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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Hunting around for my NWN disks...

Posted by neschria Sunday December 16 2007 at 7:51PM
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I am getting the itch to make a NWN module. I don't have NWN2, just NWN1 and the expansions. I haven't ever made anything I've done available to the public, but I have made a couple of modules, alone and in collaboration with my son. It's harmless and cheap entertainment for a good couple of months.

Our LoTRO trials ran out. We let the last few days slip by without playing together. I played once in those last days without my husband for a little while. I am not sure if it wasn't quite compelling enough to keep us logging in or if it was the impending end of the trial that caused us to quit playing. For me, it was probably a combination of the two. For my husband, it may have been the latter, or the frustration of playing with me. He's all about doing things as efficiently as possible while I like to wander and explore a lot. I imagine I am very frus... hey, is that coffee over there? I'm going to go get some of that.

That is to say, if you're trying to do things in a straight line and as efficiently as possible, you probably don't want to invite me. If they were to release a Neschria doll, "Short Attention Span Neschria" would certainly be one of the available models.

My son, my oldest child, the one mentioned in paragraph 1, called me today. He's recovering from falling off the hood of a friend's car at 30mph. Remarkably, he walked away from this incident. I don't know if I am happy or not to hear that alcohol was NOT involved. He's a good kid, but sometimes his head isn't screwed on totally straight.

A neighbor who is parking in our parking lot came in to talk for a while, and he mentioned he'd made a few hundred bucks shoveling snow out of driveways in the upscale neighborhoods. When he left, I said that my son, who is moving here soon, might want to give that a try if he doesn't get a job right away. Upon further reflection, I realized that if he did have that extra cash around, he'd likely wake up the next day broke, but with a hangover and wicked new tattoo.  Or he'd spend the next 3 months coccooned in his apartment with his XBOX 360 and all the fun new games he bought with his shoveling money.

I think I am going to give Shadow of Legend a try when the open beta starts on Tuesday. It looks pretty old school, and I don't expect much from it, but I am intrigued by the idea of a game that can be played on mobile devices, even if I don't own such a thing.

|| pause ||

Well, my husband says he was having fun playing LoTRO, so maybe we'll get back to that after the holidays. It must have been the winding down of the trial. I know I don't much feel like playing a game when I know my account is about to expire, so that was probably it for my husband too.

 I am having a foolish urge to play Lineage 2 again. That isn't everyone's cup of tea, for sure, but I enjoyed my time in that game, and the new update has a new race in it... I am a total sucker for a new race, but not quite enough of a sucker to pay up for the EQ2 expansion.

Well, it looks like we're closing shop, so I am going to post this and go home.  TTYL.

(P.S. from home: The folks over at theMMORPGMaker forums are working on a collaborative NWN2 thing... I don't have NWN2, and I only lurk there a little from time to time, or I might jump on their bandwagon. // On a completely unrelated note, I am finding that "Come play with me because I've already killed everyone else" ad for L2 that's over there >>> right at this moment pretty amusing. Better than the Age of Conan "Heads will roll" ad, anyway, and better than the "Sauron is watching your every (*yawn*) move"  LoTRO ad. )

Firedorn writes:

If you enjoyed NWN, you will not regret purchasing NWN2.

Maybe your son needs to stay indoors and play on the XBox360 more often and do a little less hood surfing.  Last time I did that...well, nevermind.  =P

Sun Dec 16 2007 9:04PM Report
neschria writes:

I was wondering about NWN2, since I'd read such mixed reviews of it. I will have to give it some more consideration.

You'd think he wouldn't have time to hood surf, since he's utterly in love with his 360 (to his girlfriend's dismay) and he works at Gamestop. :)

Sun Dec 16 2007 9:21PM Report
Flungmuk writes:

I agree, I quite enjoy NWN2, I havent tried the expanion yet though.

I'm back in EQ2, ran into a bunch of friends from the old EQ1 days who have formed a casual guild. The Sarnak are kinda cool, but I still like my ogre dirge. :)

Mon Dec 17 2007 10:24AM Report
neschria writes:

I had started an ogre wizard last time I played, and I thought that was pretty fun. :)  Sarnaks looked pretty tempting to me, but not quite tempting enough. The Fae did snare me in for Echoes of Faydwer, though. What can I say? Part of me still thinks I might grow up to be a fairy princess. ;)

It seems to me now that I only quit EQ2 because my desktop was going into storage. It would probably still be fun now, even without the expansion.

Mon Dec 17 2007 7:34PM Report writes:
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