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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Friends: Easier for chatty folks?

Posted by neschria Wednesday November 28 2007 at 10:14AM
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NetSapiens wrote what seemed like a genuine, heartfelt blog entry (here) .

((EDIT: Removing my own sniping toward some of his early comments, in order to do my part for a kinder, gentler Internet.))

With regard to what was in that entry, I've actually made some friends online that have translated to real life.  Some of them might not live very close, but we've called each other in the middle of the night about real life issues, and we'd get together more often if distance weren't a factor. I hear from these formerly-online-only friends more often than I hear from a lot of my blood relatives, and I'd certainly call my friends before I'd call my cousins, even though I played with those cousins daily when I was a kid.

Maybe this is an "older" woman thing, though. We tend to talk about our lives, our husbands, and our kids, even when we're playing games, so we have more to take offline than people who only talk about their new sword and the raid coming up on Saturday.

And this is where the "I play games to escape real life!" faction attacks...

soulwynd writes:

Everyone talks about their life at some point or another. Just avoid doing it with kids that will yell "EMO!!!" whenever they hear you actually make money and have real issues with your family, friends, companion and they don't.

I'm gonna go read the blog you linked, maybe I will comment here again if I have anything interesting to say about it.

Wed Nov 28 2007 10:22AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Even tho you removed the part that actually got me interested in reading his post, well, it's one of the "emo" cases I mentioned. Unsympathetic people are everywhere nowadays. It's an entire generation of them, you see them both online and offline.

I'm anti-social at best, but I still hold sympathy for a lot of people that I only end up reading about. Just like these blogs, I've read and commented a lot of them, but I've never actually sat and spoke to the posters and even so, I wont write harsh commented unless they post stupid things.

Wed Nov 28 2007 10:47AM Report
JB47394 writes:

Friendship is something that forms in different ways for different people.  The internet is well-suited for those people who develop friendships by sharing experiences through the written word - or by sharing them in a virtual setting such as a multiplayer game.  For those who need to see a living person or to sit down and have a cup of coffee with them, the electronic avenues aren't going to produce friends as readily.  It doesn't fit their natural way of interacting.

I believe that NetSapiens was underscoring how viscerally satisfying it was to engage himself in activities that he found meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable in his life.  In light of that experience, the internet is a pale shadow for him.  Remember too that he was speaking of time with his wife, not with his friends.  He wasn't saying that he was going off and drinking with his buddies in a bar.  He was working hard on his home, spending time interacting with his wife.

Wed Nov 28 2007 12:05PM Report
Strayfe writes:

It's not that odd.  I've met probably a dozen people in person whom I originally met online.  Most of those I consider friends.  Because the internet is still a relatively new technology in the vast scheme of things, it's going to take awhile for people to realize that friendships and yes, even relationships online can be just as rewarding as those in "real life". 

I've had this conversation ad nauseam.  Generally, the ones who belittle online friendships or relationships tend to be the same people who are worried more about looks in their significant other than anything else.  For some people, it's impossible to fathom any sort of meaningful interaction if you're not phsyically present with them.  I understand, and in the end, it just comes down to personal preference.

Wed Nov 28 2007 7:09PM Report
NetSapiens writes:

I don't think it's an older woman thing, although to be fair, my wife seems to form deeper, and faster, relationships online than I do, so maybe there is a point after all :)

I too have a small set of friends, met online. friends I visit when I can, since they're far away, and some that I've taken out of the games and into my messenger friend list, because they're too far away.
I love the fact that it's possible to make the relations, and I fondly remember friends I seem to have met online, and lost touch with.

I still think though, that given a choice, I'd rather game with a friend., than I'd like to befriend a gamer... if you know what I mean :)

Thu Nov 29 2007 5:02AM Report
NetSapiens writes:

oh, and DAMNIT.. I missed your sniping... I wish I knew what you wrote before you deleted it... now I'm curious :)

Thu Nov 29 2007 5:03AM Report writes:
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