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This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Pen & Paper Madness! (Something new to blog about... MAYBE)

Posted by neschria Thursday January 17 2008 at 4:19PM
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My 18 year old son moved in with us and brought his passion for good old fashioned, face-to-face, pen & paper & popcorn & caffeine RPGs. At this very moment, he's working on creating his own homemade zombie-themed game, drawing on The Zombie Survival Guide and various modern/urban RPGs he's played or read about.

He rolled up a D&D character for me (without first determining whether or not I wanted to play D&D). It sounds like it would be a fun little (goblin) character to play, if I actually decided to play after all these years. I never did get to any of the gaming sessions he hosted last summer.

I wasn't that enamored of the P&P experience the last time I played, which was a very long time ago. While other people may say that computer games are just games and the real adventure gaming is in the pen & paper world, my personal experience was the opposite. I love exploring online worlds, if they are visually interesting and full of interesting or surprising details, but my memories of  D&D are strictly about numbers and dice and the annoying high-pitched laughter of the dorks I was playing with.

The only real fun for me, at that time, was rolling up the characters. And then sketching what they'd look like. And writing stories on the side about them, unrelated to the game at hand. In fact... I really don't remember the gaming part at all, aside from the musty basement and the annoying laughter. (On the other hand, I clearly remember seeing the figures carved into the walls of the East Karana gorge for the first time. I was stunned, even at that resolution, to see such thing!)

Maybe I should give it another try. Maybe the dorks I was played with in high school just sucked, and it wasn't the game that was so freakin' boring after all.

I think I'll go borrow a Player's Handbook and work up a character on my own. My son is always introducing me to his other D&D nerds... er... friends. He's constantly trying to talk me into playing.  How bad could it be?


alakram writes:

Not too bad?

Thu Jan 17 2008 5:30PM Report
Meltdown writes:

I miss my P&P days :(

Thu Jan 17 2008 8:21PM Report
Abraxos writes:

I played 1st edition when I was in sixth grade and then tried 2nd edition in college and eventually after getting married tried 3rd edition D&D with some other games thrown in along the way. In sixth grade our DM basically just would make a dungeon full of random stuff and we would go around and whack it or nuke it. It wasn't much to it. However if you get a good DM who can describe the world and add some intrigue and diplomacy and role playing into it then pen and paper beats EQ or WOW hands down. It is just rare to find a great group and a great DM. Many people sadly are too busy to get together for a few hours for a weekly game. Good luck maybe your son is one of those awesome DMs.

Fri Jan 18 2008 7:57AM Report
listakiss writes:

MMOs  are great and the visuals are fantastic, but there is something about knowing that my actions will change the game world in a permanent fashion that makes P&P games so appealing.  In any MMO, completing a quest to save the village doesn't really change anything. Tomorrow, someone else will come along and complete that same quest and the village will still need saving.  Even killing big bosses, they just come back in an hour.  But with P&P once I save that village, it's saved and the villagers rejoice and remember me.  When I kill the big boss the world is saved and the boss stays gone.  There is just something about P&P that makes you feel like a real hero.

Fri Jan 18 2008 8:07AM Report writes:
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