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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

This hole is my hole.

Posted by ndodge Sunday April 4 2010 at 11:32PM
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Still the most recent blog eh? Fun stuff.

Well, the lowsec roam was fail. Surprisingly it was a quiet night for a Saturday, and the only folk we could smoke out were the local pirates' training corp. We've had a few good bouts with them, trading the odd ship as both groups are primarily t2 frigs/cruisers. However we weren't interested in ruining the days of the new recruits, as we enjoy the company of the Black Rabbits. Thus, we headed home and called it a night.

And ten minutes later, I found 'our' wormhole. She's a class 1, with a tight group of inner planets with few moons for easy scanning, then an outer planet 48 au. away with 26 moons. And it was unpopulated, which is always a plus. I took the liberty of running a couple anomalies for fast cash as I moved Leinmiune in to camp the place.

I took a quick check of the system too as I looked around, revealing more signatures than I would have thought. There were 27 complexes, 7 ladar sites, 3 radar, 1 magnetometric and 2 gravimetric sites full of fancy plump roids. Tomorrow, we move in, set up the death star and make the place home.

As of now I have moved a Drake and Myrmidon in and have them logged at obscure safe spots, and have a hauler ready to go packed full of assault and covert frigs, mods, ammo, and other supplies. My corpmates are also getting ready, though my last battlecruiser closed the hole so I'm in the process of scanning down the new exit.

Oh hell. I have yet to have a beer. What am I thinking? Back in a sec.


... That's better. This can't be enjoyable if I'm fully coherent.

Anywho, enough about wormholes tonight. If you care to hear more about them, feel free to look up the Planet Risk Show. They do awesome segments on wormholes, and have taught me a fair bit. Quite the couple of Greeks.

As for other Eve-ish news, I think I'll send this blog over to the new host of Fly Reckless. Some guy named Chad I think. Not too sure, but whatever. He needs more material for his show, and lately he's been looking for blogs or so he says, and perhaps this one won't be total fail.

Then again I could just disappear and never post again...




Coldrain_13 writes:

That's what she said!

Sun Apr 18 2010 6:57AM Report writes:
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