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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria


Posted by neschria Wednesday July 4 2007 at 9:18PM
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So, in a comment on my previous entry, diarheasauce said that LOTRO was the "WORST GAME EVA YO".


While I briefly planned on preordering LoTRO, I decided not to because I already have accounts in WoW, EQ, EQ2, SWG, DAoC, AO, and FFXI* that I have paid for in the past, and there just wasn't enough new on the table to entice me to drop the $500 on 2 boxes and 2 lifetime accounts like I had thought I would do. It's a solid enough game. It does have some features I like, like the achievements that give titles and/or other benefits. I'm not a huge LoTRO nerd**, so I was satisfied with the representation of Middle Earth. It just wasn't enough new to justify buying yet another game when I could just resubscribe to one of the ones that I already have. Anyway, I don't think it was the WORST GAME EVA.


I'd have to say that the game that gets my WORST GAME EVA vote (not counting complete vaporware) would have to be Dark and Light, for being an out-and-out total failure. Oz World comes in a close second, or might even tie,  for being a stupid concept ("online virtual chat/dating... with FISHING!") While I am sure some people love Oz and would disagree with my assessment, Dark and Light is a little harder to defend.


First, it was a pain to install and get running to begin with. The character customization (in terms of looks) was abysmal. The UI was awful. It ran like crap for me. And then there was the game itself. Would it be wrong to use "abysmal" twice in the same paragraph? I usually try to force myself to play a game a little bit before I uninstall it, but there was nothing that suggested to me that I wasn't going to just keep hating myself for every second I wasted on it.


SEED may have been a concept that some people had a hard time getting their head around, and it was really buggy, but it was STILL a better game that Dark and Light.  A lot of people dump on Horizons, but at least it had a couple of things going for it (crafting and dragons). Shadowbane might have stability and lag issues on top of a questionable UI, but...  Well, you probably know where this is going.


I don't hate Asian games like some people do, but I'd bet that even people who hate them would rather be forced to play a point-and-click grindfest than play DnL. Feel free to test this hypothesis.


*Re: FFXI: I think I'd actually have to pay for an account again because it has been more than 3 months, but at least I still have the disk.

**Re: Tolkien: You might think I'd be a mad crazy The Lord of The Rings fan, since I am into making up languages. I might share Tolkien's "Secret Vice," but I am not that wild about the books. I know. Heresy. Burn me at the stake already.  I thought the language bits were the best parts of the books AND the movies.


As a PS, I will likely be going to Georgia in a couple of days for a funeral. You can rest easy knowing that I won't be blogging for a few days. =P