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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Morning commentary about the EverQuest night before

Posted by neschria Tuesday October 2 2007 at 10:08AM
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First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my entry last night. I always appreciate the warm wishes, feedback, commentary, and questions.

I left the tutorial at level 6 last night to go do some quests in Crescent Reach. I didn't make very much experience after that except for quest experience. I am almost 7 anyway. And I've got a nifty belt, mask, and cape to show for it. I ended up quitting earlier than I intended last night.

A few comments on the experience so far:

  • I am having fun. The last time I played EQ, I found it frustrating. I think a fresh start was a good idea for me, personally.
  • The population in the tutorial seemed a little low (10-12 people in the zone each time I logged in), but it was consistent at that level, and it seemed like a relatively nice crowd-- no public channel taunting, they answered the one question I had, and people were offering drops they weren't going to use in the out-of-character channel. There were more people than that in Crescent Reach when I got there, many of whom were low levels like me.  The population seems healthy so far, from the limited parts of the server I've seen.
  • There were a couple of guilds that /ooc'd all level recruitment messages while I was in CR. I got an unsolicited drive-by SoW from a ranger, which was a nice thing. Bottomline, I am happy with my choice of server. Stromm seems newbie friendly.
  • I played a good amount of time scrolled out to third person, but then I tried playing first person for a while. When I'd been in Crescent Reach for a while, I started feeling nauseous, and it persisted even after I went back to third person (and for a couple of hours after). I am not sure if it was just exhaustion (from insomnia catching up with me, bad Chinese for dinner, or if it has been so long since I played a first-person perspective game that it was just gaming motion sickness (which I am very prone to having) from running around CR.

I haven't played in a while, so I have a lot of questions about features introduced with The Buried Sea. I am burning with curiosity about how a Fellowship works-- is it some half-step between a group and a guild or what? 

I will be playing this afternoon again. I've got work that I should be doing right now.

(P.S. Drakkins have some weird/bad animations... but I find them more funny than irritating. )

Kalik-Kaotik writes: Good luck, I'll be following your blog. Tue Oct 02 2007 1:54PM Report
ABRaquel writes:

Its good that you're having fun and being able to find low level people on a game that has been out for some time, really shows that a person should never judge a game by its cover.

Regarding feeling nauseous, I get the same problem when playing in First Person and forces me to take a break. It usually starts with a light headache and getting a bit queasy.

Be safe and have fun


Tue Oct 02 2007 2:59PM Report
dancord26 writes:

well, reading your blog, i've bought the game again, and am playin on that server as well, as will be two friends of mine. You should get some commision from Sony hehe.

Tue Oct 02 2007 3:05PM Report
wrentia writes:

Fellowships are an interesting addition that is used by folks who tend to group together a lot.  There are several things a fellowship provides.

  • /fs, your fellowship chat channel
  • campfires (can provide bonus stats, and also tp's)

to use a campfire, there must be three members of the fellowship present.  You drop a campfire, and other fellowship members can tp directly to the campfire.  There is a basic campfire which just provides the tp capabilites, then there is a long list of different campfires you can make (supplies for these have a wide range in cost) that provide bonus stats like more hp/ac.  There are limits to the tp ability as it will not allow tp's to a campfire in certain keyed/instanced zones. 


Wed Oct 03 2007 4:54AM Report
neschria writes:

Thanks for the information on Fellowships. It sounds like a nice addition to the game.

Thu Oct 04 2007 12:50PM Report writes:
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