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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Some time passes... What I am playing right now...

Posted by neschria Sunday May 24 2009 at 6:07PM
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I haven't used this blog in quite a while, but I have been out there, trying different games.

I've tried a lot of free-to-play crap, and most of it really was crap. The stand-out game for me was Atlantica Online, which I played like a fiend for a couple of weeks, but then had relatives in town for a weekend, and after that weekend, I never went back. I just didn't feel like it anymore. So much for compelling gameplay. 

(As an aside, I wonder if this is a common phenomenon-- I believe I would have had a harder time walking away had I actually invested real money, even just buying something small in the item mall, but since I only had a little time invested, it was really way too easy to just not care anymore. I might have gotten back into my groove and kept on playing if I had that little extra incentive to nudge me on.) 

I also gave City of Heroes a try, and though I could tell it was a good game, I am not into superheroes at all, so the setting bored me to tears. I hate to admit that I am one of those "imaginative" players-- I am not quite a roleplayer in the sense of staying in character all the time, but I like to play in settings that are in my personal daydream space, the sort of places and situations that I daydream about, which are, for better or worse, mostly in the fantasy genre. I guess I am one of the few who can watch a superhero movie and enjoy the action, but never have a wish that I could be a superhero myself. So, CoH was basically a non-starter, though I tried really hard to like it because two of my sons were raving wildly about how much they loved it.

I've played a little Luna Online, which, for the cutesy item mall grinder genre, isn't really bad (if you like that sort of thing), but the running around quests and the matchmaking service sort of turned me off. I guess I am spoiled, but running from one NPC to another to click through their story text for 45 minutes is just a drag. And I'm not looking for a date, even of the virtual variety, in my online games.

I actually want to play a subscription game, but deciding which one has proven to be harder than you might expect. (More on that in a moment). In the meatime, I am playing Freesky Online, an IGG browser-based MMORTS-type thing, and Warrior Epic, which I discovered right here on the front page of the other day.

Freesky is probably one of those passing follies-- I'll go on my vacation at the beginning of June, and when I get back, I will probably have forgotten all about it. But I am having a little bit of fun and it isn't requiring huge amounts of my time. (I set things to build and then leave them to it. That's about it.) 

Warrior Epic is not a persistant world game, and so I have a hard time reconciling that with the "MMORPG" designation. It is, however, a fun hack'n'slash dungeon crawler attached to a lobby where you can hook up with other people to play.

I've been in a raging debate with myself (and sometimes with my husband or hapless passers-by) about which subscription game I want to go play. I've got it narrowed down to EQ (sort of waiting for an ETA on the new server), EQ2 (which I both love and hate) and LoTRO (which I played a trial of at one point and enjoyed but didn't buy at that time). 

EQ is my old standby, the game I never quite leave. It's the game I am still "married" to. As much as I liked playing it in the old days (and I know I am going to get roasted for saying this), I find that it is so much more fun these days. They've made a lot of changes that just make it more playable and less frustrating, particularly for those of us who don't especially aspire to raiding greatness. Unfortunately, all my grouping and mission buddies are either playing WoW or nothing at all these days, so that kind of puts a damper on the fun there. I am sort of looking forward to a fresh start on the new server, and maybe even going in the direction of raiding, but with no ETA, I am not sure if I want to resubscribe just now, and if I go on to another game, I probably won't even come back for the new server. (For the record, I was not disappointed to see the new server go 51/50, for a variety of reasons, but I didn't vote on it either. My account lapsed two weeks before the voting, and it just wasn't worth $15 to me to vote.)

EQ2 is such a mixed experience for me. It's the game I keep having flings with, promising to stick with it, only to go back to EQ1 anyway. I've tried some classes I've enjoyed, and it's nice that I can solo most of them pretty effectively if I have to. On the other hand, although I've tried it several times, I usually only play for a few weeks before I quit. I get tired of soloing, I get frustrated with my perpetually full quest log, I have no end goals to work toward and being completely aimless isn't all that fun, and sometimes, on some servers, the community can be pretty abrasive. Also, my computer is only barely adequate for playing unless I put it on very low graphical settings, at which point I am adventuring in Play-Doh land. The sharper but less sophisticated graphics of EQ1 start to look good by comparison.

(And, no, there's no upgrade coming any time soon as long as this one keeps plugging along, I'm afraid. *sigh* We bought a house that needs to be fixed up, so our disposable income for the next couple of years is already earmarked.) 

LoTRO, even when I played the low-res version, looked pretty good to me-- both graphically and in terms of the gameplay I expierenced. I was, however, playing with my husband at the time, and I don't know how it would be to start playing alone at this point. I am not a huge LoTR fan, but I am familiar enough with the books to get something out of the setting. I only played at the low levels before, but it seems like it could be fun, and $9.99 is a nice bargain. The price alone makes it tempting to check out.

I've been thinking about this for two weeks and I am still lost in indecision. I think I'll go do a few Warrior Epic runs while I think about it some more.


Mystik86 writes:

I'm in the same sort of dilemna myself at the moment with Vanguard, Darkfall and EVE. I cannot decide what to play at this point and have just been refuging on Second Life...

Sun May 24 2009 10:24PM Report
neschria writes:

 I am glad to know I'm not the only one who runs into this kind of dilemma. 

Sat May 30 2009 7:21PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I'm with you too, I've been burning time on Requiem waiting for something better to be released. I guess I might have to wait until september, which means I have no choice except to enjoy the summer.

Sun May 31 2009 1:28AM Report writes:
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