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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

I've failed! I've failed you all!

Posted by neschria Sunday October 28 2007 at 5:24PM
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It's October 28, and it looks like Ralutan is just plain stuck at level 20. I am afraid that somewhere around Tuesday, I caught a horrible case of altitis, from which I have not yet recovered. Even this very moment, there's a tiny voice in the back of my mind saying, "You know, it's been a long time since you last played a shaman. You could give that a go..."

You might not want to stand too close to me, or you'll likely end up with a roster crammed full of characters competing for your time. They say altitis isn't contagious, but you can never be too safe.

The next couple of days will likely be a blur of preparations for Halloween, work, and NaNoWriMo prewriting, so it seems safe to say that I won't be playing any EverQuest for a while. I think if I were going to play, I'd continue playing Ralutan on Stromm and let my other, older account lapse. It was interesting seeing my old characters again, but it just wasn't the same. But, since I am going to be busy, I am not going to pay for a subscription at all for November. The new expansion doesn't look all that interesting to me, and since I didn't get anywhere near level cap... I'll pass.

The EQ2 expansion looks good, but I think I am going to pass on that too. My computer just barely runs EQ2 on low settings. Low settings still look pretty good to me (compared to what I am used to, considering what my computer will actually run), but I am rather thinking that I'll put the $40 and the $15 a month into the pile of money I've been accumulating for the sake of buying a really decent rig in the spring.

It's not a literal "pile of money". It's in the bank. Just thought I'd clear that up before someone comes and breaks my windows looking for it.

I'd hoped to go ahead and buy one out of the money we made on the sale of our old house, but we're starting a business,  and the gas company wanted a ridiculous deposit on the grounds that our new home is technically a commercial building, etc, etc, so that plan got put on hold. Welcome to the suckness that they call "Adulthood". I spent my childhood wanting to grow up for THIS?!

November and December are going to be extremely busy. When you're a kid, the holidays are all wonder and magic. When you're an adult, you get the job of creating all that wonder and magic, and then cleaning up the wonderful, magical mess afterward. I'll be going to my mother's for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that's a side order of 300 miles of driving each way to go with all the magic and wonder, and a healthy sprinkle of inevitable family tension over everthing. Yay.



Flungmuk writes:

I think I've had altitis since I 1st played EQ. Had it with EQ2, SWG, Horizons, WoW...Hell I've had it with NWN 1 and 2, even Oblivion. :)

Your probably doing yourself a favor not leveling your wizzy right now. Research is about to undergo a major revamp with this expansion, also, old school research drops have become stupid rare. And in some cases, very valuable. Ice of Velious is now used in some good stat food/drink, and seeing as I went from 23-24 in LOIO, i didnt see a single research drop for any class, let alone my mage.

Hit 25 last night, was able to get my first mid 20s non research pet, at 26 I reach the next teir of pets...and of course, my prefered water pet is research only. Oh well, at least my pets can dual weild now. :)

At least this has given me time to do my tradeskill trophies.

Mon Oct 29 2007 11:15AM Report
Ceejay9 writes:

I will certainly miss your updates! But totally understand the call of that beast named 'Adulthood." Good luck to you, and enjoy your holidays!

Mon Oct 29 2007 12:22PM Report
badgerbadger writes:

Dear Neshria the Bunny Slayer...


 ... it sounds like your "alt-itis" is just a case of the grinds, and...with all due respect;


 it sounds like your REAL life has enough "grind" in it without getting it in a game too...

 When and why should a game FEEL like a chore? ...even if it's just the chore of grinding to get to the next "good part" ...

 it sounds like EQ has failed to make you care about poor Ralutan's next level; his next tier of UberGear; or - god knows most MMO's are weaker here than even their single-player cousins - or what is happening next in his story...

 and without your old community of friends about; the game had to stand entirely on its OWN MERITS..

SO:  In short; I don't see how you failed; you did the experiment; that was how far you made it.

  You sound like the proverbial girl; it's not you ( she says to the Devs) .. its me...


Tue Oct 30 2007 2:44AM Report
neschria writes:

badgerbadger, Barbecuer of Sacred Cows: But, really, it's them. 

Ceejay: Well, I'll still be checking out your updates. :)

Flungmuk: Ah, research... Last time around, I let my husband do all the research. I was kind of hoping to get by without doing it. Grats on the tradeskill trophies. :)


Tue Oct 30 2007 1:48PM Report writes:
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