the Darkfall Community.

/nileq- gloomis on forumfall

"Full loot" in Darkfall Online should not scare you

Posted by nileq Thursday September 11 2008 at 7:29AM
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This write-up is about why you should not afraid of full loot and rampart ganking, particularly how game mechanics in Darkfall prevents this from going overboard.

Why you won’t be ganked, by your own race, at every turn.

Through a simple system of Alignment, most “own-racial-PK’rs” will be held in check. I say most because there will always be a few that will be doing it just to spite.
It simply works like this –if you attack a member of your own race, your alignment takes a hit (decreases). When it has decreased enough you will become an outcast of your own race. This is said to mean that NPC-guards will kill you on sight; your own race is free to kill you with an alignment increase (not decrease) as a result.
In fact the only city you could enter is Silvertown (neutral), which is supposed to allow anyone (pirate stronghold) to enter. You will have to bind at a chaos stone (located quite a bit from civilized areas, is my guess) instead of anywhere near your race.

This will ensure that most internal-race-pk’ers will be held at bay. What about those other races, you say? Well read on I say!

Why you won’t be ganked, by racial enemies, at every turn.

Firstly here are some things we know,
-Agon is very big (8hrs to trek across is the rumor)
-You cannot look at someone and say, -“yeah, I’ll beat him”
-There are no “sword-of-kill-ya’ll”
-When you die, you will resurrect at your bind-stone, not where you died.

Given these statements we can quickly surmise that if you are in relative close proximity to:
your own Guild city, your racial capital or in the vicinity of any of your race’s guild’s city’s (unless you are at war with that particular guild). Then a racial-enemy of yours, close enough to attack you will be pretty far from his territories (and bind-stone).  For a racial enemy to get close enough to kill you, he will have to do some traveling, not getting killed by anyone else before happening upon you.

When at last he has reached your territories and found his prey (you), there is no way for him to look at you think “yeah, I’ll take him down easy”. He must calculate that if you are better/stronger than him (or have unseen friends around, no floating names) you will take him down instead of the reverse. He must calculate with you looting him. And if you (and your friends) take him down, then he will have trekked for a long time, sneaking around in vain. He won’t come running as a ghost, resurrect at his corps, run of too buff up, and then come at you again. He will have to resurrect at his bind-stone, probably way off in his home territories (or somewhere in the wilderness, at a chaos-stone)

Now let’s just assume that he does take you down and loot you, what are you likely to wear? I’d say that most of your gold, and stuff will be sitting in you guild-bank or something similar.
So what will he be looting? Probably:
*A few coins
*A basic robe/armor
*A weapon or two
*Anything that you recently picked up (resources maybe)

Now since you are close to your city and the bank, you don’t have too much on you, he on the other hand will be carrying loot from several kills (if you are not his first victim). Now it has been said over and over again, that basic gear will not be very hard to attain (in-expensive). So in order for the assailant in this scenario to be successful, will he trek all that way, kill and loot one character, and then trek all the way home again? Not likely, he will need to kill and loot several victims before returning home, with anything resembling a profit.  That will mean that he must succeed in killing several characters, which he cannot visually gauge the skill/strength of, without he himself dying once, before returning home.

This will require a very dedicated player.

-“Full-loot is what keeps you safe”
And you can quote me on that