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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Day 2... The Day of Very Little Progress (EQ)

Posted by neschria Tuesday October 2 2007 at 9:50PM
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Between questing, long AFKs and spending entirely too long messing with my UI, I didn't level as much as I would have liked. I am within spitting distance of 10, which stinks for being in my second day. I also wasted some time to make a little dark elf SK that I can drop extra newbie plate stuff on. (I swear, I won't actually play any alts this month. REALLY. I won't.)  On the other hand, I've picked up some stat gear and I'm getting back into the swing of it. And I think I've got a decent UI going now too. 

 Tomorrow should go better. I should have more time to play.

On the lighter side, I've died a four times so far, and every death was stupid:

Death #1: I sat down in the spider caves to med up before killing lurkers, and went AFK for a couple of minutes, only to be eaten by wandering spiders.

Death #2: Caught in my own AoE. Nuff said.

Death #3: Fell off the platform in the dragon grove while waiting for the elevator.

And what do you call it when a wizard uses the last of their mana to pull a yellow? Stupid Death #4, of course.

Also, I met  dancord26 in tells. (Hi there!) It's cool to actually get to talk to people in-game from other places on the net.

Perhaps we should have a serverwide.mmorpg channel.... serverwide.mmorpg:com? I am not sure that too much chat would go on in the channel, but it might be an avenue to build a community of folks from this site. Or give us a chance to argue in real time, in-game. (/giggle) It was just a thought. Not necessarily a good one, but I've already said it, so I might as well let it sink or swim.

In other news, things look dire for Ryzom. This is a shame. I liked that game. I kind of wish I'd subscribed after my time in the trial. I mean, I am not saying that my one subscription would have made a difference, but if everyone who saw the potential in the game had subscribed for a while, perhaps things would have been different. Maybe someone else will rescue it again. It doesn't seem likely, but maybe...

I always feel bad when I see a game go under when it didn't stink out loud. Those games tend to have a small but passionately committed community, and they also tend to be the ones that aren't exactly like every other game on the market.


dancord26 writes:

I made lvl 10 last night, and i'm around the dragon grove, not knowing where to lvl.  Oh, i love the spirit shrouds, i think this is the best thing i've seen since i returned.

Wed Oct 03 2007 11:10AM Report
Deatrix writes:

can i ask a question? why did you go with EQ1 over EQ2? nostalgic value?

Wed Oct 03 2007 12:38PM Report
neschria writes:

Having played both EQ1 and EQ2... I just like EQ1 better. I also know it better. It hasn't been very long since I last played either game.  I stopped playing EQ1 in January and EQ2 in June-- less than a year out for both.

I know it is heresy, but I like "the new EQ" quite a lot better than the "Classic". I think Gates of Discord was a low point, but it has been improving since then.

Wed Oct 03 2007 1:37PM Report
Deatrix writes:

thank you for satisfying my curiosity :) i also prefer EQ1 to EQ2, though i probably didnt play EQ2 more than 2 months. I was just thinking of giving EQ2 another chance since the only game im playing now is EVE and im about to quit that.. just waiting for Aion..ohh baby.

Wed Oct 03 2007 1:56PM Report
Azyriel writes:

I might need to come join you all in your Everquest Revelries. I am getting sick of WoW after 3 years it never held the magic DAoC or EQ has so I might try to pick up the EQ anni edition and play with you all !

Wed Oct 03 2007 9:58PM Report
epshot writes:

wtf? who cares? i read this... and i feel that you now owe me a couple minutes of my life back. honestly.  EQ1 is EQ'Done. I have nothing against you. I just feel robbed of my time. Goodnight.

Wed Oct 03 2007 10:55PM Report
kagda writes:

i think i know where your coming from epshot... but at the same time, for me, readind this stuff brings back old memmories of friends and THE BEST time i've ever had in an mmo... i've tried over prolly 30 different ones by now (betas and what not included) and none have ever given me the same feeling that EQ has. Reading these blogs makes me feel warm inside so to say.........

On the note of Ryzome...... while i did not follow the game too close i did beta test it for a couple days.... and i must say that games like that and games like Dark And Light both had great potential in terms of what the system is capable of, but because the bad publicity and the small dev teams who could not keep up with the demand these Great games failed....

sorry for the rumbbling, i've had a few too many Ale's IRL :)

Wed Oct 03 2007 11:11PM Report
kagda writes:

on the bright side i think my Alcahol Tollerenace just went up!!!

Wed Oct 03 2007 11:11PM Report
dancord26 writes:

uhh, epshot, why even read the blogs then? jeebus....and PLEASE all that want to come play on stromm, come on!!! My char is Gragorian, and there's a couple more of us oldies on there.

Thu Oct 04 2007 10:29AM Report
Flungmuk writes:

So the game has changed for the better then?  I started playing at 1st relase, and all the way up to GoD. But got tired of the gear grind and raiding the same place over and over and over. But I have missed it. EQ2 I found too easy, WoW even easier, SWG, well I'm thinking about dusting that off too and AoC is 6+ months away.

Thu Oct 04 2007 10:53AM Report writes:
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