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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

Reheating the leftovers.

Posted by ndodge Monday April 12 2010 at 1:12AM
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Wouldn't you know it, this level 4 agent that's quality 18 gives twice the cash and LP as the -7... I should have travelled these 3 jumps long ago.

Welcome to another flatulating episode of whatever it was I named this blog. Also, another potentially typo-filled post thanks to the spellcheck still not working.

Since I skimmed so much yesterday, I'll do a full post today.


And to start... Random Eve facts of the day!

- (For new players sick of level 1 mission grinding) If you train connections to around level 3, you'll have almost immediate access to various level 2 missions. This will save you a LOT of time.

- You can not tank CONCORD anymore, but they can take up to 15 seconds to show up in highsec. With enough Catalysts, you could make those faction-flying folk have a really bad day.

- Those crumby highsec anomalies that you have turned off? They can pay off. With obscene luck, a faction spawn may just show up and yield a 200m implant. It can be worth a look, at least for clearing while you're busy scanning down other sites.


Next, CSM info!

Since candidates have not yet been chosen, I can't really offer much info on the subject yet. However, I can inform you of the changes that are taking place with CSM 5. They are as follows:

· The CSM will move from six month terms to twelve month terms. CSM5 will sit for only 10 months in order to move the election periods to better coincide with the development process of EVE (March).

· Each CSM will visit the CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland twice during their term.

· Term limits will be removed, and all people who have previously used up their term limits are ‘reset' - anyone can run again, and can be elected as many times as the voters see fit.

Thanks to these term resets, we may see old favorites coming back, perhaps as well as a certain CSM member that was promptly booted for insider trading based on unannounced changes. I'm sure War Childe would be happy with that. For full details, feel free to check out the Dev Blog regarding CSM 5. Once I know more, I'll add it to the roster here.


Someone else's more entertaining blog!

Today I thought I'd throw in Mynxee's Blog, since I talked her up a couple posts ago and all. I figure I should give you some info on the subject. Looks like Noir. is having some fun out in CVA territory. Always fun. Either way, a pretty good read if you're a fan of pvp or pirating.



And... I can't remember the other sections I had in mind for this blog. Damn. It'll come back to me eventually. Or, if you'd like, feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion. That's always fun, and less thinking for me.

But in other news, here's the personal info section thingy.

We've cleared every site in our WH. Now, most of us are back out blitzing level 4's for the new folk, and dabbling in lowsec pvp. Tonight was also a big corp mining op, though again I failed in getting there thanks to work. Hopefully I can be there next time, as I haven't contributed much lately. Although I'm not one to care about how others view me, I'd rather not get kicked for inactivity.

Last night was more notable than tonight. I fit my Battlebadger to go bait pirates, and semi-luckily I got a group of tech 1 frigates. Two Rifters, a Griffin, a Condor, a Kestrel, and a Punisher. This was going to be too easy, as we were expecting high EHP tech 2 frigs and maybe cruisers. As such, pretty much all it took was the smartbomb Scorpion to take out half of the fleet. Our Wolf got the Kestrel and Griffin, but the Condor got away. Hopefully we didn't scare the newcomers away from pvp completely, as that's never fun, but we weren't just going to sacrifice the bait for them. Oh yeah, and our tackling Merlin fails. Way to go, 0ryan.

Tonight didn't even really take place for me since after work came this post, and now, sleep. Perhaps I shall have something more fruitful tomorrow than just playing in the research POS.


Later. writes:
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