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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

It's been a while

Posted by ndodge Saturday April 17 2010 at 3:30AM
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I don't care how navy your Osprey is, it's still ugly.


Hello and welcome back to Leinmiune's Blog, more commonly known as whatever the hell I titled it as.

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but that's mainly because this is my third day off work in the last three weeks, and as such i've been short on time. I'll try to post more, but worst case scenario it may take up to a week.

Also, as per ususal, the spellcheck isn't working, so please bear with me or write angry letters to

Let's just jump right in today.


Random Eve facts of the day!

- Webbing a Freighter allows it to jump quicker.

- The inter-corporation pvp mechanics don't work in NPC corps. Suicide ganking, however, does.

- A hauler alone in a lowsec belt is likely not the easy target you think it is, but rather me waiting for you to shoot. Please shoot.

- Ganking the ninja salvager is always the wrong choice.


CSM info!

Cadidate applications are now closed! Voting on candidates will begin on May 5th and will continue until May 19th, which also happens to be the birthdays of both girls I am currently seeing. I realize the odds of them having the same birthday are 1 in 365.25, but hey, one thinks I'm working and the other is hot, so it works out just fine.

But yeah, CSM 5! The applicants have yet to be published, but in this dev blog dated tomorrow (?) you can get a run down of what's new. Stay tuned for more info!

Or don't!


Someone else's more entertaining blog!

Today I bring before you the blog of one of Eve's most well-known self-perpetuated drama queens. The Mittani. While he hasn't posted much since he accidentally dismantled his own alliance, it is a very well done blog, and quite informative. A great read for all things Eve with a Goon twist.


As per my intro, I haven't had much luck or time in Eve with anything, so I don't have much to throw down in the personal section. I'll do a follow up on this in the near future though, as I plan to waste all of tomorrow in New Eden.

Until then,



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