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Tastes Gamey

This blog is about stuff. Sometimes that stuff has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: neschria

Quitter's Hate; Spore for Mac ; Odds & Ends

Posted by neschria Thursday January 17 2008 at 3:09PM
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(I have a confession to make before I get into the topic du jour: I have been guilty of doing the very thing that I am about to comment on. But I am all better now. )

People seem to be unable to walk away from online games without making some sort of commotion about leaving. These players-turned-haters seem to come in two varieties: those evangelizing for real life, and those preaching against the game. 

The first are people who discover that they've been missing a lot of real life by playing their game, and feel the need to come back and preach the good word to all the misguided people who are still playing. Real life is so much more REAL, they say. You're wasting your life, they say.

Yes. We know. Real life is great. Not every player is a hopeless addict unable to manage their time in game vs. their time in the rest of their lives. And most of us realize that what we do in game doesn't really matter in the long run. It's just entertainment. It's only a waste of our time if we aren't having fun. And, let's face it, what some of us would be doing in real life if we weren't playing games wouldn't be a whole lot more constructive. Demolition derbies are a lot more real, but not really a lot more meaningful in the long run, if you think about it.

The second variety are people who become angry about the direction their game has taken, or who are disillusioned when they realize that the game isn't what they thought it would be. Sometimes this rage is justified; I do feel for the SWG vets who had the game they were enjoying ripped out from under them. But sometimes this anger turns into a lot of bile spilled all over forums where people who still enjoy the game in question are trying to commune with one another. Other times it seems to be a personal vendetta-- one person decides that GameX is too buggy, stupid, and boring for anyone to ever play, and they have to save other people from trying GameX. (I suspect some of those people just like to feel that they are more sophisticated and have a better understanding of gaming than the poor sheep who won't leave GameX.)

Yes. We're very sorry the game sucks. There are a lot of other games, you know. You don't have to continue to obsess on this one that has broken your heart. (Good grief! I think I got that very same advice from my mother when I got dumped in high school!) Start a blog about why you hate the game. Form a support group. Post your review once on a prominent forum. That fulfills your obligation to keep other people from wasting their $50 (or $20, or $15, or the hour they would have spend downloading.) You don't really need to save people who are still enjoying the game. Just write them off as a lost cause. Everyone will be happier that way.

There's a hybrid category, too, I suppose. There are those who go on their crusade when they become disillusioned with the game and then resent all the time they wasted playing when they could have been snowboarding or learning to play the bassoon. (This was my personal sin, back when I couldn't just walk away quietly.)  Undoubtedly there are others who have to return to the forums to rant for three months after they take up snowboarding and the bassoon and then have an epiphany about how crappy their old game was anyway.

I am not saying that people shouldn't say goodbye, or that people don't have a right to express how they feel. And sometimes people who have a gripe have legitimate issues to put on the table. I don't dispute that. What I am saying is that there's a limit to how many times you can scream, rant, or whine before you become a bore and/or a boor.

Pick your venues. Pick your battles. And remember that other people have a right to disagree with you.

Oh, yeah... One other thing...

Can I have your stuff?

(You HAD to see that coming.)


Spore will be coming to Mac and PC... at the same time!  I suppose that's good news for Mac people. I thought that I might joke at this point that this might make Mac an acceptable option when I get around to replacing this ancient PC that I'm currently using... But that's not even funny. Sorry, Mac people. I know you love your Macs SOOOO much. I just feel the very same way about my PC.


Nexon has a game coming to an English language closed beta at the end of the month (for North American players only). It's called Mabinogi (link to game site; it has autoplaying music/video). I can't quite tell if it is just more of the same or not. I ended up looking at the Wikipedia article on it, and I think I might check it out if I get a chance.

As you've probably noted, if you've read this blog before, I'll try anything.

The only game that Nexon has that I really recognized was MapleStory, which I've never played. I guess I've seen Kartrider ads here too. I haven't ever played a Nexon game before.


I laugh sometimes when people complain about time they wasted downloading something. I know some people still have dial-up and slower computers, but do they actually sit there and watch their downloads? How bad could it be? It's not like they had to go down the road, shovel all the bits into a wheelbarrow, and bring them back.

But I shouldn't be so mean. I can imagine telling my grandkids someday that I once had a 2400bps modem (upgrade from the 300!) and back in those days, we had to download one bit at a time, uphill both ways, in the snow. And we liked it!

christheabje writes:

if you buy a mac with an intel processor, you can use BootCamp and be able to run windows on your mac. BootCamp comes with the most recent version of MacOS.

Sat Jan 19 2008 4:50PM Report writes:
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