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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Real Life Names, Character Names. And then some animated GIFs.

Posted by neschria Friday June 22 2007 at 11:21AM
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My daughter brought in quite a cash haul for her birthday, so she decided to take me to the movies. We went to see Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End (hereafter called Pirates 3, like it was on the ticket stubs). As we watched the movie, she giggled and looked strangely embarrassed. The reason is that her name is Calypso.


 Yes. For real.


She was more than a little irritated last weekend when someone on Gaia asked her name and then said,  "No, it isn't. That's not a real name. You got that from that movie." There was just no explaining that it really was her real name.


Calypso has seen her name on washing machines and juice boxes, but this is her first experience with having a movie character that has her first name. I guess if your name is Mike or Jessica, you get used to seeing your name used for TV and movie characters, as well as other people in real life. When your name is more unusual, you don't have a chance to get used to it, so I suspect it always feels a little strange.


For what it's worth, she loves her name. She gets compliments on it frequently and feels like it something different and special. It's a lot easier for girls to have unusual names than boys, I think.


I knew an enchanter in EQ1 named Kalypso. That didn't strike anyone as unusual because people give their characters all sorts of names in games. Some people get very irritated by the names that other people choose.  Some people enjoy the smarter, funnier non-RP names that people come up with, and roll their eyes at the really bad ones.  There are those who feel it ruins their immersion to be grouped with a gnome mage named "Gnommage"  or a warrior named something like "Hoozyadaddi", and they may be quick on the /petition of any of those names that may violate the naming policy of whatever game they are playing.


And then there are those games that have no naming policy or policing at all. I am sure you know what I am talking about if you've found yourself in the  company of illustrious heroes that are named things like  "killu4fun" and  "xXStarstrike87Xx". I am not one of those hardcore immersion fanatics, but even I find those a little jarring.


 I roll my eyes just a little when I see a "NounVerber"  or "VerbingNoun" name. You know, names like "Moonsinger" or  "Flowingfire". They don't really bug or bother me. It's just a little formulaic. I really do enjoy a clever, funny, or goofy name, though, even if it is a Nounverber or a VerbingNoun sort.


Ya gotta love the bard (or related music-based class) names. How many variations on and combinations with "Singer", "Melody", "Harmony", and "Music" can you imagine? I am sure they've all been used. They are almost as predictable as the healer names: "Heelen", "Healinu", "Rezzez", etc.


I had a character named Kensha, which people seemed to associate with Kenshin, a name I was unaware of when I randomly generated and accepted that name. I had another named Mirin, which apparently was used for some sort of race of elves in some RPG or book or something, as well as being a Japanese wine used in cooking. I didn't know any of that either. I was just chopping another randomly generated name down to something pronounceable. And it worked-- people always pronounced it correctly (Meer-in) right off in Vent and/or TS... It was apparently perceived as a male name, though. I got a lot of "he" and "him" references in chat channels when people hadn't seen my (female) character or heard my voice.  Unaeni was another name that I got from the random name generator, as was Teadanu, which was the basis of all the other names on that account (Teadan, Teadana, Teadani, Teadanae, etc.)


I don't think anyone knows how to pronounce "Unaeni" correctly. Not even me.


I had some names that were not randomly generated too. My druid was named Gwenna and my bard was Lisabet. My hunter in WoW was Janna... which, I have to admit, isn't a particularly Orcish name. Zeysha was my undead mage, which was not out of the generator, but I don't remember what I was thinking when I created that one. Much earlier in my EQ career, I had (or still have, really, on AB, where I /movelogged her) a dark elf shadow knight named Jeezlueez Beegtrouble. My husband had an erudite mage (same server, same era) named Yirrin Beegtrouble-- but you can blame the random name generator for that first name.


 I had an EQ wizard named Keldfyre, too, a name that has been blocked by the filter on all servers since for no apparent reason. All I can figure is that I made up a name that some fantasy author also made up (because neither of us is as original or clever as we think) or there's something offensive in there that I am just not seeing. I asked for it to be unblocked so I could reuse it when the Progression servers came about and they were reviewing names and taking requests on the official forums,  but I never got a response.


And now, back to the topic of my daughter, Calypso, for the promised animated GIFs. Her father bought her some clay and she's been busy making her own little claymations. Being the proud mom, I am going to show them off:


She posted them on myspace, so I am going to assume she doesn't mind people seeing them.