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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

It's Friday! Picture Day!

Posted by neschria Friday September 28 2007 at 8:30AM
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It's picture day!

1. Just click your heels together three times...

2. Don't stand so close to me! (There's something inappropriate about the way that critter is looking at me too. Is it about to hug my thigh or what?!)

3. The vet put this thing on my neck. I hate him. 

4. You'd be this happy too, if you had poison breath and little horns growing out of your face. Or maybe it is having a dragon looking over her shoulder that's got her so uptight.  I can't decide if she looks like she's about to cry, laugh, or kick someone's ass.

5. This is a date that just isn't going to end well:

6. And one from the real world... Here's my pet dinosaur, wanting to go for a ride. And on the left side, you can see the volume knob on a speaker I duct taped to my desk. Duct tape holds my world together.


(CAST: Mipsy (Archlord, Brumhart), Cazea (L2, formerly of Hindemith), Mopsy (AL, Brumhart), Lisabet (EQ, formerly of Xegony), Mirinda and... friend (Sody?) (VCO, Magellan), and Travelosaurus Rex (Rubber Dinosaur Extraordinaire))

Deatrix writes:

you have to be my favorite blogger on this site...

Fri Sep 28 2007 9:50AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Damn vets. :(

Fri Sep 28 2007 3:54PM Report
badgerbadger writes:

I hate to have to agree with someone, but , dammit;

Deatrix is right- I consisitently find Neschria's blogs the most entertaining...

I tried to be amusing too; but found that people don't enjoy their sacred cows mocked any more in their games than in real life.. sigh.

Thanks for reminding us not to take it all so seriously...

Ps: that THING about to mark your leg in pic-3 needs to go to the vet...

  Or back to Hello Kitty's PokeMon Adventures where it came from...

Sat Sep 29 2007 4:55AM Report
neschria writes:

Thank you for the compliments. I am glad you guys enjoy this. I am having fun with this blog. :)

Sun Sep 30 2007 2:35PM Report writes:
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