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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

MMO New Year Resolutions 2008

Posted by neschria Saturday December 29 2007 at 3:02PM
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I am making some MMO resolutions for 2008:

1. I will play only one subscription game and one character at a time so that I can see more of the game with the time I spend on it. This should keep me from being intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of the newbie area while being completely ignorant about what happens after level 25. That's the idea, anyway.

2. I won't try more than 1 free game a week. I admit it. I am a game hopper, especially among the free/item mall games. Some of them have features that keep me around for a little bit, but I am in a bad habit of downloading 3-5 games a week, installing them, playing them for 20 minutes, and then uninstalling them so that I have room for the next 3-5. I could say that I do this on the grounds that I want to bring you people news and reviews from out there, but I download a lot of grinders that I can look at from a mile away and say, "Oh... Another hack'n'slash grinder. It's just like the other 80000 of those I've already played this month."

3. I will not give in to nostalgia and resubscribe to EQ again. Other people may still enjoy EverQuest (1), but for me, it is time to let it go for good.

4. I won't say anything negative about WoW.  It's just pissing into the wind, as my dad would say. 

5. I will temper my glee when companies do stupid things and bring themselves to ruin.  After all, people lose their jobs that way, and it isn't the fault of the guy making the grass textures that management ran their boat ashore. It has happened before, and you know it is going to happen again. Watching the MMO part of the game industry is my favorite spectator sport, but it is good to remember sometimes that there are real people involved.

6. Play something else now and then. There are still good single and not-so-massively multiplayer games out there. I want to have some fun by myself, on the LAN, or face-to-face at a table once in a while.

Those shouldn't be too hard. I could probably think of a few more related to how much time I spend in front of a screen or how many other things I should accomplish in a day before I start playing, but I think my non-MMO resolutions will take care of that sort of thing.

Happy New Year, MMORPG.comsters!

mattic65 writes:

Man, that sounds great. Hope you can stick with it!

Sat Dec 29 2007 3:53PM Report
DaX.9 writes:

Happy new year to you!

Sun Dec 30 2007 7:21AM Report
NetSapiens writes:

Good luck on your resolutions neschria, I hope they bring you more enjoyment from your gaming time.

Happy New Year

Wed Jan 02 2008 8:23AM Report writes:
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