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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

We are the rust upon Eve Gate's gears.

Posted by ndodge Friday April 9 2010 at 11:30PM
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Looks like it's time for CSM v5.0. I wonder who all will be running this time. I may actually vote for once, but probably not. As great as it would be to see some nice UI changes or fuller tutorials, I just don't think that there's enough I care about in Eve to want it to realistically be changed.

So vote Mynxee, as we have nothing better to do, and of everyone I know who is running, she's the only one.

Plus, she's a chick. A pirate chick. Who used to run a corp of pirate ladyfolk. Sounds good to me.

Though in all fairness, from the looks of her blog she will be pulling her weight tenfold. And if you've listened to the Podded Podcast, she's pretty down to earth and fun loving and all that respectable crap.

Perhaps I should do a post on more CSM candidates if I ever decide to look in to them.


Yeah, right.

As for in game happenings, not much is new in the corp. We've been blitzing 4's for the new members to help them get jump clones, mods and funds for pvp ships and such. Always fun. I've also been trying to talk these new folk out of buying BC's or BS's before they're ready to fit them well. So far, I can't convince them. I guess they'll just have to learn the hard way when I randomly scramble the terribad ship and kill it with a Rifter. Hey, better me than some pirate. Or worse, some npc rat.

The wormhole's been good to us. Several days straight of lowsec exits, leaving us with little to no visitors as we clear the hole. We've built a couple Rokhs inside as miners, as they are less prone to being one-shot. Made a few other BS's too for the veterans to gear up and run around with. Ideally, this will not only make the sites easier, but give us an edge as only BC's can enter the hole. And we're not about to build a capital to get stuck in a WH. That just one hell of a waste of time in a class 1, even if it does mean we could overfarm all the sites with the BS waves that would show up.

On a side note, get well Luminus Aardokay so that we can get another Planet Risk show out of you. I wouldn't mind hearing the progress of your new hole or more about the pvp tournament.

That's all for tonight. Pardon the wait for an update.


Later. writes:
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