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My ideas on how MMO's do not create "cookie cutter classes"

Presuming that MMO's force players to create "cookie cutter" builds is not only lazy but shows a lack of understanding of the game. I will attempt to show this with a series of alternative "builds" for different types of characters.

Author: neodavie

Paladin healing builds for WoW do not force you to make a cookie cutter class!

Posted by neodavie Thursday January 24 2008 at 10:46PM
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Neodavie’s Theory on Paladin healing builds

I’ve read all over the internet about the anger, yes anger, players have over WoW talent builds. Some people believe it requires players to essentially create their characters in a “cookie cutter” style manner. This may be true for those that don’t really understand a class, but as for myself I’ve never felt the same as other players as far as playing style, or talent build. Here I present several ways one could spec in just the general area of healing. What I intend to show is that while a player may decide that healing is the best choice for them, they have many paths they can follow (and obviously my examples are not the only choices). So here we go, I hope you enjoy!

The buffadin: “Anything you can do, I can make you do better.”

Major draw backs: no divine illumination or holy guidance.

Major pluses: improved aura’s and all buffs enhanced.

My belief on this talent build is mostly a raiding complementary healer. Missing divine illumination and holy guidance can be crippling as far as “main healing” requirements go. However, anticipation, stoicism, and improved aura’s can work to interrupt reduction and damage avoidance, plus toughness raises the armor value and improved devotion aura helps. Having the improved buffs can make this build indispensable though; as far as needing back up heals goes, I believe that this build will vastly improve a paladin’s chances of being alted in simply because of buff increases. Again I would stress that I see this build as mostly a back up healing build for raids, however obviously it is possible to heal well in heroics etc.

The Auradin (aka a hybrid): “You feel that? That’s my aura of sexiness.”

Major draw backs: no divine illumination or holy guidance, and other major healing passive spells.

Major pluses: Auras, all of them.

Again we see here a backup healer, though arguably severely crippled, this build lacks holy shock and divine favor (a guaranteed critical strike on a healing spell) talents I would consider necessary to a main healer. However the paladin will have all auras, moreover all auras are improved, this paladin can go into the DPS group and increase their damage by 12% with “sanctity aura”! Additionally “eye for an eye” will allow the paladin to passively damage any spell casters that may happen to get loose and target him/her (this is a real possibility when you’re the healer). The addition of “pursuit of justice” reduces the paladin’s chance to get hit and (if resettable) might allow the paladin to make a hasty getaway and prevent a wipe. truly this can be a valuable build because of the paladins flexibility, say another paladin has concentration aura up, you can pop up sanctity, or even retribution if you’re in the group with the tank, every little bit of damage can count in some groups. Again I would stress this as being backup healer, however gear always makes the difference. I truly believe that this build can be very useful as a backup healer.

The “Active” healer: “I got a hammer, I got arms, I’m gunna hit that guy!”

Major drawbacks: truthfully none, however light’s grace is not maxed out.

Major plusses: improved “hammer of justice”, versatility, for the healer that doesn’t want to just hit “heal tank lolz” button

Personally I believe this class to be valuable and the true definition of the “Paladin holy warrior”. This build can be a main healer as it has most of the “main healing” talents; +% to healing will make you needed in almost any healing case. But missing light’s justice maxed out can be difficult for a healer. However there is a twist to this; improved hammer of justice, damage reduction, and guardians favor allows the Paladin to get up close and personal with the fight. When I raid I have held the belief that the best way to heal the tank, is to make sure he doesn’t get hit in the first place, I wear plate and have high stamina, so I get in there and stun my butt off. Incapacitating an enemy is one of the most valuable things to any class, exploit that. Additionally if the mob cleaves, the paladin has points in damage reduction, and heightened defense with anticipation can make it so they miss all together, you also have a chance to resist fear with unyielding faith. This could be a main healer build as far as I’m concerned, but again remember, you now have these abilities that make it so you can be more apt to get in the middle of things, may not be for the faint of heart.

The Stoic Guardian: “With a clear mind, I can resist all temptation.”

Major drawbacks: not too sure.

Major plusses: resistances to incapacitating effects

This build’s main focus is resisting fears and stuns. Other than that it’s pretty much a main healing build. This could, in many ways, be a PvP healer and with a little fiddling with points and getting points in hammer of justice it could be a mesh of the “active healer” and be a PvP healer. Additionally this talent build could work as a raid healer, again obviously for it’s healing properties and the resistance to fears. I would consider this a valuable caster from a distance, of close up because of anticipation. The raiding capabilities of this class is obvious.

Let me just say I get tells from some paladins asking “why do you have improved might and not X” well the short answer is because I play that way. Understand your class and see what works for you, sometimes a tank will never loose aggro therefore I’ll toss on might on the rogue. The idea that WoW creates “cookie cutter classes” is absurd and in many ways shows ignorance in the game and their respective class. Moreover, just because I listed several different ways a Paladin can spec in healing, doesn’t mean anyone is limited to that, I only labeled them so someone could get a good idea of what the proficiencies of the build was.

If you read this, first I would like to say thank you! Secondly comments would be so awesome, I’d love to know what you think, what your build is, and do you think I’m just dead wrong. Again thank you for taking the time to read this.