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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Levtober! (A Just-For-Fun Challenge)

Posted by neschria Thursday September 27 2007 at 9:38AM
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I had considered calling this NaLevUpMo, but I figured that would annoy the NaNoWriMo people if they found out about it, and it sounded stupid anyway. Not that Levtober sounds any less stupid. I'll have to work on it. But enough on what to call it and onto what it is!

The idea is to start a new character in the game of your choice on October 1 and see how far you can get in 31 days in terms of pure achievement as measured by level (or maxed out skills or AAs or HP/AC or however you measure your achievement in whatever game.)  And by "you", I mean me. I am in a mood to challenge myself, so I'll do it whether anyone else plays along or not.

I know, it's all about the journey, not the destination, and I should stop to smell the virtual roses. That's pretty much how I normally play. I am ultra-casual. And I like to roleplay at least some of the time. Worst of all, I further waste time doing things like fishing and raising my Alcohol Tolerance skill. (Hey! That wine won't drink itself, you know!) Just for once, I want to do things differently, just for a change of pace.

Unlike that other month-long challenge I mentioned, I am not putting a specific end goal on this because different games work differently, and different people want different things out of the same game. Maybe one person wants to get to the level cap in a month. Maybe another will finish that in the first two weeks, and what she really wants is a certain set of armor at the end of a month. Perhaps there's a third person who just wants to get to a certain level that will allow him to use a cool ability. Or there could be a more commerce-minded person who is aiming to be an in-game millionaire by Halloween.  I won't set the end goal. I'll just throw out the starting rules: New character. 31 days.

So... My plan, as of today, is to play EQ1. My thought is that I will play a Drakkin wizard. That is subject to change over the few days remaining in September, though. I am tempted, but I won't cheat and start early. I set the rules for the challenge, the least I can do is follow them.

There are going to be some things I'll have to work around-- my mom and my kids are going to be visiting, and then there is Halloween at the end of the month. Otherwise, it's not too bad. It's certainly easier to work around than Thanksgiving and the start of all the holiday nonsense in November, when I'll be writing my 50k word story.

I'll be blogging my progress, of course. You can blog yours, if you want, or leave comments with your progress notes. Or you can keep it all to yourself. Whatever you want to do. It's all good.

Ready... Set...

Wait! Not yet!

(No reason for that little thing there ^^ except that I haven't posted any silly images in a while.)