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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Blathering on about nothing today.

Posted by neschria Thursday October 18 2007 at 11:37AM
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I got an e-mail from Game & Game about Fiesta Online, so I clicked on over to have a look and saw that there was a link there to a US/Canada release. I clicked over to that. Outspark has that game. I haven't checked out Fiesta or their other game, Secret of the Solstice, but I did want to give them a thumbs up on having a relatively uncluttered website. Some games, particularly free and/or item mall games [hereafter "FIMs", because I am too lazy to type "free and/or item mall games" more than], throw too much on their front page-- too much flashy, noisy junk, too much useless information, too much of everything.

Maybe I am just a no-nonsense kind of woman (which seems unlikely, since this blog contains a great deal of nonsense), but I like tidy web pages.

I see that RFOnline has gone free. I think Codemasters has made a good decision in making Archlord and RFOnline free-to-play. Neither is really a stand-out title for a subscription game, but they may both be better than average for FIMs. I played trials for each when they were still subscription games, and I concluded in each case that they were games that I'd be willing to play for free. I might even occasionally buy something from their item malls... I just don't think that either was really worth $15 a month, month in and month out, in light of other available games.

After playing that trial for Archlord, I decided to subscribe to Lineage 2 instead. I don't think that's the effect they intended when they decided to have a free trial. But when the game went free, I re-downloaded it, and I have it set up with Paypal to let me buy stuff. I haven't actually purchased any credits, but if I were to start playing it more regularly, I might consider a few of the items they have for sale.

I used to object to item malls on principle, but they do allow you to choose how much or how little you want to spend per month, if anything. I know some people go hogwild and spend more than the $15 a month they'd have spent on a subscription game, but a little self-control can keep your spending in line with what the game is actually worth to you. In the meantime, people who buy stuff support the game and all the non-paying players give the paying customers plenty of people to play with.

Or kill, depending on the game.

I decided to reactivate my old EQ account last night. I have a level 73 SK on Xegony. I logged her in and...

I was in West Karana with res effects and no spells memorized. It was definitely a WTF moment.

I remember now that we'd gone out for some necro's 1.5 or 2.0 fight there... or something... And that must have been the last time I played. I had a Conviction (HP/AC buff), so I ran her to NK, caught a ride to Nexus and hopped over to PoK>Guild Lobby>Guild Hall, where I logged out.

I reactivated the account because it has everything except TBS on it and I intend to do a little 2boxing. I hopped from Xegony to Stromm, where I had a bunch of low level characters, many of which were made before there was a tutorial, when the server first came up. I selected the "Tutorial" button from character select and went to start working on a druid named Geanie. Geanie and Ralutan... That doesn't really match. Oh, well.

Does this make me my own girlfriend? Or boyfriend? Whatever. I don't think that's something I am going to think about anymore. (LOL)

The guild application didn't seem to go anywhere, and now it tells me the name is taken so... if that's the case, and that account is still guild-free, I might reconsider what I want to do. I could reclaim A Feudal Gesture, the guild that my SK is in, now that I am using that account again. My husband's cleric is currently the leader, but that's something I can fix. Hmmm... Many are the possibilities. I will have to think them over. I am not above doing the silly and frivolous. (That is something I am sure you're aware of if you've been reading this blog. I am harmless, though.)

Part of me wants to form an all female dark elf PvP flagged guild on a PvE server. 100% in-house, probably 100% alts... Just to see how much progress can be made that way. I think I'd call it "Blue Girls" or "Innoruuk's Angels". Strange? Pointless? Way too difficult? Those things have never kept me from doing anything before.

Blue girls DO have more fun!

(I used to have a Lineage 2 themed myspace profile...)