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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Spore. EQ Alternate Ruleset discussion. Personal notes. Now with added Baseball!

Posted by neschria Thursday August 23 2007 at 2:21PM
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There are a couple of new Spore related videos posted by EA over at Youtube: The Leipzig Trailer and Press Video. Also, there's a hands-on preview over at 1up. 

That's right. Someone got to try it out and it wasn't you. Or me. /sigh.

Last night, my husband and I were playing around in Escape to Norrath, the EQ1 trial. It's just the tutorial made into a trial. I am not sure that it is a very good representation of the full game, and being vets of the game, we don't really need a trial, but hey... it was something to do for an evening and it was free. He was a female gnome magician. I was a male gnome wizard. It was fun for a little bit, but it has really made me doubt whether I want to go back to that particular game or not. It is a little too been there, done that.

Speaking of EQ1, The recent Producer's letter put out a call for input into what kind of alternate ruleset server people might like, and also for ideas on incentives to get people helping lowbies. I think they got some hopes up with talk of a new server, but a HoC chat since then seems to dim those hopes a little:

[20:37] <Naithin> *Kristin* In response to the August 12th Producer’s Letter, many threads have popped up around the community forums discussing and showing a strong interest in Alternate Rule Set Servers.  Given the popularity of the Progression Servers and the great job that Maddoc and the team did; have the Developers made any progress that you could talk about, or do you have any feedback as to when a server
[20:37] <Naithin>  such as this might become available
[20:38] <Rashere> Right now, we're just gauging interest to see what people would like to see.  I'm glad to see people like the idea.  We don't have any concrete plans to announce yet on what a new, alternate rule server would be or when it might occur though.



I think virtually any new server would bring people back, to some degree, since one of the things that makes starting or returning to EQ now so daunting is that everyone is already high level. Some people are calling for a FFA PvP Progression server or a Permadeath server (where death resets you to level 1). While I appreciate the reasons why people would ask for those things, I don't think that kind of server would have any longevity. There's got to be a reason why all the Zeks, with their various PvP rulesets, ended up merging into one. I don't think PvP in EQ1 is going to hold too many people with so many other games with PvP elements (often better executed) already available. Another popular request, aside from the perennial call for a "Classic" server, was a slower Progression server based on time locks rather than player action. Actually, there were a zillion ideas floating around. You can find threads on alternate rulesets in both the newbie and veteran forums over on the official site.

If they put up any kind of blue (PvE), no-transfer server, I will be there with bells on. Until then... I just don't know. There are other, newer games that are starting to appeal to me. If I am knee-deep in another game and having fun, then there's a pretty good chance that even a new server wouldn't bring me back.

My husband seemed more inclined to play EQ again after our trip to the trial. But I think he'd be just as happy going back to VCO for his occasional MMORPG fix. He's said on at least one occasion that he's just about sick of elves, and playing a free game (with the very infrequent $5 or so trip to the item mall) may make more sense for him in terms of time and money.

As for me... I just want to survive this move. After that... Well, my top 5 game prospects for September are EQ2, LoTRO, EQ1, L2, or WoW... Coming up on the outside in 6th and 7th would be Ryzom and Horizons-if-it-really-does-get-pulled-together. This is all assuming that I'll have my desktop back to play. I've got some free games on the table too, for incidental play-- VCO, Archlord, and Shadowbane are all still on this laptop. (And does this machine ever mangle Archlord graphics! Good grief! But it is playable.)

We'll see what I am thinking when October rolls around. I'll probably be singing a whole different tune.

Not everybody gets to the Off Topic forum, so I thought I'd post a link to the thread about the Folding @ Home team  for anyone who has managed to read this far. So, there it is. Go join the team and donate some unused CPU cycles.

In other news, the Atlanta Braves (husband's favorite team) lost to Cincinnati, the Phillies (the "local" team) had a pretty big loss to the Dodgers (15-3), and the Texas Rangers stomped the living crap out of the Orioles (the second choice "local" team around here).  30-3 isn't just a spanking. It's definitely a STOMPING.