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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge


Posted by ndodge Tuesday April 6 2010 at 3:37PM
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99% of the time, I hate the RNG. ~30% invention success more often feels like 10%. Though today, probably because I did not ruin your day yesterday with another blog post, I was 4/4 on Falcon and Rook bp's. Thank you Eve gods.

Which reminds me of a great deity known as Mineral Jesus, who watches over the leftover minerals in your mining lasers that disappear and go to mineral heaven when you are out of cargo room. He also eats can flippers.

So, we went to our wormhole yesterday. It was wonderful, aside from the exit being 30 jumps away from our home system. Albeit the exit was pretty deep in lowsec so we didn't have any visitors as we got set up, which was nice.

I had a dream that a WH opened 42km from our pos, and many unfortunate visitors jumped in and met our turrets. Yes, I know I have messed up dreams and need to go out and see real life and all that crap. Back to the real happenings though..

After a wonderful filtering through of all 82 moons, we picked a nice spot and set up our tower. As the industrial folk anchored up the death star which was promptly named Bob's Autos, I went about mapping enough ill-named safe spots to get the average player lost, while scanning down signatures so that we could get underway. All I had time for myself was moving in the last of my supplies, and a handful of plexes that yielded terribly unlucky salvaging, only averaging 20m a site or so. Afterwards I logged off, headed out for some belated Easter dinner, drinking, and other fun that isn't often posted in a blog about Eve.

It's morning now after finding my way home, and I'm pouring some caffeine in to my veins right this minute as i start scanning again today. I think this wormhole may eat up a lot of my time.

Oh yeah, cheers to the noob pirate Enverse, with only about 100k sp, and his first ransom of a massive 5m while piloting only a rookie ship. There's a shout-out for you, now go buy a damn Rifter.

I'm not awake enough to continue, so I'll do a follow-up tonight.


Later. writes:
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