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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

I swear I only get views for being on the front page.

Posted by ndodge Sunday April 11 2010 at 1:41AM
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Right off the bat I must say the blog's spell checker isn't working, so my appologies for whatever mistakes I've made. And now, on with the show.


It has come to my attention that talk about my day in Eve is bland. Tough, deal with it.


Though I will be adding more generalized Eve news and information in order to not kill you all with boredom. I'd hate to have to deal with the aftermath of mass murder charges. I'm just lazy like that.

I heard back from Chad of Fly Reckless today. He didn't say anything about this needing to be exclusively audio, despite his distaste of the mic, so maybe this will make the cut one day.

I've also been toying with the idea of Frapsing some Eve and putting commentary on that, but that may have to wait for when I'm more proficient with the editing process. And more beer, as it fuels the brain in wonderful ways, and I am out.


So, First-ish off: Random Eve facts of the day!

- You can not mine moons in a WH.

- Training a T3 Cruiser is just about as easy as and T2 cruiser. Don't let it's tier daunt you.

- Caldari/Guristas Ships are worth less in salv than any other faction's ships.


Second: CSM info!

Truthfully, I was going to actually do some research, but it's late, I worked another 10 hour shift today, so I'm not doing shit. I'll fill this section tomorrow.


Third unless you can't count that high: Someone else's more interesting blog!

For a while I've been following  Genocide Machine's Blog and it has been quite entertaining. Alas, it's been a while since he's had much time for updates, but it is still a good read for anyone wanting to see the good, the bad, and the fail in regards to Stealth Bombers. I fly one of those too, though nobody cares about that.


As for other additions and anything that might not be totally boring, as well as my ignorable ramblings of recent occurences in game, that shall wait for when I have more time to make a post. I'm off to bed.

Oh yeah, and Crovan has done a new Drone Bay. Check it out.



miagisan writes:

you can mine in a WH, you CANT moon mine in a WH though...big difference :)

Sun Apr 11 2010 3:02PM Report
ndodge writes:

Holy hell a comment. Someone actually read this.

Thanks, that's what I meant to say. I'll fix 'er up.

Mon Apr 12 2010 12:06AM Report writes:
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