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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Well, at least I'll never have another "back to EQ" experience.

Posted by neschria Thursday January 10 2008 at 12:10AM
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 I found my original Asheron's Call disk in a box yesterday. I was looking for something else. It's funny what you can still have hiding in boxes. The long and the short of my Asheron's Call experience was that I liked it and my husband couldn't wait to get back to EQ the whole time we played. I played for a few months without him, if I recall, but I was a lot more shy online then than I am now, so I didn't really make any friends or anything. And back to EQ I went.

Another "back to EQ" experience was my time in Anarchy Online. I know some people will say that it was playable at launch, but I'm afraid I have a limited tolerance for crashes and slideshow performance, which is exactly what I had. I did stick with it for a while, though, because I liked what I saw in the moments between the problems. And it did get turned around... after I went back to EQ. I've been in and out a couple of times over the years-- once on a resubscribe (to an account I don't remember the details for) and on a trial basis.

I'm never going back to EQ, so I don't have that game that's always waiting for my return anymore. In a way, that's liberating. Now I can play other games and not worry about how far behind I'm getting in EverQuest while I am not there. I don't care anymore. 

I just downloaded and installed AO again yesterday. I'm a froob. In this short amount of time, I made a couple of characters on Rimor (Rubi-Ka 2): Maclasha, the nanomage metaphysicist (previously one of my favorite classes), and Minahmat, the opifex martial artist.

"Maclasha" came from the name suggestion button. I am not sure if that's "Ma-Clasha" or "MacLasha"... but I should be taken out behind the woodshed for that name. Not just for accepting it, but for giggling every time I see it. So far, that's the character I've played with the most. Not that I played her for long. She's just got a half hour over the other.

I haven't had a lot of time for gaming in the last week or so. My Xfire profile says I've played Fable for 44 hours in the last 7 days, but that also counts two of my kids being home sick and playing for hours and hours on end, on top of all the playing they did over the weekend. I didn't actually play at all today-- I wasn't even home most of the day-- but Fable was running the whole day.  I am almost through playing as a good guy. I'll likely go through and play a bad guy. Or I'll play through doing strange, random things. That's always fun.

Is it mean to leave my husband at home alone with sick kids? Ah, well. I had a lot to do, and I certainly didn't want to drag sick kids all over town. I did drag my oldest and his girlfriend around for the first half of the day, since I was going in the direction of places my son wanted to apply for jobs. They weren't entirely thrilled with going either, but they are both adults and presumably more rational about such things.

My son and his girlfriend have just taken to playing Asda Story, so I dropped back into that game tonight. I gave the girlfriend's character a drive-by heal, not knowing that it was her. It just goes to show that you can walk right by your next door neighbor in a game world and never know.

((EDIT: I called to ask about what character names I should be looking for. When she told me her character name, I told her I had healed her, and she said she knew someone had healed her but she didn't even see who it was. If I ever design a level/class-based RPG, I am going to include the NinjaHealer class.))

Arawon writes:

Well written,interesting read.

Thu Jan 10 2008 8:27AM Report
neschria writes:



Thu Jan 10 2008 5:09PM Report
Naazir writes:

I love the NinjaHealers!!!

Thu Jan 10 2008 5:46PM Report
WrathofWoe writes:

Quite well written! I wish you luck in finding your new "EQ".

Fri Jan 11 2008 9:17PM Report writes:
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