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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Waiting for my turn on my own computer...

Posted by neschria Saturday October 13 2007 at 2:07PM
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I told a kid she could play The Sims 2 on my computer today, and thus banished myself to the wild wastes of Laptopland. For now. In another hour or so, I'll go kick her off.

I have two user accounts on my computer, one for me and one for the kids, to keep them out of my stuff. They'd been playing The Sims 2 on my account, but I have since banished them from my neighborhood to their own, available through them logging onto their own user account. They create nice families with normal looking people that they force to behave in relatively civilized ways.  They go to work. They come home. They watch TV. They sleep. They wake up and do it again.  It's a good thing, I guess. It is really boring to watch the kids play, though.

My neighborhood is full of freaks and their dysfunctional families, and I like being the director of my own dystopian improv soap opera. I've got people who are horrendously deformed, angry lesbian teenagers, and many married couples who didn't hear the "forsaking all others" part of their vows. Too often I cackle with evil glee as a married woman has a baby with someone else's husband, or a man electrocutes himself while trying to fix the stereo and then comes back to haunt his family.  I know that all the stories about the thoughts and motivations of the virtual people on the screen are all ones that I am making up in my head as I watch, but that is the best part of it.

If you play it as a game and not as a story machine, it must seem very boring, and the sucess of the Sims franchise must seem baffling.

While I've been exiled from my computer, I've been up to mischief on the web. I went to and put in a guild application to start a guild on Xegony called "Friends of Fippy". Why Xegony, when I basically said it sucked the other day? Because I have an unhealthy attachment to my old server, and I'd like to do something to make the lower end of the game more viable for new and returning players. The server didn't really need another guild... but I did say I was up to mischief, didn't I?

The first guild name I tried was "Return", but there's apparently a guild out there with that name already. I was pretty certain that "Friends of Fippy" would be taken too, but apparently not. Perhaps it will be rejected. I'll have to wait for the e-mail to see. Between "Return" and "Friends of Fippy", I considered some alternatives, including "Cult of the Mugwump" and "Scurvy Knaves". 

But I <3 Fippy. I <3 him very much. Bark! Bark!

Ok, now that I've ruined my own lands, what else can I do?

I looked into hosting for Ventrilo, for general use by my family and friends. (And maybe for Friends of Fippy, if that actually gets off the ground.) It's not really very expensive. It looks like TeamSpeak servers are cheaper, at least on the site I was looking at, but I like Vent better. (Not trying to start a debate. Just personal preference there.)

I dinged 18 last night and got the robe shown in last night's screenshots. It dropped in Crescent Reach. It's not too bad for newbie gear, statwise, and it is good to look like a caster, finally. EQ magic users (and those in other realms as well!) have a peculiar sense of style that they apparently stole from Hugh Hefner-- it's all about the silk jammies and the robe.

After the ding, I went to Xegony to play the twins. My erudite mages there are named Uliuna and Uliana, which another player told me was "very confusing". What can I say? Their parents were too busy researching new ways to rain fire down from the sky to think of better names.

Now, they both had selected Erudin as their home town, but upon leaving the tutorial, one was transported to Crescent Reach and the other to Plane of Knowledge. It was just a short jog and a click for the PoK twin to get home. It's a bit of a hike from Crescent Reach to the book in Blightfire Moors, so I took the Priest of Discord shortcut to PoK and then went on to use the Erudin stone, stopping by the Fellowship NPCs (in the house next to the Nexus stone) to see how all that works in practice.

What's the Priest of Discord shortcut, a person might ask. Here it is for ya:

The Priest of Discord is in the first room on the right on the first floor of the Inn in Crescent Reach. Say "wish to go" (or even just "wish go") to him. You will zone and appear in Dranik's Scar. (A warning to newbies here-- this zone is WAY over your heads, and sometimes people train the PoDs. Mostly it is empty and safe, though.)  Run over to a Priest of Discord there (over by the wall is probably the safest) and say "go home". This should take you to PoK.

Now, the first time I did this, I got sent back to Crescent Reach, but every time since then, it has worked, so perhaps it is important to go talk to a PoD other than the closest one when you appear. Clarification, anyone?

Appearing in Crescent Reach or PoK when you leave the tutorial appears to be unavoidable if you use the tutorial. Skipping the tutorial seems to be the only way to go directly to your hometown, if you have preselected one other than Crescent Reach. You miss out on the starter charm that way, but if you are hellbent on an old school experience, what do you care about the stupid charm?

The Alt.Games.EverQuest FAQ looks like it might be a good source of answers to some (...ugh, do I even have to say it?) Frequently Asked Questions, and it looks relatively up-to-date, particularly in comparison to some other aging FAQs about the game that are out there.

Time to go kick the kid off the computer.